Posted by: shannynmoore | February 7, 2010

Was This The Superbowl Gay Ad? With Chaperone?

Must watch…DO IT!


  1. Just not that great an ad, Gay subtext aside.

  2. My favorite ad of the game! I love Dave and I love his imitation of Jay even more…Thanks for posting!

  3. Watching the game the schoolmarm mentioned whats with all the guys in tighty whiteys? more than one commersial was that way and i said that maybe it’s the start of a new MANS lingerie. Looking down at the wornout knees of my polypropalene longys i said they better give-em lots of pockets. What good is new lingerie to a man if-n he caint put his allen wrench somewhere. And there are times when those square drive bits become as prescious as gold, where else but to keep them safe with the family jewels. Oh crap i see it now!!! Carhart lingerie!!!!
    Oh i forgot Leno+Letterman. Yeaaaah whatever thats nice.

  4. It was only “gay” in the sense my children (against my wishes!) use it: “lame.”

    I’m not sure if anyone or anything can rehabilitate Jay’s image after Conangate.

  5. There was one gay representation on one commercial that was clear. The one with the hot girl in the bathtub wondering if she should send out a picture of herself there on her phone… then cut to scenes of people slapping each other in the face for looking at it… one was a gay male couple.


    • would have made MUCH more sense to have a gay female couple.

  6. Gay-related advertising dollars are not accepted, but it’s alright for one of the opening acts to be gay.

    Makes as much sense as flip-flopping on the use of the word retard, and then calling it the r-word like it can’t even be repeated in polite company.

    Believe it or not, I used to be to the far right of Ted Nugent, but after eight years of Bush running the free world into the toilet, I actually grew a brain.

  7. Very distasteful. I had rather call my gay friend a friend, than someone who is so homophobic that they forget that God created all creatures; geat and small. And, only God can judge a human being for what he or she is and how they choose to live. Just a thought, not a sermon. Cheers.


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