Posted by: shannynmoore | January 10, 2010

60 Minutes: 60 Ways to Not Say “LIAR!”

Good Lord, did we really need the tick-tocking of 60 Minutes to tell us Sarah Palin doesn’t tell the truth?  This week’s edition featured McCain strategist and former Palin handler Steve Schmidt.  He slammed Palin for being “inaccurate” during the 2008 presidential election.

Really?  Yes.  He used every word and combination to say she lies…without saying it.  Here are a few clips.



  1. It was what i expected. The thing to watch i think is the reaction from McShame. He’s the one trying to stay in office! Who knows what may come from the CW. I wish they had Andy Roony do the segment then it would have felt more like going through the kitchen junk drawer.

  2. Someone needs to tell Steve what “nonplussed” really means. “Calm and nonplussed” makes no sense.

    • Haha. I noticed that, too. Maybe he meant to say nonchalant?

      • Nonchalant is too fancy a word to describe s’error palin. She cannot even use a regular word – progress – in the correct form; how is she to even understand nonchalant?

  3. This confused me as well…

    The adjective nonplussed means “surprised, confused, and uncertain what to do or say.” It is increasingly used in the almost opposite sense of “untroubled,” especially in U.S. English. This new meaning is not yet accepted as standard, and it may cause ambiguity in sentences such as He seemed nonplussed by the news. It possibly derives from a misunderstanding of the non- element, perhaps also influenced by nonchalant which does mean “calm and unconcerned.” But nonplussed goes back to Latin non plus “no more,” and does not have a positive or affirmative form plussed.

  4. Something is seriously wrong with this country when an pretty, sexy, ignorant sociopath running with a man who has a reputation for having the worst temper in Washington, whose military career is highly questionable (as opposed to the Swift Boat slanders), who calls his drug-addicted wife a “c*nt” in front of reporters, gets the vote of millions of American people.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Amen to that comment! Amazing who some folks will vote for!!!!!

  5. Schmidt’s balanced interview should give many on the right pause for reflection (palinbots not so much). Like him or hate him, he is a pro at this stuff. He did not bash Ms. Palin and even praised her as a “quick study” then credited her with helping the ticket. If he had come out too strong against her, the audience would have envisioned sour grades floating above his head. So when he acknowledged that there was a total lack of vetting because of the short time frame in making the decision, the eyes of (mild) Palin supporters or at least real patriotic Americans should have cracked open…even just a little. He then moved on to her lack of preparedness and penchant for lying which, to me, came across as even handed and honest. And while nothing tremendously new came out in the interview, everything he said can be backed up by email copies and corroborated from the testimony of others.

    Ms. Palin will have to lie again to dispute any of it and I have no doubt that she will.This could be entertaining to say the least.

  6. Schmidt claimed that McCain’s loss would have been greater without Palin on the ticket.

    Schmidt and the McCain campaign sure don’t think much of Republican voters, do they?

    “Here’s a pretty, shiny stupid bauble to attract votes. Now go get ’em.”

    I’m willing to bet any amount of money McCain would have done better in the election if the VP nominee was any number of competent choices he had available to him.

    • I disagree. I cannot stand the crazy woman but McCain was flailing. They needed to mix it up. I think Schmidts comments are accurate. Without the crazy woman, they would have lost far worse. I will give them that. Look at the discourse today! The teabaggers don’t care about pesky things like FACTS!!!

  7. What I find incredible, as always, is that no one has ever said to Schmidt, “what about your responsibility to the American people to have a competent, viable candidate as Vice President, which if elected, would be one heartbeat away from holding the highest political office in the world?” What the McCain campaign did was blatantly immoral, and the fact that he continues to defend his choice of Palin for the ticket is something that I continually find reprehensible.

    • That says it all. Nicely put.

  8. Congratulations to Alaskan!

    Ur old governor will be on the national broadcast regularly soon.

  9. to me, it looked like Schmidt had to stifle a smile several times… the kind of smile you give when you cannot believe what you have to say; How ludicrous it sounds coming out of your mouth.

    I’m so glad this is out in the open now.

    And did you see? Mrs. Todd Palin has signed on with Faux Noise. Color me shocked.

  10. Lots of comments about Canned Sarah on Fox over at mudflats. Course this doesn’t mean that she’ll be giving up the WH dream, it just means that she’ll be taking the Huck route.

    She’ll be an MSM talking head and get credit for the thoughts of others (just like she got for the convention speech that she read that was written by Matthew Scully, her FB postings, her Washington Post op-eds and her book). I only hope that her writers desert her and that she has to go live or that she gets tired of all her Fox handlers and goes rogue on them…can you imagine the meltdown?

  11. Everyone noticed NONPLUSSED!!! lol

    When you are not sure how to describe Palin, just say LIAR, it’s always accurate.

  12. Quick! Everyone hit the Fox New site and vote for whether or not you’d watch the Alaskan twit and her “contributions.” No matter how you vote…the bar stays at 100% in favor of.

    Per the Alaskan Twinkie…”It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balance news.”

    I almost spewed Coke on the monitor.

  13. Well, she’s going to get plenty more time to tell lies on Fox News.

    But most people watch Fox just to laugh at it.

    Only in America.

  14. In Ecuador, there was as president name Abdala Bucaram. They called him “El Loco,” and he was actually dismissed by the Congress for “incapacidad mental” after just a few months in office. He was famous for inviting Lorena Bobbitt over for dinner at the National Palace (Lorena Bobbitt was born in Ecuador). Today, he is a well-known television personality in Latin America.

    Sarah Palin is America’s El Loco.

  15. I got my gender wrong.

    Sarah Palin is America’s La Loca.

  16. Ok I am laughing really really hard by this quote from Mrs Palin.
    “I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News,” Palin said in a statement posted on the network’s Web site. “It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”

    Fair? Balanced? Great place for her to continue spreading her lies I guess.

  17. These people think the trainwreck will proceed without any impact on them. I think they are forever stained by running a “mentally unstable” for veep. Who knows, whackjob for veep may be the trend.

  18. I’m with SoCalWolfGal. Schmidt came out with this only after Palin dumped on him. How about a little apology — and a big apology from McCain — for attempting to foist this incompetent, unqualified, unstable and dishonest woman on the American people? This wasn’t just an advertising job to sell a product, this was about the future of the America you pretend to love so much. Country First, my a$$.

  19. The campaign played too much on the ‘can I call you Joe’ thing. She would spew “say it aint so joe” and her winky little quips too often.
    So, it is pretty telling to me that the campaign didn’t ‘school’ Sarah on real policy or actual debate, they basically gave her cute little quippy phrases to wink to.
    Basically I think the behind the scene dialogue went something like this:
    Staffer: Well, she can’t get Biden’s name right. I have done everything but buy her the English version of Rosetta Stone!
    Other Staffer: Okay, here is what we do. She goes out. Winks. Says can I call you “JOE?” Oh, it will be so cute. She could say Joe alot. She is pretty. She could wink alot. People will think she is cute.
    Staffer: Got it. We will go with that. Our voters don’t care about facts or accuracy anyway.

  20. It sends shivers up my spine to think how close to being a world leader she was. Wow! Can you imagine???

  21. At Amazon, Palin’s followers are waging war against the truth by giving “Game Change” a one-star rating. They claim the rating is besed on the fact that there’s no Kindle version of the book yet. Yeah. They’re just mad about what it says about their girl. I suggest going there and giving the book more honest reviews. And, if you haven’t ordered it yet, now would be a good time so it will kick her book down in the sales rankings.

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