Posted by: shannynmoore | February 6, 2010

Palins Want Their Cake & Eat It Too…NO CAKE FOR YOU!

When you have your cake and eat it too…well, it’s bound to get frosting on your face. Then everyone else can see it.  Grab a napkin…I’ll explain.

During the Troopergate investigations, the abuse of power charges against Todd Palin for pressuring others to fire Commissioner Walt Monegan were hard to pin down. Why? Because he wasn’t under the same ethics laws as an employee of the state.

In the Troopergate case, Petumenos reported that Palin’s staff may have been involved in a campaign against Palin’s former brother-in-law, State Trooper Mike Wooten, who Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, had at various times tried to have fired.

Petumenos concluded that when Todd Palin took actions such as calling Monegan into the governor’s office and pressuring him to fire Wooten, he was a not a state employee and was not covered by the laws relating to state employees.

“Mr. Palin was a private citizen not within the jurisdiction of the Ethics Act,” Petumenos concluded.

MSNBC posted 1,200 emails obtained through a records request with the State of Alaska. The level of involvement of Todd Palin is higher than most of us who called him the “Shadow Governor” thought.

Nearly 3,000 pages of e-mails that Todd Palin exchanged with state officials, which were released to and NBC News by the state of Alaska under its public records law, draw a picture of a Palin administration where the governor’s husband got involved in a judicial appointment, monitored contract negotiations with public employee unions, received background checks on a corporate CEO, added his approval or disapproval to state board appointments and passed financial information marked “confidential” from his oil company employer to a state attorney.

The Palin family attorney came out with a response to the allegations of Todd Palin’s controlling presence in the administration.

But Sarah Palin’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, issued a statement saying Todd Palin had official and unofficial duties.

“Todd Palin was, and remains, a close advisor to the governor,” Van Flein said. “Those in the administration knew this, and the public knew this. There is nothing unusual, untoward or inappropriate for a spouse of a chief executive to provide guidance, input and hands on assistance.”

Van Flein also noted that Todd Palin had no designated office, received no pay, and had no staff. But the e-mails show that he was still a decision-maker for the state during his stint as “First Dude.”

Well, isn’t that interesting.  He’s nothing, a nobody, a “husband” when there’s an investigation into abuse of power. His newly revealed emails demonstrate a clear and unambiguous over-reach…but he’s just an unpaid adviser…

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  1. Seems to me that Todd Palin actually WAS the governor. His dimwit wife (not to say Todd isn’t a dimwit also,too) was the pair’s face to the public and seemed to have been totally preoccupied with her media image and gaining national exposure and power, installing her beloved tanning bed on the state’s dime, grifting free flights for her children, covering up her daughter’s two pregnancies, faking her own pregnancy, seeking revenge on others, numerous other acts of grifting, and pretending to govern.

    • You are on spot! every word. I want to know who Trig’s mom is…..and one day,what’s in
      the dark will come to the light…

      • Ditto!
        And if Todd knew, that means he aided and abedded this lie/possible criminal act (insurance fraud maybe).

        Isn’t it sick she named that baby Trig? When Trisomy-G abreviated is Tri-g? (Trisomy-G=Down’s Syndrome)
        She is sick with stupid.

  2. And he ignored a subpoena. Why isn’t the alaska electorate calling for his head. And why doesn’t the legislature take it. Where was Todd getting his marching orders, from the AIP?

    • Yep!

  3. This needs to be pressed. And I will do it even though I do not live in AK. Have you crossposted this at Huffington Post or contacted Rachel Maddow? The public did not know how much involvement there was. And it is not just his level of involvement as said above – it is what they both did while she was Governor: the grifting, the undue influence on personnel. Shannyn I read that some emails indicate personnel had to ask Todd for leave time in the absence of Sarah? Or maybe even when she was there. He approved/disapproved leave. I have never ever heard of anything like this and I have worked in state and governmental offices. And I think if the public in AK had come to know this while she was governor and before she resigned, you all would have HAD to impeach.

    • The way I read that particular e-mail, it came from the Juneau Residence Coordinator, and I it appeared to be specific to her and other Juneau Residence staff. I think it indicated that traditionally, they would ask permission of both spouses (ie, going back to previous governorships). Considering that they were supposed to be there to assist the First Family, that actually seems like a credible (and sensible) tradition. After all, the First Spouse might have wanted to have a tea party or something on a particular date and need particular staff members present.

