Posted by: shannynmoore | January 27, 2010

“Mandation” From Palin,Obama’s SCOTUS Smackdown & Matthews Faulty Memory

My favorite moment of President Obama’s State of the Union Speech:  Notice Justice Alito….looks like he had a “YOU LIE!” moment…oh, I thought he wasn’t supposed to have any expression…

Chris Matthews…CLASSIC…

Palin’s word salad response to the President’s speech. I think she’s upset that he said he’s not a quitter…



  1. Sarah you’re such a f-ing twit

    • There went my coffee…….thpppppppppt!!

      Is Kreskin your daddy??…………lol

      • She is a twitch.
        p-l-e-a-s-e, be it the hatchetman or the exboyfriend, anyone who can send that woman parah salin for good, get your book out !

  2. I really wish I knew what she means when she talks about “separation of powers”. Her “huge take away moment” is the same exaggeration of a mole-hill into a mountain that he spoke of. I certainly don’t know if anyone makes word salad as a take-away dish. This woman is a pox upon the land!

    • “Separation of powers” is obviously a new phrase she has learned. That’s evidenced by the fact that she didn’t know what it means when she was governor.

  3. I thought immediately after he said that………….he’s not a quitter…Palin will think it’s all about her….lol

    Oh and he spoke about “common sense” also too….

    You’re so vain
    You probably think this speech is about you
    You’re so vain
    I’ll bet you think this speech is about you
    Don’t you? Don’t you?

  4. Ratings must be the only reason Fox keeps Palin. She doesn’t add anything intelligent to the discussion.

    • Advertising her ignorance and stupididty without cost to the people is a good thing. You could have her Fox.

  5. “Mandation” is something we should be watching closely, don’t you think? What a moron!! I feel sorry for the Univ. of Idaho having to claim this “graduate” from their college.

    • She was thinking about her children…………..

  6. I found this comment on Huff Po about $carah working for FOX… warning….

    She’d take a dump live on the internet if she could get 125k and be allowed to grunt, Limbauuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

  7. I can’t watch! Did she really say “Mandation”. I’m confused, has she not made her ignorane perfectly clear? What does this incompetent ‘whackjob’ offer?

  8. There she goes again “makin stuff up”.

  9. After all this time it still blows my mind to listen to her not answer questions and lie every third sentence–and act like we don’t know enough to tell the difference. Talk about disconnect….SHE is disconnected.

    I have my own MR now-grown-kiddo here (and she thinks she’s so wonderful for ‘letting my little mentally retarted baby live’—a lot of us have done that for many a year–and it’s not like she’s raising him anyway). He is learning about making sentences and he said tonight “Mom, that lady doesn’t make good sentences, does she?” So if a 40 year old retarded guy can figure it out, it IS as bad as it sounds.

    And what’s with the frozen face/mild demeanor all at once? She must have taken too much of something…..

    • Agreed Sewsew… there’s something about her face… it’s becoming more mask-like and waxy… I feel strangely transfixed… must. go. out. this. moment. and. buy. her. book…

  10. Word salad implies some nutrition–more like the kind with little miniature marshmallows and canned fruit.

  11. Why does he call her governor? did he not get the memo that she quit?

    Her body language betrayed her when asked whether she saw Alito mouth “not true.” She shakes her head no then says she saw it.

  12. I guess she doesn’t get the disconnect between her constantly calling for the government to “empower” the people, but people shouldn’t be waiting for the government to help them.

    Wait–is government supposed to do something so people can do something, like NOT needing government to do something?

    The only disconnect I see is Palin’s mouthiness and reality. Just throw out a few buzzwords like “empower the people”. Exactly how would you “empower the people”, Sarah? And no, you *may not* say that “government just needs to get out of their way.”

    “You’re talking a lot, but you’re not saying anything.” Talking Heads

  13. Watching Palin was like watching Furby reincarnated.

  14. Look at the Hannity/Palin vid w/o sound. In the first minute or two the woman looks scared to death. She has no idea what’s going on.

  15. “He not understanding.” I believe she meant to say ‘His not understanding.” She gets her pronouns mixed up and she seems to get plural and singular mixed up all the time. She should see a grammar coach because she so often seems slow and a bit ADD.

  16. Well, I must say that I too want to see inspiration filled upon the nation especially in the aspect of employement and small business and that top down movement that will fail, as well have seen, also though, that we can really make Democracy in Iraq, like the people expect, and 10 percent? Well, we sure expect more from Obama than this. See in the tea baggers, their eyes, and town halls. Also, we already have some insurance for all and for some, those average Joes who have insurance from the private sector. Also, and like I did in Alaska, and continue to do for Alaska as Governor. I mean quit, I mean, didn’t quit. (I am doing more. How much does this pay?) Also, too, with that there mandation, we cannot accept that at all.

    • Sadly, I suspect that made perfect sense to Sarah.

  17. Palin’s ‘remembrance’ is that the ‘mandation’ from real America is ‘common sense’ and that republicans knew this all along (where ya been?). Say what?

    Oh yeah, I forgot, it was nine years ago that the country had a budget surplus and was not involved in any wars…eight years later the country had a record deficit, two wars and the worst financial crisis (brought on in large part by financial industry deregulation) since the great depression.

    So Ms. Palin are you saying that it was the GOPs ‘mandation’ to destroy the economic stability of the country, destroy the world view of the US and push the deficit as high as possible in the eight years your party was in the WH?

