Posted by: shannynmoore | January 24, 2010

If You Have To Call Yourself A “Conservative Patriot”…You Probably Aren’t One

Someone needs to write a new game show theme…”Time To Buy A Candidate!”

A Wasilla Tea Bagger Group is SALIVATING over the fascist, activist Roberts’ Court ruling this week,  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.  The Conservative Patriots Group, Inc., based in WASILLA, ALASKA, wants to control the ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY!

photo by Phil Munger

This is the same group that showed up en masse at the Anchorage Fish and Game Advisory Committee election a few weeks ago.  There are 81 advisory committees across Alaska to “provide a local voice for the collection and expression of opinions and recommendations on matters relating to the management of fish and wildlife resources,” according to Fish and Game’s Web site.

81 advisory committees, and these greedy Wasillabillies showed up and put their candidates in the Anchorage committee even though they had their own Mat-Su committee election the next week in Wasilla.

These same “patriots” defended Palin’s veto of federal stimulus money for weatherization. They don’t want no federal government telling Alaskans what to do with their building codes…but the highest federal court in the land can boss us on our election standards.  Brilliant.

Now, apparently, they want to make a full court press to get their candidates on the Anchorage Assembly by pressuring the Alaska Public Utilities Commission to get their act together pronto!  They actually meant Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC), but, you know, details.

Now, why do you think a group of Wasillabillies want to control the Anchorage Assembly?  They want to make sure Alaska’s largest city keeps civil liberties for gays out of reach.  Last summer, busloads of Wasillans brought their red-shirted hatred into the Anchorage Assembly chambers and testified ad nauseum how God and Jesus hate fags and that, ‘we just can’t allow them to have equal rights as the rest of us…why, they ought to just keep them-thar feelings suppressed like we do in Wasilla, by God!’

So…here it is.  The first shot across democracy’s bow from the Tea Baggers up north!

When the corporations complete their full merger with the United States Government, take away the guns, prohibit demonstrations and enforce nightly curfews-all the while projecting an image of how wonderful everything is…I wonder what the Tea Baggers will do then.

Here is their letter:

January 22, 2010
Alaska Public Utilities Commission
2221 East Northern Lights, Rm 128
Anchorage, AK 99508
RE: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
Dear Commissioners:
Conservative Patriots Group, Inc. (CPG) requests the Commission, by no later than February 15, 2010, modify APOC’s Campaign Finance Regulations, Forms and Guidelines to conform with the just released U.S. Supreme Court holding in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.
The Court has held the Government may not suppress political speech based on the speaker’s corporate identity, that no sufficient governmental interest justifies limits on the political speech of nonprofit or for-profit corporations and there is no basis for allowing the Government to limit corporate independent expenditures.
CPG desires to financially support certain candidates running for office in the upcoming Anchorage Assembly races. Failure of the Commission to quickly conform APOC Regulations, Forms and Guidelines with the Court’s holding will prevent CPG and other small corporations from exercising their First Amendment free speech rights to provide financial support to candidate(s) of their choice. Furthermore, failure to immediately comply with the Court’s holding provides union supported candidates an unfair financial advantage over those candidates not supported by unions.
Frank J. Bettine, P.E., Esq.
In-house Counsel
cc: All Alaska Legislatures



  1. It’s amazing how short of a time it took for a group to being to take advantage of the SCOTUS ruling. What will be even more dismal is when foreign controlled companies start to control what our government does. OT love your blog. Any chance you could add me a link to mine? <a href="

  2. “you know, details” …. 🙂

    What does P.E. stand for? Proper eejit?

    Those teabaggers never let us down, do they? Even a teabagger lawyer needs to be illiterate!

    • Usually stands for “Professional Engineer”, never seen it used by a JD also?

      • Also, how many ‘Alaska Legislatures’ are there?

  3. Don’t vote for anyone that accepts tainted money. Make accepting their money a liability. I don’t see any other options to combat the complete corporate take over of every level of government.

  4. PE = professional engineer. And, yes, there are a number of PE’s who are also JD’s. Just as there are MD’s who are JD’s. Why, I don’t know.

    Mr. Bettine must believe we live in the Conservative Socialist States of America. Only goose-stepping conservative patriots need apply.

    He’d be well-advised to stick it up his arse. If he does not like me exercising my freedom to be who I want to be then perhaps he can move to a more friendly environ… like, say… Iran.

  5. Here is the point!

    Keep your dumb tea-bagging asses in WASILLA! Stay out of Anchorage Politics! Those anti-gay rat bastards have their own city council…

    • Hear Hear!

  6. Wow — this guy’s an attorney and:
    a) he doesn’t know what APOC stands for;
    b) he doesn’t know the difference between “legislatures” and “legislators.”

    Yeah, Professional Eedjit, for sure.

    • This is why we need to be scared….

  7. So the tea baggers want the city government to accept the federal ruling so that corporations can spend money on election advertising as people and the peoples grass roots group who don’t want the feds to tell us anything are telling the Public Utilities Commission to listen to the federal government? Are they wicked rah-tarhed? (in the words of John Stewart). The irony is overwhelming.

    “You stole from my kin”
    “He was fixin’ to betray us”
    “You didn’t know that at the time”
    “I was borrowing it till I did know”
    “That don’t make no kinda sense”
    “Everett, only a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart”

  8. CBC is trying to maintain their control. We got to stop them. Get all your friends involved. This control by outside forces has got to stop. It’s on the land and it’s in the sea. We’re getting hit high and low.

  9. Looks like there is another tea party happening in Wasilla this week. on April 15th:

  10. Just moved back to AK and trying to get a gauge on the politics. Specifically, who is who…

    Thank you for making my search so easy. I’ve found it very helpful to asses the quality and position of a group by evaluating the quality and maturity of those in opposition.

    Again, thank you for being so transparent… LoL!

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