      Not saying that there wasn’t all kinds of improper stuff going on with this individual, but I think this one should get a pass.

  4. I’m still scratching my head over the DEPTH of his involvement here. How long…or should I say, when will Alaska take action against the Palin’s? The whole thing is so corrupt and on Alaskan’s dime too. The state paid for everything PALIN and should be definately be paid back!! It’s your tax dollars paying for the shit.

    This all REEKS for the state, but makes me think of how guilty the other 48 must be, they just haven’t got caught yet.
    I have lost my trust in ALL ELECTED officials and everyone in DC.

  5. What I find astounding in all of this is that :

    1: a records request from the State of Alaska is required by law to take 10 days, but instead it takes 1 1/2 years, or18 months or 547.5 days…making this request…..537.5 days overdue!!!!

    2: the request was quoted to NBC to require a payment of.15,000,000……..15 MILLION dollars!!!

    3: the actual cost turns out to be…….. approximately……$386.00

    It is not possible for anyone OR department to be THAT incompetent, it just is not.

    Now what will the Alaskan legislature do about this OBVIOUS obstructionism?

    The USA was in the midst of their most important election and DESERVED to know everything they could about the candidates.

    The reason for the records request.

    This is a blatant violation of the constitution.

    Freedom of the press AND free speech have been obstructed by this Alaskan government.

    Oh…..I…..know…..I can just hear Ramas now…..”no political will”…or….”these things just need the passage of time”

    When will Alaskans hold these legislatures feet to the fire?

    You deserve so much more, you really do.

    Government is like a hard to manage child.

    You can’t take your eye off them for a minute and constantly chasing around correcting and checking up on them is exhausting.

    You do it because you can’t let them grow up to be that horror story where the parents are murdered in their bed, can you?

  6. Much to my dismay and disgust, I fear these recent revelations will somehow get swept up under the carpet like the many other incidents she’s been linked to.

  7. Funny how between the two of them they can’t seem to get their stories straight. Both share a pea for a brain. LOL

    • So if the Palin couple share a pea for brain matter that would make it SPLIT PEA!!!

      • It’s the ‘Split Pealins’ , that was too easy.

  8. First, if Nancy Murkowski or Michelle Obama were caught in 3000 emails influencing judicial appointments, board appointments, tanning bed wiring at pubic expense and so on, there would be great howling heard….from Sarah Palin.

    Second, a big story missed so far isregarding the attempts to evade public disclosure: take a close look at the March 17-19 emails from Ivy Frye to various officials. Note how over 2 days there are questions after questions.

    Then note how only the last email is forwarded from Ivy Frye to the private accounts of both Sarah and Todd Palin.

    For whom do YOU think she was asking all the questions?

  9. hdtracy,

    I (sadly) think you are right. She is Teflon right now and her supporters will most likely think this is just evidence of how ‘strong’ their ‘Christian’ marriage is. After all, as a supposed fundie she is obligated to submit to her husband’s headship, so she was just fulfilling her wifely duty. I don’t get it, but I’ve seen this sort of blind loyalty before. It can last decades and some people will never see through the deception. The book “The Psychopath Next Door” lists the ‘pity party’ as the number one warning sign that you are dealing with a psychopath. Have you ever known anyone who has so clearly wronged so many people and yet who is so adept at convincing others she’s the victim? It’s downright scary.

  10. Click to access 487.pdf

    Shannyn, please read this. I smell AIP.

    • And what is a “non-partisan registered voter” up there? It’s AIP? 62% of the people are non-affiliated? REally?

      • Many Alaskans are independents and vote their conscience, like me. It’s fairly common. Doesn’t mean they align with the AIP, which does happen to be an accepted third party.

        • On the form are there two different boxes? One for AIP and one for independent? Thank you for your information.

          I, too, was registered Independent when I first registered to vote at 18 a long time ago. But here, one can’t vote in primaries without an affiliation. Now, I am affiliated.

          • Ripley, you can go here to get an overview of how people are registered here, with totals on the last page. There are 13,930 registered AIP people in Alaska, but many, many more designated as nonpartisan or undeclared, 256,360, compared with 202,899 Democrats and Republicans combined.

  11. I hope the palins will have to answer for the many things showing up the last few days. Hopefully, in front of a judge. But, I fear that will not happen, because of the powerful corrupt men who back them.

