Posted by: shannynmoore | February 6, 2010

Rahm Emmanuel Demands Apology From Palin & The “Palin Palm Pilot” Hto

Good Grief! This is classic…MUST WATCH. I want Andy Samburg to be White House Chief of Staff!!!

Oh, and the debut of the Palin Palm Pilot during the tea party speech.  You may know it as the iQuit? For all the slams on teleprompters…this is too funny. Caught pen handed, Sarah?

If you can’t remember what you’d do as president without writing it on your hand…YOU DON’T GET TO BE PRESIDENT.


  1. This is so hilarious! Thanks.

  2. Love it.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. “…I will write s— on your wall so obscene your computer will CRY.”

    Awesome. Samberg is the MAN.

  5. Perfect! I Love the ‘Facebook’ comment.


  6. wowzer! what a week, bring it on to the brink and beyond.

  7. “In conclusion, boo f*ing hoo. Get over it.”

    And suck it up, Buttercup!

  8. Bimbostein can READ! Who knew?

  9. Uh-oh! The kids over at the Sarah Palin Fan Club will be calling for Andy Sambergs immediate execution any minute now…

  10. Screamingly funny – BOTH clips!

    What a way to polish off Mrs. Moneybags Palin’s week of horror exposes.

  11. She had to cheat again- because she couldn’t even remember what her 3 priorities were!

    I love the cross outs on her palm!!

    • She probably said “Slow down so I could get my notes right.”

    • And just before she looks at her hand, she’s saying “Reign in spending,” which isn’t even on the list!

  12. Truly THAT clip has to be in the SNL Hall of Fame.
    I have already emailed them to thank them for it. Of course at the same time …I told them that next week they HAVE TO do the ‘Sarah Palm Speech’. I’m thinking there is a 99.9% chance they will. I encourage others to email SNL as well. Please email them. They might invite Tina back….that ” Hollywood Actress ” with the Emmy.

    • They’re not due back LIVE until Saturday February 27th! J- LO will be hostess and musical guest both!

  13. FUNNY! I had to play it twice.

  14. Shannyn, Phil’s blog has a close up picture of the un-smeared notes. Best yet. I am so loving this!

    Thanks for being you and everything you stand for.


  15. Thanks! I needed that.

    Can wait for the Bot spin. They must like being dizzy! They gotta throw up sooner or later.

  16. That is brilliant!

    Sarah is having a very bad terrible horrible week. Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more just at this moment.

    • Dumb people don’t think ahead. They tend to go with the flow of the moment.

  17. I know Rick Perry li i i i i i i i kes her, but geez, if he even has half a brain, can he really be looking forward to her campaigning for him today? I think he’d wish he had opted to watch the Super Bowl.

    • I hope she helps Perry lose–Perry,Palin and Ted Nugent. How embarrassing for Texas.

    • It’s a known fact that Rick Perry loses cognitive ability every time he gets a haircut.

  18. I wish we would see more of this Rahm! Hysterical. Who can read the notes on her palm? I want to know what it says….and cross offs on it! That is just too funny

  19. Thank you Alaska for unleashing this malignant cancer known as Sarah Palin, on the US.
    I can not tell you how ill this woman makes me every time I see her face or hear her speak.
    How much longer are we going to have to put up with this ignorance and stupidity known as Sarah Palin.

    • is to blame – NOT us ! Really, she is like an embarassing great Aunt who got a day pass from API (Alaska Psychiatric Inst) and then went AWOL. Yeah, she grifted her way into politics here. Did we know any better back then? I suppose the people who did know better were basically dismissed. She looks good from the outside, but man,oh, man is she ever so very terribly rotten on the inside.

      Now, she is on an egomanical manic depressive writin’ on the hand rampage. I truly hope people in-the-know will start talking. A lot.

      She needs help and the nation, not to mention Alaska and her own children – need a break from this demented and ill person

    • We should all thank John McCain- anyone have his phone number?

  20. From her press interviews with ADN and other Alaska Press in announcing the Energy Rebate along with the PFD, oh, and her quitting speech, also, too.

