Posted by: shannynmoore | January 5, 2010

Alaska Blogger Film…Part Two

Oh, dear Lord, they’ve done it again.  Their premier YouTube has become an inside joke for the three of us.  The talented film makers with one of the most hilarious conspiracy theories have once again gone after the “Witches of Alaska Bloggerdome”.

As obsessed as they seem to be with Linda Kellen-Biegel, Jeanne Devon and myself, you’d think they could spell my name right.  There’s some poor wrestler named “Shannon Moore” who doesn’t know why he’s under the Obama bus.

Jeanne did a great run down of the newest clip on her site. There is the promise of “more to come” from the creators.  Oh, my…what could it possibly be.  It’s a bit sad…such creativity could really be put to some use.  Oh, and don’t miss the comments on their site…priceless.



  1. Hey…he’s Celtic and he’s ripped…he wouldn’t be bad company under the bus!

    • Yeah, I figured you’d be ready to trade me in…

  2. Remember the ad “This is your brain on drugs…with frying egg?

    Well this video is … This your brain…on Sarah…

    • This is a scan of what is inside S’error’s brain. Now we can see why the speaking is so convoluted. 😉

  3. Looks like someone is mad that Palin lost.

    • I must agree that someone is very upset about her loss….
      (Could it be………SARAH ??)

      ****I always think of comedian Dana Carvey on SNL as the “Church Lady”
      and his remark “Could it be……SATAN ??)****
      I kind of think along those lines when Palin comes to mind….(she is not a good example of a Christian in my books)

      Evidently Shannyn and the others have a hit a few nerves with the idiots that
      follow the ex-governor…(I still shake my head in disbelief that this woman was even elected mayor, let alone governor of a state)…..

  4. Funny! They missed the spelling of Andree’s name, too. Mae West was concerned about having her name spelled right in the papers, but didn’t care what the papers said about her.

  5. It was great! You must be proud. Thanks for putting it on. I laughed out loud and loved it. Too bad that talent is so wasted…or is it? That’s a classic.

  6. WTF was that?
    A shining example of right wing talent and humor……..
    that was 4 minutes I’ll never get back….

  7. Does nothing, I repeat nothing embarrass Palin’s supporters? But then, you have to give the guy credit, think of the time and effort he went to in order to find music as annoying as Queen Esther’s voice!

  8. Mae West was such a funny woman. “Call me anything, but call me often.” Oooohhhh. LOL

    Shannyn, they are so pitiful. This looks like it was created by a pimply-faced adolescent with delusions of artistic competence. Sad sad sad. It’s so true that Teh Stupid It Burns.

  9. When you say; “There is the promise of more to come from the creators. Oh, my…what could it possibly be.”

    Don’t you mean “There is the promise of MOORE to come from the creators.”

  10. yup yup yup ….. This is Sarah’s target audience. If you can’t baffle them with bullsh!t, use special effects and “The Munster’s” theme song.

    The logo says it all- It’s free and easy

  11. This attack would be funny if it didnt stir the emotions of the very unstable people who listen to and follow Palin.
    I have heard tea baggers talking of taking the Government back any way possible. A Republican in the House of Representitves saying on the floor of the House that a Armed Revolution is a good thing from time to time!
    Granted this is entertaining, but I fear some nut will soon take matters into their own hands and then who knows what would happen.

  12. When did you legally change your name ?

    According to documents in the State Court System, as well as Muni Property Tax records, there are listings for Shannyn F. and Shannon F. Moore, born 6/12/70…….

    Same with the State Corporations Database, with Music Machine you’re listed as Shannyn, but for the Delong Lake Homeowners Association, you’re listed as Shannon.

    But I don’t find a court action where you legally changed your name.

    What’s up with that ?

    So technically speaking, the film makers don’t have it wrong, you do.

    You’re the one who’s not being honest here, Shannon.

    • “Siberia Bill” I have tried to email you several times. You lie about your email address. Here is the email I sent you earlier:

      There are 2 Shannyn/Shannon Moores in AK with the same birthday. I assure you it has caused multiple issues with prescription pick ups and other issues. We live in the same zip code…even more difficult at times. I do not, nor have I ever had any property on Delong Lake although it is just several miles from me.

      I’m sure it is hard for you to understand that there could be this problem…but there is also a Shannlynn Moore which makes it hard for Shannon Lynn Moore and Shannyn Moore. I think the Shannyn Y. Moore has moved now which caused some video late fee confusion for us in the 1990s.

      We should have started a club. It’s great that you’re so intrepid that you’ve confused several of us in your google search, but you aren’t the first…don’t beat yourself up over it.

      Don’t feel like you need to read my blog if it is so upsetting for you. I’d be happy to read your thoughts on your blog…send me the address.

      Take care.

      • Regarding the multiple permutations of “S. Moore:”

        I have a friend named “Chris Matthews.” A few years ago, Oregon had a GOP Senator who eventually lost a tough reelection bid. During the campaign, this Senator’s had a chief of staff named “Chris Matthews,” and that Mr. Matthews was frequently quoted in the news. I hadn’t seen my friend Chris in awhile, so I called him up to ask about this new job. Chris got mad (he lacks Ms. Moore’s good social graces), and told me that I was an idiot, and that he was NOT the “Chris Matthews” who worked for this GOP Senator. Then he added “Hey Bill–You know that guy on Hardball? That’s not me either.”

        I also have to add that while I have seen Ms. Moore accused of many things, I never thought I’d live to see the day where she was accused of inability to spell her own name.

        Bill Abendroth

        PS While my name is Bill, I am not “Siberia Bill.” I apologize for any confusion.

    • Talk about the dumbing down of america ,you sir show just how true that is

  13. Ha-ha-ha-ha No worries Shannyn , you will not be traded . As you are truly a valuable link to reality , integrity and honestly. period . The faux pas in the video was proclaiming pain, I mean palin as a “leader” . She is a legend in her head.
    I think someone is getting defensive .It happens when you are guilty of falsehoods. I just completed reading my copy of “Going Rouge” thanks for contributing . I plan to share it with all my friends and family.

  14. emily: “Shannyn, they are so pitiful. This looks like it was created by a pimply-faced adolescent with delusions of artistic competence.”
    no way. adolescents would do a much better video!

  15. If made by the same two who made the first one, it’s two boys who live if different states in the mid-west, and heavily involved the video gaming forums (not joking) with mommy issues (judge for yourself).

  16. I watched the video on another blog and laugh my butt off at what who ever made it thought they were doing especially with SP under the bus at the end. LOL the wicked witch of the west is alive and well in Wasilla at this time or so I hear.

  17. If everyone loves you, then you aren’t doing it right.

    Good job pissing off the wackos.

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