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That’s right, starting next Monday Shannyn Moore is back with 15 hours a week of live, local, progressive radio.  She’s ready to slay the dragons! Join the fun and call the show at 907-569-1080.

You’ll be able to live blog the show five days a week, right here at

Get ready Alaska.  It’s time to get radio active!



  1. HURRAY!!! Congrats Shannyn! Maybe there IS hope for KUDO afterall…

    I will be listening.

    Will there be a podcast?

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! Bravo! Have fun!

  4. Congratulations! This is wonderful news. Best news I’ve heard all day! Go get em!

  5. WTG!

  6. Good to have smart people on the radio – Les Gara

  7. Congratulations! and thank you to KUDO for giving Shannyn the slot!

  8. Congratulations Shannyn!

  9. Go get um, Shannyn.

  10. Painting the red to blue 3 hours at a time. Congrats

  11. great news! marvelous, unexpected.

  12. Another excellent adventure! Good on you!

  13. w00t! w00t! Great news! Congrats Shannyn!

  14. I want to give the Mad-Hatter’s Tea Party Report. I am qualified because I chased the rabbit down Glenn Beck’s hole and offended his inner Queen who tried to have me beheaded and I escaped by being discharged into the jet-stream by the Beckster and landed in the parking lot of Wasilla Billy’s Tastee Freeze and Funeral Home–the clandestine nerve center for the Tea Bagger Global Dominion. I knew this was a sign from God that I was destined to serve His Higher Purpose. Oh…yeah…congratulations!

  15. Go Shannyn! Go Shannyn! Go Shannyn!!!

  16. …do you do remotes from weddings and Barmitzvas?

  17. YAY!

    Way to go, Shannyn! Congratulations, it’s mighty fine news.

    All the best!


  18. YAY Shannyn!

  19. Life is Good!!!

  20. Congratulations Shannyn! Well deserved!!

    Will miss Rishi. 😦
    (I apologize if I have misspelled his name)

  21. I guess it’s safe to go back now.

    Welcome back to progressive radio, Shannyn.

  22. Congratulations Shannyn, and I so hope you are not on opposite Sarah’s Pipeline on Fox! LOL may the farce be with her. Can you bring Reeshman with you?

  23. Can you kidnap Rishi and take him with you? I have nightmares thinking about him stuck in the Fox pit with all those wingnuts!!

  24. The time has come for relentlessness.

  25. Yipee! Welcome back to KUDO Shannyn!

  26. yes….bring Rishi with you!

  27. Congratulations Shannyn. You rock.


  29. yay!

  30. Wootwoot!! Way to go Shannyn.

  31. Awesome news Shannyn! I was sad when you left KUDO, then quit listening altogether when CC left. Now I will definitely tune in once again! Yipee!!

  32. Congratulations! Listenin’ in is lookin’ good!

  33. Faux ain’t gonna put s’error opposite your time slot, is they?

    Still waiting for a wiff of something like progressive radio in my area. Talk radio here is… sucky.

  34. BRAVO!!!!

  35. WOO HOO!! Lunchbreak and a livestream. Life just gets better one lunch at a time. Congrats Shannyn.

  36. Can’t wait, congratulations.

  37. I will be streaming you from Homer. Praise!

  38. That is GREAT news! Looking forward to listening online.

    And yes…bring Rishi too!

  39. Congratulations, Shannyn!! Well deserved. 🙂

  40. Happy Happy Happy!

    You deserve this Shannyn, we all so love listening to ya Gal!


    Finally……………a professional progressive radio program!!

    If things were “right” with the world…..Eddie Burke would be off of the air and Rush Limbaugh would never be broadcast in AK either.

    Now if there were some diabolical way to blow FAUX NOISE’S satellite out of the sky…………hmmmmmm

  42. Congrats. I love your work.

  43. not someone who normally posts on political blogs, but I wanted to say that I saw your Moore up North on youtube and now follow it…

    I particularly loved the last one, because its not often anymore that republicans and Dems can get together and actually talk, without screaming and stupid rhetoric being thrown around..

