Posted by: shannynmoore | February 20, 2010

Granny Palin’s Death Panel Dilemma

The dangers of “death panels” were explained to Americans on Sarah Palin’s facebook page.  Oh, sweet Lord, she must not sleep at night…her grandson could be the next victim of “socialized medicine”.

Recently released documents from the custody battle show clearly Tripp Palin Johnston has socialized health care through Indian Health Services and the Alaska Native Medical Center.

Palin’s family has federally funded health care afforded to them…but if you had, it Barack Obama might kill you.  Put this on the list of Palin’s Greatest Hypocritical Hits…Volume 97.

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  1. Tripp might need health insurance after that family has DNA testing. I’m just sayin’ 😉

    • Huh?

      • Test, baby, Test!!!

  2. Sarah who brags that no one should be dependent on the government for anything is a first-class hypocrite. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

    • Are you suggesting that she’s a secessionist socialist?


  3. Death panel setting up shop in Wasilla, AK at this very moment in order to start processing Sarah Palin’s grandson. Will Tripp meet the criteria or meet his fate. Stay tuned to the next installment of “Sarah’s (it’s all about me) story”.

    • Right nextdoor to Walmart, I heard.

  4. Bristol’s blood quantum is negligible, I still don’t see how she gets coverage under Federally mandated (mandation) care.

    The Indian Health Service budget is barely adequate for the 2.5 million(?) American Indians / Alaska Natives qualified for services, how on earth do the Palin’s (other than Todd, who himself is a token 1/8) make the grade – and willfully take from all those many many real
    Alaska Native American folks?

    And you know what’s really sensational here? McCain loathed Alaskan earmarks or Alaska Native specific funding, he and Wasilla Sally would have taken a cleaver to our programs. And if we die, we die, cause dead fish have to go with the flow.

    Todd claimed he worked on progressing AN issues like employment, he did nothing of substance as revealed with the true measure of power the emails reveal of his half term in office.

    He did nothing, especially given his high visibility with Iron Dog, to highlight the energy (fuel crisis) in Western Alaska from which he was spawned. “Not a State Responsibility” was the arbitrary logic he and Sarah penned on the margins of the State’s Capital projects budget they slashed in their first year as Governor, but using every resource at the disposal of the Chief Executives office was appropriate for settling personal vendetta’s?

    Messed up. These people.

  5. Just how many tick marks is that now in Palin’s “HYPROCRITE” column? I’ve lost count. What a week! 🙂

    • Lot’s of Drama from that Palin family. They should be invited to be on Jerry Springer’s show. It’s right up their alley.

  6. If I didn’t hate the term so much, I would be reallly, really be tempted to call her the “welfare Queen” Esther.

    • If the shoe fits. …

  7. Wow! Think anyone on Fox will ask her to explain why socialized medicine is good enough for her grandson but a fate worse than death (panels) for the rest of us?

    Maybe her fans can start a health care fund for Tripp so Sarah can afford to purchase insurance for him in the private sector. I hear it’s very expensive.

  8. Have to wonder if that’s where all Sarah’s children receive medical care now that they’re no longer covered under State of Alaska employee and dependent policies since she quit as governor. And didn’t Toad resign his BP job, too? Are they all freeloadin’ off IHS? How can they do that – isn’t she afraid of DEATH PANELS? Poor, poor Trig.

  9. Maybe someone should check just how much “blood” counts and if there is income scale that goes with it?
    Here comes another facebook screed “now they are attacking my grandson” 4,3,2,1….!

  10. Whether or not this was a ‘ planned ‘ strategy by Rex Butler it would appear that He is playing Chess and S’error is playing her childish Checkers game.
    Because she CHOSEN TO make it personal and point out that Levi can’t deduct the $300 deduction….( Snarky Sarah strikes again ) she is so proud of her attempt to slap him down that she can’t even see that it hurts her cause by making this disclosure. SIMPLE Sarah… just reacting…. NOT thinking. ‘ Everything ‘ is personal with Sarah. Seth McFarlane proved THAT this week.

    That old military quote comes to mind… ” You won the battle… But you lost the War ”
    Is she using ‘ Bush’ strategery ‘..?

