Posted by: shannynmoore | January 21, 2010

Alaskans I Am Proud Of

People ask me why I live in Alaska. The jokes are easy to make about liberals and “endangered species” or progressives being chased by hunters in planes. Though our numbers are small, the courage is big.

The SCOTUS decision has been whapped by 5 Democratic law makers. Thank you, Sen Wielechowski, Rep Gara, Rep Gruenberg, Rep Kawasaki and Rep Guttenburg! I won’t hold my breath for the representatives from Exxon, Conaco-Phillips, BP, Northern Dynasty, Princes Cruises, etc…


Decision is ‘slap in the face to Alaskans’

JUNEAU – Five Democrats in the Alaska State Legislature today decried the US Supreme Court decision that strikes down laws that banned corporations from using their own money to support or oppose candidates for public office. The decision will allow large corporations to use their profits to buy political campaign ads.

The five conservative justices who made up the majority in the 5-4 decision said long-standing bans against corporate political ads created an unconstitutional restraint of free speech.  Sen. Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage), Reps Les Gara and Max Gruenberg (both D-Anchorage) and Reps Scott Kawasaki and David Guttenberg (both D-Fairbanks) say the opposite is true, and that the court’s decision shifts First Amendment protections from individual Americans to Corporations.

“Today Corporate America took the First Amendment from Americans,” Gara said. “ It’s why corporate executives put so much money into past presidential campaigns – to successfully take over the Supreme Court,” Gara is a former Alaska Assistant Attorney General.

“This decision allows the sound of shuffling dollars to drown out the voices of American voters, and establishes a precedent for government to the highest bidder,” Guttenberg said.

In his dissent Justice John Paul Stevens, “The court’s ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions around the nation.”

“After years of undue influence over policy, I am concerned that now big oil and corporations will have free reign over the election process and be on equal footing with the average Alaskan,” Kawasaki said.

In a strong statement issued shortly after the decision President Barack Obama said, “It is a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans.”

Not only will this allow large multi-nationals to pour money into US elections, but it will increase their ability to wield political clout, holding policymakers hostage for fear of losing corporate advertising support and influence.

“This decision is a slap in the face to Alaskans and our attempts to keep big money out of politics,” Wielechowski said. “The Supreme Court has put out the welcome mat for influence peddling of the worst kind.”

The decision may threaten similar state bans on corporate involvement in Alaska elections, and the five Democrats are planning specific actions to protect Alaskan voters from unwelcome corporate meddling.


  1. Mind, mind, mind boggling….

  2. Please support Alan Grayson –

    • Thanks for the firedoglake link emilypeacock. I signed Grayson’s petition last night. Congratulations to the five Alaska State Legislators for taking a stand. This has to be stopped. I do not want Exxon Oil or Cigna choosing my representatives in Washington. Shannyon I am sure you saw Keith O’s Comment last night on the SCOTUS about Exxon putting in Sarah Palin as their puppet candidate. Yes, indeed as you said yesterday, “CAN YOU SAY…PRESIDENT PALIN?”. What I would really like to see is a march on Washington to oppose this. Shannyn, do you think this could be promoted/arranged through NetRootNations?

  3. not to hijack the thread, but when will this weeks Moore up North be posted on You tube? Living in Kansas (another red state) I look forward to your show and have to say I am enjoying the heck out of your radio show.. Its funny how even when your talking your local politics how much it mirrors ours.. Although yours seems more colorful and you have a much better sense of humor than the liberals in my neck of the wood.. (we are all soooo serious here.. aka boring)

    • Thanks for watching and listening sallahdog! We post the show right here on Saturday night.

      This week’s show is all about Ocean Acidification. With the 2010 Alaska Marine Science Symposium being held downtown at the Captain Cook Hotel, we have some of the worlds leading marine scientists gathered. This is a timely program as Governor Sean Parnell is at war with the federal government over the EPA’s polar bear listing and Senator Lisa Murkowski wants to prevent the EPA from regulating green house gas emissions-which directly impacts ocean acidification.

      My interview is with Michelle Ridgway. She just retired after nine years serving on the Advisory Panel of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council which oversees the largest fisheries in the world. She currently works as a marine ecologist, specializing in benthic ecosystems.

      Our panelists:
      Jeremy T. Mathis is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Oceanography at the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Oceanography.

      Dr. Thomas Hurst is a Research Fishery Biologist in the Fisheries
      Behavioral Ecology Program of the NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science
      Center. He works from the AFSC seawater laboratory in Newport, OR. He
      also holds a faculty position in the Department of Fisheries and
      Wildlife at Oregon State University.

      Jeffrey Short is the Pacific Science Director with Oceana, an international marine conservation organization. Prior to that, he retired after a 31-year career as a research chemist at NOAA, where he worked primarily on oil pollution and other contaminant issues.

      Thanks again for tuning in!


  4. Thank you Sen. Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage), Reps Les Gara and Max Gruenberg (both D-Anchorage) and Reps Scott Kawasaki and David Guttenberg (both D-Fairbanks) for taking a stand on this horrible decision.

    This may actually be the biggest non-news item in the past 100 years!

  5. Thank YOU, for your GOOD WORKS, Shannyn I appreciate your Unrelenting Search for TRUTH!! No foreign globalists corp.s should to be involved in OUR DEMOCRACY!! Just look what they have done to OUR Fisheries,… at; Thomas Jefferson (Founding Father) elequently stated; “I hope we shall crush in its birth, the aristocracy of OUR monied corporations which DARE already to challenge OUR GOVERNMENT to a Trail by strength, and bid defience to the Laws of OUR COUNTRY!” Also too, I will be posting an in-depth report on Ocean-acidification soon, and How to Remove/Capture all the Extra Free-Electrons circulating in OUR OCEANS. Has anybody noticed all the CITIZENS speaking up on Government Issues? Good to see People using THIER RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH/PRESS again. It was Too quiet with the bushmen (no offense Bushmen) hunters silencing/threatening OUR FREE SPEECH. Like Italy is trying to do in their Democracy? See;,8599,1955569,00.html?… A return to the dark ages? I have been holding my breath/Speech so long I’m starting to turn BLUE! Is that Paint on Me? COOL! Thanks for spreading TRUTH/BRAVE WORDS! Keep searching, WE have LOTS of dirt to CLEAN UP!! -PEACE-

  6. Olbermann’s two cents:

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