Posted by: shannynmoore | December 31, 2009

Happy New Year…Happy New Decade!

On my way out for the festivities…but want to know your hopes and dreams for the coming decade. I’m still working on my 2009 wrap up…so many wonderful things happened.

Thank you all for so many things…

Much love and cheers…to 2010 and you.



  1. Happy New Year! 😀

    May God continue to bless you as you shine light in the darkness, I pray. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Feliz Ano Novo from a Luso-South African living in Cape Town. May 2010 bring peace, joy, prosperity, love and laughter to you and your followers

    My intention for 2010 is to publish my book, gift more orgonite, live by design and revel in the interconnectedness of everything. The decade? All in good time… I’ll continue to savour the present moment whatever happens.

  3. Happy New Year Shannyn, Kelly and Javin.

    Happy New Year to all your fans.

  4. Cheers to you my dear. Here in the hamlet we have much for local cheap ass fireworks. It’s almost midnite and we could care less. Yes i am a cheap date. As i look up on the bluff i see no one has lit their deck on fire so no big displays this year, Good thing. I shall predict that this year we will see some who are close come apart and those who are distant come together. And the rest of us will be scratching our asses saying you gotta be shitting me. all the best to you.

  5. Happy New Year. Mine started nicely. I´m here to celebrate it!
    Rockets lit the skies despite the downpour. People determined to send the old one out with a big bang and eager to greet the New Year.
    So much good stuff happened, but the bad almost outweighed it. Let´s tip the balance to the better this year.

  6. The second decade… I wish the best for all of us 🙂

  7. My wish is that we finally squeeze a phone convo in! I swear I’ll make it happen. Honest I will!

    Thanks for keeping me smiling on Twitter, and of course, everywhere else.

    Happy New Year, FootyPJs!

  8. Happy New Year Shannyn and Everyone!

    Looking forward to your summation of 2009 Events. Have a warm, dry & safe holiday!

  9. There are many frivilous points to be made off Palin’s recent “auto-biography”. There is one, however, that puts a great number of children in public view, in the most criminal of lights. And the accusations leveled by a nationally-admired public figure against the students of Juneau should be investigated and answered.

    Sarah accused middle and high-school children of serious crimes — threatening gang-rape over the internet. The parents of the children at these schools should be horrified over these accusations. The schools administrations and the district administrators cannot be pleased that they were not informed in a timely fashion that dangerous threats had been made by students, against students.

    As Palin and her attorney were and (in Van Flein’s case) stilll are automatic reporters, it was illegal for them to fail to report the crimes that Palin recounts in her autobiography.

    Isn’t it time for these accusations to be taken seriously, information gathered and the children accused of menacing either be exonerated or the accusations revealed as invented –as slander? Or when you put it in writing and claim absolute verasity, does it become something more legally actionable?

    At the very least, the fact that Sarah did not fulfill her obligation as an automatic reporter should be dealt with in public. The most logical outcome, of course, is that a full investigation will reveal that Palin published a story in which her young daughters are presented as the victims of an unthinkable threat, and their equally youthful classmates accused of deliberate, criminal acts — and that every one of those children was deliberately and dishonestly impugned.

    At which point the question becomes — what sort of creature is Sarah Palin?

  10. My hope, my dream, is that in America we could truley relize the line in our US Constitution that says ‘All men are created equal” men meaning all citizens of the US.
    That no matter who a man or women decides to love and spent their life with that they could relize the same benefits as any married couple in America.
    That being black, native, or gay get the same benefits in life as any person in America.
    Also that people come together and relize that destroying the envioronment for minerals while suppling a few temperary jobs does not out wiegh destroying a thousands of year old salmon spawning grounds. That quality health care should be a right and not a privelege to the few. I hope for an end to the two wars we are fighting to end.
    Those are lofty hopes and dreams, but being America I know we can do it and in the end become a better country for doing so.

    • You make reference to the Pebble Mine in your comment, “…realize that destroying the environment for minerals…..does not out weigh destroying a thousands of year old salmon spawning grounds.” Pebble Mine is not a done deal. The Done Deal is happening out there in the Bering Sea with the Pollock Trawl Fishery killing the salmon before they return to the Yukon and other rivers in Western Alaska to spawn. A thousands year old culture and tradition of living off the land is being destroyed in the poorest region of Alaska.

      Continue to speak out against the Pebble Mine but please add the Salmon ByCatch of the Pollock Fishery to your list of important causes to champion in 2010. Corporate greed at it’s best right in our own backyard. Join the hundreds trying to help the poor maintain their sustenance from the wild salmon.

  11. OT, but your Palibanning made the Washington Post:

    Good job!

  12. Keep up the heat Shannyn on those right wing dorks, especially SP and the rest of her Fascist crowd of whackjobs.

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