  11. Mr. T,
    I am assuming that by health insurance you mean health services through an Indian
    Health Service provider.
    Different health facilities may have different requirements, so you should check
    with the one you are going to receive services from.
    The Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation in Dillingham, Alaska and the Alaska Native
    Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska accepts tribal membership, native corporation
    membership, or a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood(CDIB) no matter what the
    blood quantum is as proof of eligibility for their services through the Indian
    Health Service.
    Different tribes also have different membership requirements; our tribe does not
    require certain blood quantum, but lineal/familial ties to the tribe. Other tribes
    do require certain Indian blood quantum for membership, so you will also need to
    check with the tribe you are connected to.
    The Indian Health Service requires that you prove membership in a tribe, and in
    Alaska that can also be a Native Corporation established under the Alaska Native
    Claims Settlement Act.
    You can also get a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood from the Bureau of Indian
    Affairs to show proof of eligibility for IHS services.
    Hope this answers your question.
    Dorothy B. Larson
    Tribal Administrator
    **************************Here’s how they qualify

  12. Wait, did I miss something? If Bristol Palin’s child Tripp, is eligible for medical benifits as a person of Alaskan Native heritage….Bristol’s father Todd is of Alaskan Native heritage….then her brother, Trig Palin the presummed child of Sarah and Todd Palin, must also be receiving medical benifits passed on his Alaska Nartive heritage. Right?

    • Ahh yep Bonnie you’ve got it and that confirms that Sayrahh is even more of a hypocrite than we all figured because now she’s got the grand-baby in on the “SOCIALIST RECIPIENT” deal! So yep, Bristol rolls up to her baby’s doctors appointments at the Native medical clinic in her Cadillac and thinks nothing of the fact that the care and service her son receives is Federally supported. They are a bunch of money hungry free loading idiots and apparently all the folks around them that should have some sense DON’T have an ounce of it to share. Either that or they just can’t tell the Palins’ a damn thing. You’d think at least ONE person in that mixed up family would be the voice of reason and tell Sayrah to sit her arse down and stop stirring up mess.

    • The real question is whether Track is of Native heritage and therefore entitled to coverage… if he’s a Menard, has s’error committed a continuing series of fraudulent acts in presenting Track as The Dud’s biological son?

  13. !Híjole! Are there absolutely no scrupples at all in that family? Those family “values” are being passed down to the next generation, I see. Why am I not surprised?

  14. This is probably one of the reasons, she will never do a real interview.

  15. Shannyn, good thing we know each other because your the first person to catch the national irony of this issue…………..dumb beeaaach needs sunlight

  16. What type of healthcare does Sista Sarah have for herself???? and her baby?

  17. After reading your Huffpo post yesterday and then reading the current Palingates story up I think there is another part of this Hypocrisy as well.
    Since you are in Alaska… I am sure you know who to ask or know where to find this data.

    Question :What is the Average Income of your typical Native Family who uses the healthcare system in place. THEY earned it and are entitled to it but put their income side-by-side against Grifter Granny. I also want to know that figure to further debunk this myth that she is your AVERAGE private citizen as well. She is USER and an ABUSER of the system and everyone around her. Typical AVERAGE ‘ Grifter ‘ is all she is.

    I’m guessing the average Family income is far less than 50K. Who has THAT number…?

  18. So, that also means that Trig has the same benefits?
    Free health care, even almost free health care is socailized medicine.
    This is the same Tri-G that she said would not get care under Obama’s plan…

  19. I am from oklahoma where it doesn’t matter your income to get ‘indian benefits’. it is a birthright. You get free healthcare, free dental care, even free school clothes and school supplies regardless of your income. Just gotta have a roll number.

    Shannyn. Want to see this “government run health care” at its finest? check out the new facility built in ada, ok. It is an “indian hospital”. It is probably the most state of the art hospital in oklahoma…all free of charge to those with indian blood.
    And I don’t think there is a death panel.

  20. Yeah… follow this: SHANNYN MOORE: JUST A GIRL FROM HOMER.. first off, you are an idiot to believe the post with no references what so ever… second off, just put your hate spewing swine below this.. cause that’s exactly what you are going to do anyway… and Sarah Palin is the person who is to blame.. lol… nope!

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