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Republican Representative Reviews Moore Up North

This week’s taping of Moore Up North was delicious.  While driving downtown to Bernie’s Bungalow, I heard a RWNJ talker on one of the radio stations tell his listeners that liberals like Shannyn Moore won’t talk to conservatives.  Too afraid…no game…whatever.  I laughed and switched back to NPR.  This weeks entire panel consisted of Conservative, Republican, Elected Representatives.  Oh, and my favorite Conservative, my Pop, was there with my more liberal mother for their first taping!  Makes you wonder what else that radio mouth lies about.

I interviewed Jeff Mittman, Executive Director for the Alaska ACLU.  Jeff had some insightful comments on the constitutionality of some of the bills being considered for the upcoming session in Juneau this month.

The show will air Saturday, at 4pm, on KYES Channel 5 Statewide.  My thanks again to Senator Lesil McGuire, Representative Bob Lynn, and Representative Charisse Millett for coming on the show and proving that anyone who has manners can come to the table.

Representative Bob Lynn has had a blog since 2002.  He tweets.  He has been married for 55 years.  Last night he posted (after 1am) some of his impressions of the show.  He allowed me to re-post it here:


This afternoon I ventured into a live taping of Shannyn Moore’s TV talk show “Moore Up North.” I was joined on the panel by Senator Lesil McGuire, and Representative Charisse Millett. I think we were the only Republicans in the room. The TV taping was at an upstairs room at Bernie’s Bungalow downtown. The Bungalow is actually a barroom. Can’t fool me. But it’s a nice barroom.

Shannyn Moore, “Just a Girl from Homer,” is an excellent interviewer who adds spice to the dialogue with some very humorous comments. I think Shannyn has great potential for national TV. But what do I know. I’m “Just a boy from East Los Angeles.”

Shannyn is a “progressive” or “liberal” (whatever the term du jour is), who claims she is “Painting a Red State BLUE, one stroke at a time.” The major discussion items on the show were the Parental Notification Initiative for an abortion, overseas legislative travel, and Rep. Keller’s bill that would require random drug testing for state welfare assistance.

It was an interesting show, with provocative but fair questions. Rather than comment on how each of us did, check out the show scheduled to air this Saturday at 4:00PM on Anchorage Channel 5 KYES. It will probably also be streamed on the Internet.

After the taping, I left the TV venue at the barroom for a HALO Community Council meeting at the Holy Spirit Retreat House. How about that for covering all the bases?



  1. Sounds to me like your guest had a good time, or he wouldn´t be advertising it. Right?

    Well done and looking forward to seeing some more intelligent conversation on your show, which has hosted Republicans before. Obviously that other radio guy, hasn´t checked the facts. Tsk.

    Most interesting.

  2. I have a friend who use to be a neighbor of Representative Lynn. My friend is probably considered a “liberal”, but Lynn never asked. When my friend had certain issues come up in her life, she sought Lynn’s advice. He was always generous with his time and assisitance. THIS, is how its supposed to work. People may have different opinions and idealogy, but we are in this thing called “life” together. – Nice job, Shannyn and all.

    • The missing link to getting along is that some think their own “opinions” are what matters the most and they stubbornly defend their ideas no matter what the cost. We should expect and demand that all of our leaders be “generous with” their “time and assistance.” especially if their salaries come from Public Money.

  3. Definition of “progressive”.
    A person who actively favors or strives for progress toward better conditions, as in society or government.
    Moving forward; advancing.
    A person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties.

    • Polly, you are right on, “strives for progress toward better conditions……protection of civil liberties.” I can’t think of a better way to say why one would want to be “progressive”.

  4. Excellent guest list. For all the drama Sen. McGuire seems to incur, she is a smart and engaging lady. I don’t think she’d shy away from any engagement no matter whose throwing the party. Why? She’s competent, and she can defend or promote her decisions whether you agree with her politics or not.

    I think Alaska needs to up this kind of programming and not simply depend on ratings-dependent radio shows to get people engaged in issues, topics and personalities they otherwise would never consider.

    Only thing I can’t wait to see is some set direction. Bernie’s is a fun venue, but a show stage it isn’t. The blinds are rustic and earthy, but don’t come off well to the camera – gives your eyes a test pattern.

    The sound technician probably cringes a lot (if there is one) but I’m sure the quality of the production will catch up to your dynamic guests and topics soon enough. We’ll laugh at ‘Remember when. . .”

    Thanks Shannon, for doing your part at “progressing” this great State and constituency of ours.

    • We have had drapes instead of the blinds for the last 5 weeks…

  5. Damn, can not find anything to object to. Your post is right on the money and your commenters are also.

    This show was continuing education.

  6. It’s so imperative that we as citizens of this state and this nation get beyond our “us versus them” mentality, of which I am sometimes quite guilty myself. Thank you for everything you do to close this gap, Shannyn.

  7. Shannyn, you rock!

  8. So if your an environmentalist and a Tea Bagger are you therefore a Green Tea Bagger?

  9. That’s what I like most about your show, you treat everyone with respect and civility. You’re witty, informative, and engaging.

    Representative Lynn’s endorsement – “I think Shannyn has great potential for national TV.” speaks volumes. Your appearances on Keith Oberman, your radio show, and this blog are proof you’ve got the talent

    Can’t wait to see this installment!

  10. That was a great show. The guests were topnotch. The conversation was intelligent and clear. I wish the conversation on rep junkets or learning trips was described further. But even what was said i learned!!
    KYES has some work to do, the audio was real bad and we had to almost max the volume to hear, then jump out of our skins when the commercials came. One day we will laugh about it. Look forward to next week!!!

  11. That show was great because both liberals and republicans have a tendancy to demonize each other. It was nice to see calm and rational discussion. The only thing I would like to add is even kids from the best homes with fabulous parents get pregnant.

  12. Intellectual and honest people can have “calm and rational” discussions because they are not narrow minded, brain damaged, self-centered, back stabbing windbags. Ms. Moore picks her guests well. There is hope for positive progress in Alaska and hopefully we won’t lose Shannyn to National TV until she clones herself.

  13. Come on Shannyn! Do some REAL looking into legislative travel. What about that trip that to China in December that included Sinopec? Sinopec the very same firm know for human rights abuses in the Sudan region. Sinopec the same firm the Harvest University divested. Spending our money to go and court this company is NOT an educational experience for our representatives but rather a poorly disguised endorsement of activities that are not what Alaska is about.

    • Who was on that trip KT? I’ll look at it…let me know.

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