Posted by: shannynmoore | February 6, 2010

Moore Up North

This week’s show is all about MEDIA-Old vs New!

This week, I interviewed Julie Hasquet, the Press Secretary for Senator Mark Begich. Prior to working with Senator Begich, Julie was a reporter with KTUU Channel 2 for 17 years.

Our panelists:

Christy Harvey is the Director of Strategic Communications at the Center for American Progress. She is a regular contributor to national radio hosts Thom Hartmann and The Young Turks. Christy also co-hosts Studio 1080 on KUDO Anchorage.

Craig Medred has been a reporter in Alaska for more than 30 years. He is formerly the Outdoors Writer for The Anchorage Daily News and is now writing for the Alaska Dispatch.

Maia Nolan is the managing editor at the Alaska Dispatch. Prior to that, she contributed arts reviews and features to the Anchorage Daily News. Maia blogs at


  1. Another wonderful program. Whenever my neighbors start talking about “the liberal media” I always ask, “Which liberal media do you mean? The General Electric liberal media? The Disney Corp. liberal media?”

    As an aside, I used to feel so ALONE here. I feel so much better since “Moore Up North” has come along. Keep up the good work!

  2. i’m continually mystified by people who go around calling ADN and KTUU left-wing. [or even left-leaning.] if so, they don’t always behave that way!
    medred successfully parsed that during this episode, reminding us of the difference between the beliefs of the reporters and those funding the platforms. and shannyn’s suggestion that corporate, or non-corporate/independent media might be a better way to frame it.

  3. Really enjoyed the show. I hadn’t realized that AP had shanked Jeanne @ Mudflats story, about Palins’ chalets & tax cheating, without giving her any credit.

    Stinky journalism and I will be watchful in the future. Glad that you, Shannyn, made it such a point.

    I really look forward to seeing Moore Up North and that you make it available via Youtubes to those of us that don’t have access to the original.

  4. Actually, cocaine had nothing to do with Jessica Savitch’s death. Shortly after having dinner at a restaurant, the car she and her dinner companion were riding in (Jessica was the passenger–the companion the driver) went down an embankment and into a canal landing on its roof(probably due to poor visibility caused by a severe rain storm). Jessica, her companion, and Jessica’s dog all drown in the accident. Autopsy findings showed that neither drugs or alcohol played any part in the crash.

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