  12. I think it is really, really important to bring out all of the evidence of Todd being in the AIP and Sarah’s involvement with them. This is what will take her down.

  13. augh! i’m so embarrassed. so shameful that that administration is now a muddy memory of Alaska for the whole world to remember us by.

  14. I think someone should have to explain $15,000,000 as opposed to $386. That, in itself, seems illegal.

  15. I find this very intersting, I remember reading Todd Palin did not have a staff. If so, what is this “? Erika Fagerstrom tells Todd, “… you don’t need a person designated as your assistant. My number one goal is to do things how you and the Governor see fit… (read the rest and the whole letter)…
    In other words, I am still your asst and will continue my duties, but I’m not suppose to be called your asst. I don’t know about you, but I think she is an asst to Todd which means he has a staff!

  16. The bots are comparing this to the Clinton’s. I’d say there is a huge difference. Hillary Clinton was already an accomplished attorney and (wasn’t she?) appointed to do the Health Care work.
    It was all public, the work that Hillary was doing to help progress the nation. Not hidden, not whispered about.
    This will end up being one of those, IOIYAR. It makes me sick.
    I just saw on MSNBC that $arah will be receiving PRE-SCREENED questions tonight at the baggers ball. I don’t ever remember Hillary Clinton having pre-screened questions. She took whiners and complainers up front. She never hid behind her husband.
    One of the bots have already commented that it’s a woman’s place to listen to her husband. Yeeeech!
    Supposedly, there are 25,000 more emails to be released to NBC News.
    Hopefully, this is the iceberg we’ve all been waiting for.

  17. Obviously, they can’t have it both ways.
    If Todd isn’t subject to state ethics laws because he’s not a member of the administration, then his emails aren’t subject to executive privilege. Pretty straightforward.

    Are any complainants pursuing the Palin’s schizophrenic approach to abiding by Alaska law?

  18. Others in national politics have been prosecuted for less. I’m confident that there is much more corruption in the Palin closet, one skeleton surely is the use of SarahPac funds for her book tour. The book tour was billed as non-political yet the PAC paid for private jet travel and luxury hotel accommodation as well as other things. Why would political supporters want their donations used to make Sarah Palin a millionaire? Isn’t PAC money to be used to further a political agenda not a personal one? Seems like a blatant misuse of funds to me.

  19. Chuck Heath was also included in many emails, especially those concerning the Matsu Dairy. The contents of these have been redacted from the MSNBC data dump. He too is a trusted advisor able to receive convidential/privledge information?

  20. Shannyn,
    There is sooooo much info out there right now with these emails it is almost impossible wrap your hands around it. The big question of course is what sources of Media ( and is Big enough ) is out there that will shine a light on it.
    Who is better at showing/pointing out hypocrisy or a double standard…? AND has huge Media ATTENTION or an audience to get that snowball rolling downhill.
    Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert.
    I have no idea of who or how to call them to get their attention to make them aware of the fact that they are sitting on a Gold mine here though.
    The fact that SP is now on FUX and Stewart LOVES to poke any of THEM with his big stick, and the audience loves it, should get his interest.

    Those two Shows get people talking and have a built-in base. Lets find a way to get those two shows onto the multiple stories here. These emails are like Fort Knox for them.

  21. Look. Todd finally wants his own Blackberry…. like Sarah’s! And as a bonus, you Alaskans get to pay for it!

    Also, his work and education history. Just in case.

    Click to access 592.pdf

  22. Proof that Todd was also given a state email account

    From: Palin, Todd (GOV sponsored) []
    Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 9:25 AM
    To: Perry; Kristina Y (GOV); Mason; Janice L (GOV)
    Subject: Fw: Trig Palin
    —– Original Message —–
    From: Palin, Todd (GOV sponsored)
    To: ‘wsi@alaska. net’
    Sent: Wed Apr 23 09:24:25 2008
    Subject: Trig Palin
    Thank for the idea of setting up an on line guest book.We’ve been flooded with some amazing family
    stories from across the state and country from families with children who have DS. I think these
    stories should be shared with others, not only with us but with the rest of the state to educate and
    provide a positive light for families with children who have DS.
    Thanks Todd Palin

  23. “Sarah, you have some ‘spalinin’ to do.”