    Kudos, I dont even live in Alaska and yet find it very interesting… Is there a way to listen to your radio show if I am out of the area?

    Your sense of humor cracks me up, and yet the respect you show your guests, even if you dont agree is refreshing…

    • Here is the link to KUDO. Shannon will post a blog with the info and link as she has always done in the past. Enjoy!! You are able to just click listen as I don’t recall joining the club!!

      It is nice to see when both sides can come together and speak with manners and constructively about issues!

      • thanks so much meede for the link… I cracked up when Shannyn told John Bitney to put his blackberry away because they were on the air… or when she joshed the lone male on the panel last one that maybe he thought the abortion debate was simple because he didnt have a uterus…

        Yet actually TALKING about the issues… That just isnt done much on any of the newshows these days….

        • I hope you do tune in. There are many of us that don’t live in AK that have been listening/watching/reading Shannyn. She has a great sense of humour as you heard. My ref to manners is what Shannyn asks people to bring but know there are some moments where it gets a bit testy, as we all do with the sometimes ongoing rhetoric. I have total respect for Shannyn for inviting public on both sides as too many shows don’t – it’s a one way street – and that’s not healthy in my opinion.

          As Shannyn mentions, there is live blogging here while her show is on. Please join in when you can, with the many who do!

  44. Congratulations, Shannyn!! I’ll be listening!!

  45. Congratulations Shannyn!! This is awesome news. Glad KUDO finally smartened up.

  46. Well Done! I’ll be able to stream your show from 3:00-6:00 pm, right after Thom Hartmann!

    Bill Press…Stephanie Miller…Thom Hartmann…SHANNYN MOORE!!!!

    What a day of great RADIO!

    Congrats from Canada!

  47. Just in a nick of time to tell us the truth about what’s happening in Juneau and to fight to keep Liberals on the Anchorage Assembly!
    Thanks IBEW, and KUDO and Shannyn!!!

    Best news of this new year…and the last couple!!!!

  48. Way to go! Please cover FISHERIES issues as often as possible, as this is Alaskas #1 employer, and NEEDS MOORE Exposer. Especially concerning the THEFT of American Fishing Rights, voting council members who OWN fleets of draggers and fish OUR Polluck to its Lowest levels in 30 yrs. Simultaniously killing MILLIONS of Lbs. of Halibut, while Lowering Charter catches, and limiting OUR access. Forcing over 1000 ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS, Crabbers, out of OUR JOBS, while GIFTING CRAB RIGHTS to NEW participants. Ask somebody WHY HALF OUR FISH RIGHTS BELONG to Japan and Norway?? FOREVER?? Or WHY are Crabbers being RIPPED OFF for 80% of their TRADITIONAL SHARE OF WAGES?? Many MOORE Questions,… Congrats!!

  49. Congratulations, Shannyn! I’ve been streaming KUDO all day for the last year or so already, and I won’t much miss Randi. Hope the stream doesn’t get overloaded now, though…

  50. I squealed like a little girl today when I heard the news on KUDO today in my work van. Pumping my fist in the air, doing a little butt boogie in my chair, and making whooping noises, I looked to the car next to me at the stop light at two people who were trying to figure what was wrong with me. I just smiled and waved.

    SO, SO happy to have you back where you belong!

  51. You can’t afford a mic that’s not radioactive? I feel bad about sniffing at the donation button here.

  52. Glad to have you back on a radio station where
    you are appreciated. More praise from me on
    precinct 1080.
    You are greatly loved.

  53. Great news, Shannyn.

    One request… Don’t let Scott ruin your show. Please limit him to one call per week, otherwise he’ll be a chronic PITA.

    In Florida I used to listen to a talk show genius, Neal Rogers, who enforced this rule. It was his view that a chronic caller will drag down a talk show.

    Thanks for listening and welcome back. I’ll miss Randi but I love you more.

    flem snopes

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