Posted by: shannynmoore | February 12, 2010

Palin “A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing”…

I wonder if she’ll change her stance on aerial wolf hunting…

Dale Robertson, the founder of, figured out Sarah Palin has infiltrating his movement.  Dale Robertson, the leader who has difficulties spelling the “N word”, wants “his party back”.

I am sending an alarm to the Tea Party membership! Be alert to turncoats and deceivers being herded into the Tea Party by usurpers from the weakened Republican Party for the sole purpose of capturing our populist movement. Our political ideals were once theirs and our immense growth has created a lusting for their good old days!

Sarah Palin’s well delivered speech and her attractive demeanor is little more than a veneer for her less attractive political philosophy. She seems more like a duck out of water among true Conservative Constitutionalists. Palin demonstrates her NeoCon flippant viewpoint and her naïveté as she seems envious of the swelled numbers of Patriots pledging their allegiance, to of all things, AMERICA and not to a kool-aid ridden political dinosaur.

Wow! Turncoat and Palin in the same sentence? I’m starting to like this guy!

Sarah Palin is not dense or erroneous in her view of the Tea Party, just the opposite. She represents a growing insider’s attack to the heart of the Tea Party.  Very much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing entering in at the gate as an ally, but for all intents and purposes there to seize and capture, not only one or two stray sheep, but the whole flock!

He’s figure out the Tea Party is being USED. Welcome to OUR world.  Alaska was just a step for Palin on her way to the money.

Is the Faith of the Tea Party being replaced by folly and our Patriotism being replaced by Party-ism?

The short answer is “Yes”.

Tea Party members are being eyed as just another piece of voting meat.  Tea Party members are targeted for filling the rank and file of minion laden political operations, most of which are lead by failed Republican hacks.

Someone must have heard former Republican Senate President Lyda Green on The Shannyn Moore Show this week.  Lyda warned the Tea Party, “She’s using you like she did everyone else to get where she is today.”

Has our message become so contaminated and ineffective as to be mistaken for the same old political clap-trap vomited from the kool-aid drinking mouths of the Republican elite? Shall the Tea Party be lead down the primrose path of numb contentment like so many other movements and organizations have been over the years?

Well, yes.  Sarah Palin has a record of splitting whatever party she is part of.  She calls it “mavericky”. How do you like her now? How do you feel about brown people?

The Republican elite say “Yes to amnesty!” But, I believe the Tea Party will not reward law breakers, especially with our most sacred commodity – ‘Citizenship in our beloved nation.’

Yet, Sarah Palin says, “Yes we can!” Proving my point is her endorsement of Open-Borders McCain. Why would any Tea Party member “want to be” on the same side of Obama-Amnesty?

Yet, High ranking Republicans, including Sarah Palin endorse Governor Rick Perry knowing full well he was instrumental in the creation of the Transnational Corridor fiasco. A government plan which would have ripped through the heartland of America, destroying domestic jobs and wrenching family owned farms from the hands of families who have worked those farms for generations.

Yikes…she sounds SCARY!

Therefore, I am calling on all Tea Party members to cling fast to our core beliefs and tell the world: What we believe is non-negotiable.

What are the Tea Party Non-negotiable core beliefs?

Good Question!? What are they…do tell!

National Budget must be balanced.Deficit Spending will end. (Sounds OK, where were you guys in 2002? or 2004? hmm…)