    None of this surprises me. Being an 53-year Alaskan, and seeing how Palin has failed at every job she ever had, (including motherhood) it scared me that she might have been our VP. I believed there truly is a God, when she lost. Now, whenever I hear rumblings of Palin running for president, I get this video playing in my head of Palin, as president, in the oval office, under her desk in the fetal position, with the entire nation saying, “Where’s Sarah?”

    Palin thinks she is very powerful and nothing can bring her down – but, she shouldn’t be so cocky. Van Flea knows how much money she makes off all her deals (legal or illegal), and, trust me, he’s a lawyer – he will help himself to whatever she has in her deep pockets at this time, and fill up his deeper pockets. To Van Flea Palin is nothing more than a cash cow. And, yes, she is flying high and became a millionaire in less than a year – but it is a proven fact that many times those millions will be gone within 5 years.

    Palin’s worshippers send her their hard-earned money- for what? They think she’s one of them. They’re living in a trailer and she has four or five houses. I think she’s trying to compete with John McCain.

    As we know, “shit flows downhill,” and, of course, Palin never does anything wrong, therefore the shit will be flowing to everyone else in these emails – when that happens, we will see how loyal all these people are to her. And, yes, she will throw Todd under the bus with everyone else – if there’s any room. You think you hit the motherload with this story, wait until her minions start singing.

  24. What is the precidence for other spouses in state business? Does anyone know? Frank’s wife? How about Mrs. Knowles or Michelle Cowper?

    And for now, not that it matters, what is Mrs. Put-upon-Sean doing?

    Of course it will all be settled. . . what did Mrs. Jay Hammond do?

  25. Clarissa actually just posted a question I have. So what is Mrs. Parnell doing right now as the First Lady of AK? Does she have a blackberry paid for by the State? Does she “hang around” the Capitol bldg. Do they live in the Governor’s mansion (at least a part of the time)? Do their children get to jump on the trampoline bought as a fun addition to the House? (Snark, snark). And then, seriously speaking: I think I will contact your current governor. Did he have an office when he was Lt. Gov.? What is the proximity of that office to the Governor’s office? What are the duties of a Lt. Governor? Did he ever get asked to approve leave time in the absence of the Governor or did he know that Todd Palin did? Was he aware of the level of involvement of the Governor’s spouse? Did he read his emails and notice that they were also being sent to Chuck Heath and to Todd Palin?

    Shannyn: I think you should ask Governor Parnell to come on your show and to explain to the public in AK the way that the state is governed!

  26. “My decision came down to this: It’s important to keep faith with people who put a little bit of their faith in you. Everyone attending this event is a soldier in the cause,” she wrote. “I made a commitment to them to be there, and I am going to honor it.”

    Without elaborating, she says she won’t benefit financially from speaking at the convention and any compensation from the appearance “will go right back to the cause.”

    OMG liar liar liar!

  27. […] Palins Want Their Cake & Eat It Too…NO CAKE FOR YOU! When you have your cake and eat it too…well, it’s bound to get frosting on your face. Then everyone else […] […]

  28. Ahhhhhhh…so they were pulling a reverse Remington Steele…

  29. Martha @6:35 am said:

    “Government is like a hard to manage child.

    You can’t take your eye off them for a minute and constantly chasing around correcting and checking up on them is exhausting.

    You do it because you can’t let them grow up to be that horror story where the parents are murdered in their bed, can you?”

    That’s a keeper!

    But on second thought, unlike a normal child, the government never grows up and thanks you for your care. It would be more accurate to compare the government to a developmentally disabled child, or perhaps a retarded child — but we can’t do that, can we? Shall we say, “our government has, uh, special needs”? Oy!

  30. I can’t decide if the AIP or the fundies are behind the palins. Or if they have combined forces. Need some facts. Neither one will have anything online, we will need boots on the ground.

  31. […] — Washington, DC 5 Tweets Daily Kos: Picking a fight 5 Tweets Palins Want Their Cake & Eat It Too…NO CAKE FOR YOU! « SHANNYN MOORE: JUST A GIRL F… 5 Tweets The winter of America's discontent – 5 Tweets […]

  32. Support of Palin-family government in Alaska from Republicans and Palin-family supporters shocks me.
    Hillary Clinton was brilliant when her husband was the President. But was silenced by the Right for being ‘just his wife’ and for Clinton giving her ‘powers of influence’. She was advisor to her husband and got crucified for it and we lost healthcare because of it.
    But support the professional Snow-mobil-er for First Dude/Advisor

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