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Between “Drill, Baby, Drill”, “Mine, Baby, Mine”, and “Clear Cut, Baby, Clear Cut” we should be out of resources soon enough and force God to return to Earth.  I’m sure while rising up on a cloud, Sarah Palin will look down at all the sinners and say, “We Win, You Lose!”

Here’s today’s fresh hell.  Palin is now “some outsider” telling Californians what to do with their timber.

Mercury News

REDDING, Calif.—Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called studies supporting global climate change a “bunch of snake oil science” Monday during a rare appearance in California, a state that has been at the forefront of environmental regulations.

Palin spoke before a logging conference in Redding, a town of 90,000 about 160 miles north of the state capital. The media were barred from the event, but The Associated Press bought a $74 ticket to attend.

Palin said California’s heavy regulatory environment makes it difficult for businesses to succeed, a point that is shared by many business leaders in the state.

She criticized what she said were heavy-handed environmental laws. As Alaska governor, for example, she said she sued the federal government to overturn the listing of polar bears as a threatened species.

Check out Geoffrey Dunn’s boots on the ground report on .  He’ll call in to the Shannyn Moore Show today.


  1. …if ever there was anyone well qualified to recognize snake oil….science, not so much, though. Thanks for keeping us Americans, both real and imaginary, posted and posting. Take Care.

  2. Shannyn, I saw this comment on Gryphen’s blog.
    It’s one of the best comments that I think I have ever seen regarding Palin and her anti-government stance:

    “Anonymous said…

    I would like to offer the following suggestions so Sarah Palin and her family will lead by example. They would not only walk the walk, they should be leading the parade.

    I call on Chuck and Sally Heath to refuse all social security checks and medicare payments. Less government spending begins with them! If Trig is receiving any state sponsored health care, he has to give it up too.

    I call on Todd to renounce his government paid health care, given because some relative is a Native American.

    Since Sarah has embraced the Green Movement, I call on the Palin family to stop driving anything that qualifies as a gas guzzler. That includes the honking big Escalade, other SUV’s and those snow machines.

    Since Sarah stands for less government control, I would have suggested that her kids renounce public education, but then, Piper never goes to school, so that won’t work out.

    Sarah should champion a day without government controls in Alaska to set a good example of less reliance on Washington. That means no traffic controls at the airport, no mail, and with Putin rearing his head over there, no army to defend you. Canadians will be free to enter your state with no border control. No government control means no stop lights at intersections, no schools and of course, no sales tax. Come on, Sarah, set a good example by endorsing madness and chaos in your own state so we can see how your cutesy folksy nonsense is working out for you.

    And one last thing to for Sarah to renounce, money. Guess who prints it, yup, the Fed. No bank account; it is under Federal Regulation. Sarah won’t be needing that troublesome Legal Defense Fund because the courts are part of the government. No more PAC, because if Sarah were to run for anything, then she would be with them instead of against them.”

  3. I think Palin needs to go back to church and have her evil spirits whisked away by the witch priest again!

    • I’m thinking that might cause Palin to disappear? Not that that would be a bad thing.

  4. There are some interesting reactions over at, a blog in Redding.

    It’s difficult to know for sure, of course, but even in that solid Palinesque territory, there are some people who are not buying what’s she selling.

    That is reassuring. Oh, and the ones who are are doing so by repeating mindless phrases or supporting her just on gender.

  5. BTW, thank you, Shannyn, for continuing effort to expose Palin for the sham she is because she is not just silly, she is dangerous not only for her incompetence and shallowness, but also for the causes she fronts.

    I hope you get a national forum soon because you have the ability to hone in the real issues and get your guests to open up and tell their side of an issue more thoroughly than most. You do it with humor and finesse, and that is appreciated and enjoyed.

  6. I’ve been to the Redding Convention center many times & I think it only holds 2,000 – certainly not 4,000 seats. I could be wrong but don’t think so.

    Thanks, as always, Shannyn! Please get podcasts for your radio show. I miss getting to listen especially since you’re on every day. Especially wanted to hear Geoffrey Dunn today. (sob) You rock!

  7. Shannyn, thanks for keeping an eye on her. Those who are marketing Sarah (the dominionist/zionist/neocon/xian extremists) are using her where they want to stir things up and push their agenda. We have already seen how much Todd used her position for his interests.

    She just has to show up and say her usual dribble, add a few “handy” talking points, self-promote, and collect a check. She’s got a pretty good gig and the white wing love her, you betcha!

  8. I don’t believe a woman should be president BUT after reading the numerous negative, ignorant and liberally biased comments against Sarah Palin I almost hope she does become president. It would be political and righteous justice.
    GOD BLESS….. Phil Jellerson

    • I don’t know where you get off thinking a woman shouldn’t be president. And then to claim that there are ignorant comments regarding Sarah Palin. Liberal yes. Negative yes. Ignorant? Please explain. Also while we’re there, can you point out any good fruit that has been produced in the Palin household or in the wake of the ex governor? All I have seen is division, war mongering, greed, vengence, deception, and lies. All that and a complete lack of knowledge about history and world affairs. Not very intelligent or Jesus-like at all.

  9. “Watching your soap? What’s going on?” My husband will ask me.

    That’s what it is, too, following Scarah: a funny, twisted, suspence filled and sometimes scary, soap opera.

    Can’t wait until they go bankrupt and the kids write their books!

  10. To hear more about end times you can visit Phils website.

    Another looney on the loose alert.

  11. WOEld DAT be $$$nake.d -I.C.E. pur$$.on.all. MUSH!-room ClownD??,… $$$$$$nakeoil!!! – can’t shove enough lip$$tik$$ on DAT.>OVER.-

  12. Reality is Bad
    For Business If it’s not sustainable,it’s not what we want.
    Nationalism is a infantial desease
    It is the measals of mankind A Einstine

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