Posted by: shannynmoore | January 18, 2010

The Shannyn Moore Show on KUDO 1080am

KUDO 1080, Alaska’s Progressive Voice, now has Alaska’s Progressive VOICE!

Join Shannyn Moore on KUDO 1080am TODAY from 11am-2pm Local Time/3pm-6pm EST.

You may stream the show here.

Participate and call the show at 907.569.1080!



  1. Welcome BACK Shannyn!

  2. Shannyn, I was able to listen to most of the show today and it was great. Why is it that right wing radio has so many commercials compared to progressive radio? Hmmmmm……Could you comment on that or would that get you in trouble. 🙂

    Congratulations on your radio show. Much success to you!

  3. Shannon, caught the first part of the show with Bigiach; hard to find fault there.

    We are so lucky to have both of you!

    You sounded great!!!

    Good luck with the new program.

    M. Paul

  4. The government anticipates that Defendant Verrusio may attempt at trial to argue or introduce evidence that the government vindictively selected him for prosecution because he declined to become a confidential source for the FBI in an unrelated investigation. To be clear, Verrusio’s decision – in an unrelated investigation involving different prosecutors and FBI agents – had nothing to do with the charging decisions in this case…

    Here’s a hint, why don’t you focus on those who actually hold a public office, such as, oh I don’t know…..Don Young ?

  5. I got so use to showing up at 9 pm that I’ve forgotten it’s not Saturday and that you have a different time slot. Will get it right at some point, probably tomorrow since I’ll be watching the returns on Coakley’s loss. 😦

    This is the first time in all the time that I’ve known her that I’ve been really, really ticked at her. How can someone so un-sarah palinish be so sarah palinish??

  6. Nice picture, Excellent Voice of TRUTH!! THANK YOU!!

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