    “I have always believed that you know how to spend it better than government can spend it for you.”

    So why is she takin the teabaggers hard earned dollars and putting it into her pocket to put back into the cause? We’ve all seen that a miniscule fraction of her SarahPAC spending actually goes to candidates and platform issues. She’s elite’d herself in thinking that she knows better how to spend fringe money.

    I feel sorry for her believers.

  21. Andy Samburg = Absolute Brilliance

    Sarah Palin = One Very Scary Bullet We Dodged.

    I would think that Sarah’s supporters would be so embarrassed not only for her, but for the fact that they support her. What are these people thinking?

  22. Someone posted at Palingates I think that the Bots are okay with her notes, one, they think the palm was photoshopped, two, even if not, well, she uses real “notes” and President Obama (they called him names instead) has to use a teleprompter, so it is cool that she is low-tech, and on and on. It just never ends. She keeps getting a pass on everything. Has anyone watched the interview this morning?

  23. Ah, if only Rahm Emanuel was really like Andy Samburg’s caricature.

  24. I bet all of her handbags have boxes of Sharpies in them. She probably writes her name all over the bathrooms too. Making herself popular seems to be the name of her game. She’s in it for herself seems to be the obvious trend.

  25. Calling for a ‘new American revolution?’ * Claiming she will ‘die for America?’ Until last night I didn’t really know how evil Palin was. Ignorant? Sure. Narcissistic? You betcha. Nasty? Without a doubt. But out and out, full on, megalomaniacally evil? She really does have a God complex and her version of God is not very nice. She may indeed experience supernatural intervention, but I seriously question where it’s coming from. I bet the past few years have been a shocking revelation for you all up there, as well.

    * Hope their new Declaration of Independence is small enough to fit in her palm. We wouldn’t want her forgetting what she stands for.

    • I couldn’t agree more.
      The voices in her head do seem to come from something truly evil.
      Now she wants war with Iran. And I would bet she doesn’t even know why. She’s just listening to her Fox the Newsless cronies.

      Please Shannyn, do everything in your power to make her iPalm go viral. World wide viral. I hope you have already talked to Keith & Rachel.

      Thank you for everything you do regarding this dolt. In my worst dreams, I will never, ever understand how anyone could put this wench on a pedastal and idolize her the way they do. Atwater, Rove et al really succeded in the dumbing down of America. I hope that Obama is succesful in reforming public education across the country. It may be a sliver of hope that the next generation learns to respect education and intelligence.

      She’s just so freakin stupid……

    • Personally, I have started to think she is Satan. And I never used to even believe that Satan exists.

  26. OMG…..I just wish this woman would go away. I’m just wondering if she filed for the PFD in 2009. Seems like she wouldn’t qualify….you know the question about being outside Alaska for more than 180 days.

  27. Tancredo needs to give Sarah Palin his Jim Crowe literacy test before she gets to vote. Check her palms first though!

    • If she ever gets up the nerve to take questions from anyone besides Fox News, it should be required that she show her hands to the camera first. She should never be able to live this one down.

  28. WHY hasn’t she been called out for her abysmal IQ!

  29. palin is Superfloulus !

    She doesn’t fool the intelligent .

  30. She’s becoming a walking talking SNL skit.

    An adult doesn’t write on her hand.
    A professional doesn’t write on her hand.
    An intelligent person doesn’t write on her hand.
    A CHILD writes on her hand.

    Enough said.

    • A person who writes cheat notes on her hand wouldn’t even get elected 8th grade president in most junior high schools.

  31. I just can’t believe that she couldn’t remember these three tiny things. And to cross out her own cheat sheet! Unbelievable.

    Shannyn, I hope that you and Andree are taking a good look at this quote from Mrs. Palin’s Chris Wallace interview: “I’m going to bounce things off Todd. Nothing confidential that couldn’t be shared with others out there in the public. Todd never circulated anything that was confidential, and hadn’t already been circulated. ”

    That ought to count as some kind of admission. The state shouldn’t be trying to keep back any emails for confidentiality if Todd is cc’d on them.

