Posted by: shannynmoore | January 9, 2010

Moore Up North: Red Panel Edition

This week, Jeff Mittman, executive director of the ACLU was our interview.

The all Republican panel this week includes:
-Representative Charisse Millett
-Representative Bob Lynn
-Senator Lesil McGuire

If you’d like to be part of our audience, email for tickets.

Part One: 

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:



  1. Drapes!! Classy!!
    No more test pattern blinds!!
    Thank you Bernies!
    Thank you Shannyn!
    Thank you KYES!
    Thank you to whoever is responsible for this!

  2. This was a good show. As Shannyn says, “I’ll make you [Sen. McGuire] a Democrat yet.”

    Loved Rep. Millette’s comment about how she’s been fishing in Bristol Bay for 20 years and her nails never looked as good as Sarah Palin’s.


    Thanks for showing even the staunchest Republican’s how despite differing ideas and philosophies, people can be civil. Most of all, thanks for another great show!

  3. Great show, Shannyn. Very classy set, too.

  4. ha, ha, bear woman! i haven’t gotten to that part yet, where shannyn turns lesil blue… but each of these three are disaffected repubs., to an extent. lynn was clotheslined early by the GOP mob for voting his conscience; lesil was always socially moderate, despite the people she hung around with. [i suspect she was a bigger influence on them, than the other way around.]
    i adore the [tongue-in-cheek or authentic?] mutual respect and deference that permeates this session. it’s almost like they respect each others’ viewpoints!
    how revolutionary.

  5. Lesil MCGuire simply lies. I even got scolded by Ms. Moore for my distaste regarding her trip to South Africa,
    Also I sent two emails to Rep. McGuires office saying I felt the trip was unecassary given that in March the same class was being offered in Texas.
    So for Rep McGuire to sit there and say she has gotten no negitive comments regarding said trip is simply FALSE!
    And hence the state of our politics in Alaska and the nation, lack of the truth!

    • This is NOT about someone being smart or educated. My distaste is simply that the class and education these two Senator recieved could have been done in the lower 48. This is the 21st Century, the digital age. Camera technology can put you in a building on the other side of the earth.
      Do we not first have to have a supply of natural gas to turn to liquids? There was talk of running out of gas in Anchorage this winter. Get a pipeline then educate the Legislature.

    • Sorry Thomas. I agree with Shannyn. The trip to South Africa was legitimate. So what if the same class was being offered in Texas? The point of going to South Africa is that they developed cutting edge technology and have a state of the art gas to liquids plant. I, for one, WANT my legislators to travel, tour facilities, and network where it benefits the state of Alaska-regardless of where that travel takes them…

      You sound like an old curmudgeon, “GET OFF MY LAWN!!!” and in this case, “HEY!!! It’s cold in early December and if I can’t go somewhere warm…I’ll bitch about lawmakers traveling somewhere warm!”

      There are other things to be upset with our legislators…this ain’t one of them!

      Great Show Shannyn!

      • Texas is warm, as for being a crumudgeon, it is my right to disagree with someone on this matter. It is said and done. The secrecy of it is what made me a crumudgeon about it.
        I hope indeed two of the States legislators learned how to turn gas to liquids in two weeks thats quite a feat!
        By the way we have a gas to liquids facility in Nikiski Alaska. And again where is the gas we are going to turn into liquid?
        Builing a gas pipeline, addressing the oil taxation issue need to be handled way before we can turn gas into liquids. If we found the means to build a gas pipeline tommorow it would be a decade befor it has any gas running throuhg it.
        I travel somehwere warm every winter. So I have no problem with that. I have no problem if they enjoyed a great dinner or two or if they spent a day at the beach and tanned. They were in South Africa, so if they didn’t experience the beauty of the beaches there shame on them.
        But when an Alaskan calls a Representitives Office and asks where is my Senator and the aide answering the phone is instructed to not tell her constituents she is currently is South Africa on State business is wrong

  6. Go gently on Sen. McGuire.
    Start with a purple shirt with a ‘Moore Up North’ logo on it!!

    Good show with an exception – Rep. Lynn’s response on the parental consent that the issue was ‘easy’. Thhhhwack!

  7. And I will also say this. Just because I disagree with Lisel Mcguire on the Africa trip does not mean I disagree with ever idea she has. I have an open mind.

    Great show, I would love to see an interweaved party debate on your show. Turn 2 democrats, 2 republicans and maybe an independent legislator lose and let them debate a set of topics.

    But again great show. Thanks for what you do.

  8. Thanks Shannyn! Great show!

  9. Good comeback by Shannyn… Bob Lynn is the only one there without a uterus… no wonder, he thinks (abortion/parental nofication) is simple. Bob Lynn should talk to more women before he makes such a statement.

  10. Excellent show Shannyn! These keep getting better every time.

  11. Shannon
    I am sorry to have missed this show but I hope to drag myself and a friend or two down for the next one!

    This is a link to something I wrote as a combanation solution for Alaska’s pre teen pregnancy and accidental death problem. It is called:

    M. Paul

  12. I’m amazed that one of the craziest suggestions from the West Virginia state legislative session last year was proposed in Alaska– drug testing welfare recipients.

    The fellow who came up with it was Del. Craig Blair. Google him. He’s a piece of work.

  13. Employment-related drug testing is an insurance/negligence/safety issue related to an employer’s duty of care. Welfare bears no similarity.

    It’s just another phony argument brought to you by your local azzclowns.

  14. Thanks for getting better control over the painful Volume of the Clapping. MUCH better this week! Not saying nobody should clap, just no need to knock hearing impaired folks or their hearing aids out of their chairs. Definite improvement!!

    Also liked the black panels to give a more professional appearance.

    Great Show! Excellent panel with very interesting and varied views on such a variety of topics (even if they were all Republicans). So it was an educating discussion, while being interesting. Even as a die hard Dem, I enjoyed this! Nice Job Shannyn!

  15. I look forward to seeing your show each week to see what the new topics will be and who you will have for guests. I enjoy the civil, thoughtful, lively, and informative conversation. Thanks to Bernie’s and KYES for their sponsorship.

    Most of our Valley delegation seem to be pandering to the tea party crowd, as I suspect Rep. Keller was with the drug-testing bill that seems so very poorly thought out. I understand the sentiment, but not wasting the legislature’s limited time and resources on a bill that, if passed, would likely be ruled unconstitutional, after it cost us a bundle in litigation. He’s my representative, but he’s not doing a very good job of representing my best interests.

    It’s still hard and expensive to get elected here if you aren’t the chosen “R.” The party likes to pick candidates that don’t do much of their own homework or thinking if it can find them. It’s so much easier to get them to vote the party line that way. However, the progressives are gaining, and there’s a new Republican Women’s Club in town, so it will be interesting to see what we have to choose from in the next few elections. Stay tuned.

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