Bail-out and Stimulus Plans are illegal. (Again, where are you on “stimulating” the military industrial complex with the wars started by Bush?)
Reduce Personal Income Taxes a must. (OK, but can we raise them on off shore and foreign corporations?)
Reduce Business Income Taxes is mandatory. (So, who pays taxes? No one?)
Intrusive Government Stopped. (Like wiretapping? Where were you on the FISA bill?)
English only is required. (Because you don’t speak any of the Native American languages? English is the official language of England…right?)
Traditional Family Values are encouraged. (Translation: No Queers!)
Common Sense Constitutional Conservative Self-Governance is our mode of operation.
….and Yes, we are a Christian Nation! (Not according to the Founders of this country…something about separation of church and state is specific about NOT being a Christian nation.)
Special Interests Need to be Neutralized (Special Interests? Do you include corporations in that? What about “swift boaters”?
Political Office available for Average Citizens (I want above average citizens in office…but I’m all for Clean Elections that allow more access to the system and make us less reliant on corporate funding…oh, crap…see recent SCOTUS ruling.)
Illegal Aliens are illegal. (And the legal aliens are legal…which means we don’t get to have “your papers please” practices)
Pro-Domestic Employment is indispensable. (Lets scrap NAFTA and GATT to start. Tariffs on all that crap at Walmart!)
Stronger Military is essential. (Agreed…so let’s get rid of the privatized military by firing Blackwater and…wait…are you saying our troops are wussy?)
Gun ownership is sacred.(No, and in saying so you have made a graven image to worship.)
Government must be downsized. (You are correct…I’m sick of seeing fat, pasty politicians on my TeeVee telling me what I can do with my body. )

For all my disagreements with the Tea Party, they have some valid points.  Sarah Palin a wolf in sheeps clothing…well, way to catch up.



  1. Dale just needs to get a big hairy wig, some shiny red pumps and a tight skirt. He can win all those Teabaggers back from Sarah. Fight, Dale, fight!

  2. Good Lord.

  3. There may be some valid points here but do not allow seemingly good points to distract from a few things:

    1) they cannot get along with each other;

    2) most of them would not know the difference between later and latter even when hit over the head with a ladder, and

    3) most are liberatarians who are trying on new clothes; dismantling the country’s government still appears to be their priority.

  4. Valid points, perhaps, ideas for implementation, not so much. At least at their basic level they disagree with politicians selling their soul to the highest bidder. We’ve been sleeping in that bed for the last 50 years, present administration included.

    A group that is not for sale is a step up from the status quo, even if I don’t agree with a single issue in their ever changing platform.

  5. It seems that Lady Baa Baa is much more frightening than Lady Ga Ga……….lol

  6. Well,Princess Winky can fool some of the people
    some of the time but she can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  7. Shannyn, you’ve done it again! When I read the first line about the aerial hunting of wolves, I dissolved.

    One of the funniest lines in “Going Rouge — An American Nightmare” was yours where you were comparing your life in Alaska to Palin’s and said, “…and I don’t eat leftover tater tots and mushroom soup casserole.” (Sorry if I didn’t get the quote just right.)

    Anyhow, you’re terrific!

  8. You just gotta shake your head in awe as you walk away… how low can IQ’s actually get?? Astounding…

  9. even a mule can learn, if you apply a 2×4 between the eyes enough times…

  10. Somewhat delusional, but still astute enough to see through Sarah’s charade. There is still hope for mankind, I declare.

  11. Shannyn, There’s a young gay man on Huffington Post who has some 695 + fans I believe by the name of Dallas Don….yesterday he wrote a little poem that I thought was brilliant, and I thought you might enjoy it. I told him he gets full credit for it….It goes:

    I’m not Willie, and I’m not Waylon,
    But I don’t like……… Sarah Palin.

    Not the *wink-wink* and not the You Bet’cha!
    I don’t like $ister $arah from the frozen tundra.

    She’s good at shoppin’ without payin’
    She speaks in tongues while prayin’

    It’s The End Of Days! she’s wailin’
    That’s our little……. Miss Palin.

    She knows the Book of Psalms,
    And she reads her own palms.

    Among Tea Baggers she’s in vogue,
    She’s the Maverick who’s gone Rogue.

    Now hear what I’m sayin’
    I DON’T LIKE…. Sarah Palin.

    What WAS John McCain thinkin’
    The he// with it all…… I’m goin’ back to drinkin’

    • Good one Dan!

      Take a Palin and scoop it up
      All the riches here and there
      Bring a Palin up, up, up
      Turn it over really quick
      Dump a Palin quack, quack, quack

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