Posted by: shannynmoore | February 3, 2010


Tune into to Shannyn Moore’s radio show today from 11am-2pm AST/3pm-6pm EST.


Mudflats Blogger Jeanne Devon joins Shannyn with some important breaking news relating to THIS STORY cross posted at Huffington Post titled, SARAH PALIN, TAX CHEAT?


Ethan Berkowitz comes on to talk about why HE WON’T ATTEND A TOWN HALL MEETING AT A UNION BOYCOTTED HOTEL!



Listen online here!

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  1. Good afternoon, i would like to request that you might clone yourself to spread around to some of these sleepy communities in the USA. I live in a most blue state in the most blue community and cannot get good radio. Ak. folks, you are most fortunate.

  2. It appears that Mudflats is down….I can access everything except site. Anyone else having the same problem?

  3. I’ve had the same problem with Mudflats…since the Palin tax evasion story appeared on Andrew Sullivan’s blog as well, I would expect that the traffic to Mudflats has overwhelmed the server.

  4. Yes, Mudflats is down. There is a link to it from Andrew Sullivan’s blog regarding breaking news that Sarah Palin is a tax cheat. Who coulda thunk it????

  5. If you can’t reach mudflats, the story is on HuffPo.

  6. Bump it up on the Huffpo. This needs to be front page news.

    Swindlina’s head must be exploding….teehee

  7. Sarah Palin is a fraud.

    This is an absolute fact.

    • And a retard.

      And I say that in the kindest, most gentle way possible.


  8. Thank you Shannon for breaking this story with AKM! You girls are AWESOME!!!!

  9. I think a PAC should be created called Spill It Levi! Raise enormous amounts of money to influence the kid to talk. I am sure he knows the true maternity of Trig. I am sure this is the bombshell he said he knew about Sarah that would hurt her badly.

    But he needs to realize that this woman is purporting a fraud against all Americans. She is poising herself for a run on the White House, however unqualified she is. She has a powerful following. She needs to be exposed for what she is. A Fraud.

    All the stories about her seem to just fly under the radar. The materials from the Wasilla sports complex in her home, the taxes, the strange circumstances around her pregnancy.

    And I never figured it out until I read Andrew Sullivan about Trisomy-G (or Down’s Syndrome) abrev. is Tri-g. The woman basically named her child “down’s syndrome”or Trig.
    That is just sickening and disturbing.

  10. This entire situation w/Palin regarding the words retard and retarded (and the White House) actually happened three months ago. How did this become a national headline forgetting that point? I don’t trust the press as far as I can throw it! Money and markethshare is what it is all about and Palin makes headlines – mostly negative, but it sells!

  11. It is very disturbing that the Palins named their child after the birth defect he was born with. . . and then to cry foul when someone uses the word “retard” in a sentence. I saw a photo of Serror holding the little chap and it appeared that he was trying to focus his eyes to see who was holding him. . . .his little eyes were going in many directions and of course there were no glasses on him. . . .how cruel not to put his glasses on him . . .it was clear he was struggling to focus…….my heart was breaking for the little guy known as TriG

    Do the Palinites not know the word “retarded” has many uses….I know the English language is one of the most difficult to learn because one word can have many different uses…..I was told this when I studied other languages

    Maybe Meg and Serror can take some English classes to avail them to this information


  12. I have a 14 year old grandson who with many of his friends call others retards and not meant as a slur but because they don’t like what they say or do.Also i noticed that he calls friends gay and he does not mean it in the sense that they are gay people to these youngsters it is just a word not anything to do with others may think it means

  13. OMG!! Why is it that palin seemingly can get away with running a high profile scam . An open ly flaunting fraud . Are we really that gullible ? I really don’t believe so. It all seems so retarded.
    Maybe to most of us, “palin” the grifter simply has that entertainment value .Which implys that palin activities should really be under the entertainment category and not nessesary “politics” . Just asking?

  14. I just caught up with the latest soap opera regarding the “shadow “gov , t palin . Honestly , are these clowns being taken seriously ? I understand and realize that they are psycho . Sounds to me like they may still be breaking some rules, ethics and maybe much more beyond?

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