Posted by: shannynmoore | February 15, 2010

A Tea Party With Olbermann


  1. Did you read/see this?
    Most excellent on ‘the orwellians’.
    He may have the key.

  2. Kieth Olberman hit the nail on the head!My wife and I looking toward retirement bought a restaurant in SC.We had a Black Mother and Daughter working with us one aft. while talking to the daughter I mentioned that it was curious that we did’nt have many Black customers.The reply was simple this was traditionally a white Rest.She said She had a friend at a Black Radio station and might be able to get some free Advertising about 2 wks later on a wkend we got 7 or 8 plugs .The following Mon .a lot of customers pretty much asked the same thing” What the hell did I think I was doing “I could go on and on but you get the gist of it and it was’nt pretty.

    • Lou, SC is not alone, and you can include barber shops too. And, this goes on right now.

  3. What if a tea party was held but the only teatard to show up was s’error palin? Would anyone care?

  4. Americans tend to forget the great genocide of the brown people of the United States of America, we tend to forget or ignore that Sheldon Jackson required the natives of Alaska to speak english only of be punished pysically. Or that his religous crusaders removed native Alaskan children from their parents without cause and hauled them off to the english only speaking schools.
    Europeans came to this great land and could not understand why the natives did not understand ownership of land.
    The native peoples were not considered “people”! And now in America corporations have more freedom of speech rights than some blacks in the Southern United States. Racism is still rampent, although nothing like it use to be. Sexism too for that matter.
    For all our isms we will move forward. People like Sarah Palin will continue to get rich by feeding the fear of those isms to the people who will listen and I fear we as humans will never be free of the hate that feeds them.

  5. Im sorry for the horrible spelling of above post, it’s late and I am tired.
    Beside that I was “Home Scholed” LOL

    • Obviously for religious reasons.

  6. Just when you thought that America was advancing beyond the lunacy of the past – along comes an egomaniacal ideologue like Palin.
    Her popularity speaks to the latent racism that exist in those who are bent on undermining the Obama administration. The throngs that yell and cheer at her very presence are hungry for the Savior who will free them from the Black Man who would dare call himself President.
    She shows up at a NASCAR race and her fans go crazy in their lust to elevate her to GOD-like status. She represents the worst of America and yet holds hope for the future in the minds of the Racist, the Prejudice and the Narrowminded. Palin and her ilk are bent on returning America to a time when “Whites” were the superior race and no one had to apologize for it.

  7. Thank you, Shannyn. This brought me to tears. I do so hope that at least some of these stinking isms will be gone during my lifetime, but I honestly don’t think it is going to happen.

  8. Thank you for posting this Shannyn. I did see this last night and was saddened and angry that after all this country has been through some of us still don’t seem to get it. Just because a person’s skin color is different than yours doesn’t make them less of a human being than you are. People of color worry about the same things as the self-appointed superior white race does. They worry about providing a home, food, clothing and medical care for their families. They worry about the security of our nation. They worry about getting a job if they don’t have one and keeping the one they do have if they are lucky enough to be employed. Yes, I realize as KO said, it is fear that is causing them to react this way. But just because you are afraid of something doesn’t excuse this behavior. It is the responsibility of everyone to be informed and enlightened and to seek the truth, not just listen to people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh who spout nothing but lies, hatred and racial prejudices.

  9. For some strange reason, I can’t hear this video. I can hear videos on YT and other places, but not this particular one. Arrgh!!!

    • Never mind..I found out what the problem is. lol

  10. *clapping*

  11. Shannyn, I appreciate your posting this, and for the comments with which I agree.

    One of my sons has been dating a beautiful Africa American woman for three years, and she is like a daughter to me. She’s beautiful, sweet, very hard-working, and has three lovely daughters she has raised for a number of years by herself. The oldest daughter is married and just had her first baby, the second is going to college on a fully paid scholarship (scholastics and athletics) and the youngest is a staight A middle school student. No one I know has a better daughter-in-law than I will probably have soon, I hope, and I couldn’t be happier!

    So many people won’t take the opportunity to get to know people and they’re missing a lot. We’re certainly much more alike than we are different. It seems some people have a burning need to denigrate others in order to feel superior. This is a very sad and ignorant state of affairs.

    We can hope, thanks to the efforts of people like you, Shannyn, and Keith, people will start to change.

  12. Thanks for sharing . It’s takes much courage to speak out like you and Kieth have so often done .
    I was very much encouraged and hopeful.

    I am also hopeful that some day we will value those differences . Instead of fearing them . We don’t always have to treat others equal . I just hope we can learn to treat each other fairly. To treat people as they would want to be treated.

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