  18. This is all so entertaining. It appalls me to think people actually take Palin seriously and she gets paid for whatever it is she does. What a contrast between the intelligence and coherentness of the president and her ramblings. She was probably sitting there trying to guess how much Obama was being paid for his speech.

    And Chris Matthews is just an ass. I rarely listen to him and when I do, I find him mostly rude and usually a bore.

  19. Watch with the sound off. (Actually, that’s the only way I can watch her.) BUT it shows you all her bodily inconsistencies. She’s HOLDING HER BREATH between questions! What is up with THAT? Then when she does breathe, it’s like she’s hyperventilating. Almost like her quitter speech.

    Why would she not want to get caught breathing!!!??? You’d think she’d not want to get caught reading talking points of a teleprompter, or makin’ stuff up…like MANDATION! That still makes me laugh.. what a dolt.

  20. I agree w/ Ripley, watch her on mute. Her face reminds me f that girl -what her name Heidi, who had all that plastic surgery and cannot move her face. Palins eyebrows (way north of her glasses)go up and down and her lips move, but the rest of her face is concrete.

    Listening is bad, but read the transcript, it’s even worse, in an alien language.

    I don’t care for Chris Matthews either, he always has spit foam around his mouth, projects it when speaking and never, ever shuts up to let anyone answer a question.

  21. Chris Matthews said something he shouldn’t have. I don’t think in principle he was trying to be racist. I think he was trying to say that Obama was helping us move towards a post-racial society.

    Alito. What do you expect? He’s a right-wing judicial activist. He’s fine pulling legal fictions from the air so long as he doesn’t get called out on it.

    I can barely stand to listen to Sarah Palin’s voice, but Hannity’s self-righteous swagger is even harder to take. I don’t get the impression that Sarah knows what she’s talking about. “Empowerment” “big government.” Define those terms Ms. Palin!

  22. […] eacj in comments last night as they happened, since we now have the video of each, courtesy of Shannyn Moore's compilation (and AKMuckraker's "Mandation Nation"). Palin on Obama's "mandation for health care"; Matthews' […]

  23. I agree with virtually all of the previous comments but I think we are just singing to the choir. The threat that Palin and her ilk represent is that she is just singing to her choir and they are no more going to change their opinion of her than we are. Probably the best thing that liberals like myself can do is get as active as we are able in local and Alaska politics and try to paint the state a little more blue because Congress will, sadly, go really Republican next fall. We must work to vote Murky and Young out of office.

  24. She is just too dumb to know just how dumb she is.

    Levy, start writing. I am tired of waiting for your book. I have my check in hand.

  25. […] a good set of clips of Alito, Matthews, and […]

  26. Somebody PLEASE make them stop calling her GOVERNOR!!

  27. Sarah doesn’t seem to understand that the concept of separation of powers doesn’t restrict freedom of speech. Her use of the term and her comments are clear indications that she has no earthly idea of what she is saying. She recently ridiculed the president for being a constitutional scholar but now she ignores the fact that, as a constitutional scholar, he has a better understanding than she does that speaking out against a SC ruling is not a violation of separation of powers. The lack of knowledge, ignorance, and unwillingness to study and gain new knowledge is strong in this one.
    I was first introduced to Palin’s use of the word “mandation” on Gryphon’s blog, and since I am an avid reader and had never run across the word, I looked it up. I was familiar with the term mandate but not the term “mandation.” “Mandation” is not found anywhere in the dictionary. I taught U.S. History and other social studies subjects, including government, for 33 years, and after observing Palin since she appeared on the national scene, I can say that if she had been a student in one of my government classes, she would have failed the course.

  28. Majii…her lack of knowledge and intellect make me wonder whether she did indeed graduate from university. If she did, what was her GPA? It is surprising that little is known about her university experience; just because it is reported that she attended six institutions does not give us insight into her academic achievements or, more to the point, her failings.

  29. I have a funny feeling she got more than just one “D” in college.

    • Perhaps palin did not attend any classes at any university. The public certainly has not seen any proof she graduated. When a person is backed by wealthy, corrupt people, it appears any lie can be spread as a truth. In my over 65 years on this earth, I have never heard a college educated person speak as palin does. And I will not even comment on her complete lack of knowledge above second grade.

  30. I have long advocated for proof that she actually received a degree. I won’t believe it until I see her transcripts. I think she is lying about her degree because no college could graduate someone this uneducated, even Idaho State College-North Dorkville.

    Or whatever.

  31. Can the University of Idaho recall Sarah’s degree?

  32. Has anyone seen this:

  33. lol, def agree that “take away moment” is a new word on her vocab list; brought to you by the letter F. : )

  34. How many times are you going to use the stupid,”WORD SALAD” comment. It is really getting old. You just can’t stand how popular she is and how much attention she is getting. I just love it.

    • Not sure if you are aware of the origins of the term. I didn’t make it up…it’s not a clever Shannynism. It’s a clinical term…used by smarty pants elitist doctors. I don’t pretend to be one of them…but was trying to sound smart…you caught me!
      “A meaningless mixture of words and phrases characteristic of advanced schizophrenia.” or
      “Speech that is so disorganized that it makes no linguistic or grammatical sense.” or
      “A jumble of words and phrases that lacks logical coherence and meaning, often characteristic of disoriented individuals and persons with schizophrenia.”

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