Posted by: shannynmoore | February 4, 2010

The Shannyn Moore Show Thursday February 4 2010

Tune into to Shannyn Moore’s radio show today from 11am-2pm AST/3pm-6pm EST.


Frank Schaeffer joins Shannyn at the bottom of the hour.  Frank has a lot to say about religion and the mixing of church and state.


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  1. Shannyn – You and Jeanne make a great radio team! Enjoyed the show in spite of feeling absolutely sick about the forced Gardicil (sp?) in Texas!

  2. I really enjoyed listening the the show today. Mr. Schaeffer was a great guest. Shannyn, I’m really impressed with the way you handle yourself on-air. A pleasure to listen to your show. I especially enjoyed our old friend Scott having a complete meltdown. What a hoot. My friends and I were cryin’ tears of laughter.

  3. Shannyn thankyou for letting hm go on and on. Having Mr Schaeffer on your show is such a Kudu to you and all of us-the dirty rable of Alaska. Hey i know it’s late and i had much to catch up on. Thanks to this technology i can still catch your show!! Thanks again for just letting him talk.

  4. I love this comment that “Jicker” just wrote in response to ADN’s Todd Palin email story:

    I get it now. When Todd was pressuring state employees to fire Wooten, he was just a citizen, according to Tim Petumenos’s “investigation,” and therefore untouchable.

    But according to Nizich and the inner circle who received these same emails, Todd was a trusted advisor.

    Conclusion: Sarah and Todd Palin are first-class liars who used the state governor’s office for personal benefit.

    And the other staff people who were part of this were complicit in this fraud. (Mike Nizich, Ivy Frye, Meg Stapleton, Talis Colberg, etc. etc.).

    Yep, that Sarah Palin sure did change the corrupt old boys’ network in Juneau.

    • was working on it…just posted the story. Thanks…

  5. I have really enjoyed seeing you every time you have been in MSNBC and also Mr. Schaffer but the two of you are completely uninformed and way off base comparing people like Christopher Hitchens to the religious fundamentalists.

    You are absolutely wrong about atheists and what they believe. Atheism is the ABSENCE of belief in anything supernatural without proof, evidence or data to support such. That is it. Period. There is no dogma. There is no certainty, almost all atheists are more in the scientific method mold than anything else. All claims need solid, scientific proof based on observation and data, predictive and reproducible theories about real world phenomena which are subject to rigorous peer scrutiny. Any explanation or conclusion is always with the caveat that at a later date more/better data may come to light that will allow for a better/revised explanation.

    You should not confuse our disdain for anti-rational wish thinking for null hypothesis dogma. You do all free thinking and intellectual atheists and agnostics a disservice with your apparent vast ignorance of even the most basic principles of atheism, its history and those who you misclassify and misrepresent like Christopher Hitchens.

    Before speaking on this subject again please do some research into the history of “atheism” from the pre-socratic Atomists like Democritus thru early skeptics like Baron D’Holbach to even founding fathers such as Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. Understand that the basis of “atheism” has always been a preference for and a reliance on rational thought even at such times in history when there was no true “atheism” as such (ie no socially acceptable threshold for a wholesale rejection of all supernatural thinking).

    Many atheists, such as myself, are fascinated by and study intently the sociological and psychological underpinnings of the human tendency to “belief”, the history and evolution of human belief systems from animistic to polytheistic to monotheistic and the underlying similarities between them all (Joseph Campbell is good on this front), and even more recently the cognitive and evolutionary biological factors in the human mind that lead to the misappropriation of other brain functions that lead to condition of belief.

    The truth is most atheists know far more about religions and show far more respect for their historical, cultural and artistic outputs than do most people of faith owing to the fact that before we rejected any one particular faith or the entire system of ‘belief’ in lieu of ‘reason’ we spent years studying and examining just how and why these systems did not offer satisfying or correct ways of understanding and explaining the world.

    I would be more than happy to be a guest on your show or engage in any email correspondence if you wish to explore the true nature of atheism further.


    Jacopo Belbo

  6. Attatched genome. RAdiated Ionization of DIRECTED(Dominant Feild factors according to Order of MAGNITUDE) CURRENT to Single Neucleotide Polymorphism factors. Over 240 TOXIC CONtaminats in EVERY AMERICAN, and AT LEAST 9 VIRAL MUTATIONS of the STEPS of OUR JACOBS LADDER/DNA. Without HIS attention/ELECTron FLOW(RIVER OF LIFE) TOWARDS US, EVERy smallest PARTical/ATOM- ceases to exist. HE WILL cause the Planets to ALIGN/POLARIZE, (STOP EXPANDING) and FALL/MAGNETIC ATTRACTION to EARTH. SUPERNOVA ALL MATTER. What FALLS OUT MUST FALL IN.Magnetic Polarity ATTRACTS/REpulsion factors KEEP POLARIZED/ALIGNED MATTER and EXPELL anti-aligned PARTicles. ALL OR NOTHING. Try stuffing magnets in a box, YOU’ll REALize the VISUAL REflection of LIGHT/ELECTron globules REcorded on your CRANIAL BIOMATTER, which ALIGNS BASE VALANCE SHELL ORBITS, and MAY CROSS-reference with other memories, that this TRANSLATION IS THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD. “Question ALL things, KEEP what IS GOOD and TRUE.” Have a NICE DAY/NIGHT!!! -PEACE-

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