  32. Sad to say that some Palinista’s will follow her off the highest of cliffs!
    At some point reality will settle in and most of the ignorant and misinformed will see her for what she is. and back away slowly. (It’s not in a right wingers genetic make–up to admit mistakes!)But I’m afraid there will always continue to be a small percentage of cultist admirers that refuse to recognize her narcissistic delusional grandiosity (whew!) and will continue to see her as a gateway to the second coming.

  33. Spelling alert: Emanuel (not Emmanuel)

  34. Shocking that she couldn’t remember three easy talking points for the last question. Even I could come up with these.

    Let’s not get off track though. She’s a tax dodging, lying, self-serving, AIP-spewing, short skirt wearing, liar. Wait? Did I say liar already?

  35. Love the clips!

    I pride myself on never hating anyone but for Palin I’ve made an exception–I simply can not help it since she makes it so easy. We know that this woman is a fraud and now we know that she truly is an evil self-centered cretin who will do or say absolutely anything, regardless of the consequence, in her quest for riches and power.

  36. How is reading(poorly) off notes better and smarter and more moral and pure then using a teleprompter? And how can anyone not just laugh her out of the room for reading her hand?

    • Shannyn’s caption of the hand is hilarious! This would make a great t shirt:)

  37. There is another possibility. She did it knowing this would be the exact reaction. Thereby pleading her ever present “victimhood” all over again, sort of a campaign jujitsu. Aw shucks who hasn’t written things down on their hand blah blah kind of approach to get people to “plug in” to good ol sarah feelin nervous in a big speech. A win win for her. If you think for one minute any of her appearances and every move she is making isnt being scripted you are naive. This is all by design.

    • I think your right. Palin has an instinctive ability to set up victim situations. She’s honed it to a fine art and may not even be consciously aware of her ploys. Furthermore, she nurtures that same ability in the people around her. I bet family gatherings have rousing discussions on how badly the world treats Sarah.

    • I think you are right also.everything she does is to bring attention to herself and this sure took peoples eyes off the so called cabins and taxes and the e-mails .

  38. I will always give the greedy , self loathing rat mccain the well deserved credit, for the palin gift
    (s) .She is a bombastic ,devisive ,selfserving grifter. She appears to be very mean, nasty and vindictive individual . She is up to no good .
    What she lacks in intelligence ,she attempts to make it up in her speeches to her prey.Which I would guess would be unsuspecting people simply looking for hope.
    Her stupidity has to be an act . I sincerely cannot believe that anyone could be that ignorant, evil and disgusting.

  39. “You went at me on FACEBOOK?!! What are you, 14?!!!” LOL

    I’ve been thinking that all along!

    But CNN never took on the articles about her taxes or those of Shadow Governor.

  40. think may be the crib notes and the news ab out them was on purpose so it would pre-exempt the cabin taxes and the e-mails and the shadow governor.One way to get people away from talking about those things and her having someone pay for a studio in her home.Isn’t that considered income also

  41. […] Rahm Emmanuel Demands Apology From Palin & The “Palin Palm Pilot” Hto Good Grief! This is classic…MUST WATCH. I want Andy Samburg to be White House Chief of Staff!!! […]

  42. The fascist trinity of Murdoch, Ailes & Rove are laughing all the way to the bank as their GOP pin-up doll/televangelist continues to rake in the loot, as they sell her as a modern day Esther to the proudly ignorant in twangville. The Palin sideshow is very profitable, as the newly constructed chateau on Lake Lucille (right next to the one built w/materials from white elephant sports complex, she stuck her fellow Wasilla residents w/ the bill for) Fox is installing an in-home studio, so this grifter-extraordinaire can continue to delight her deluded fans. Sadly, there is NO stopping Sarahcuda! — Big-Oil (BP/Exxon-Mobil), major media bucks (Murdoch’s NewsCorp) and her Tawd Palin stage managed, dynamic personality will propel her right into GOP nomination…and then the real fun begins. Ck out my take on Palin-mania, and see how deep the rabbit goes

  43. Sounds like Geoff, the nutjob, Kennedy.
    And it’s spelled Samberg…gads don’t you check your crap before you post?

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