Posted by: shannynmoore | February 24, 2010


According to Politico, Meg Stapleton followed in the footsteps of her boss and QUIT!

When Meg worked for KTUU as a news woman, she was very well respected.  When she became Ed O’Callahan’s wingman for Sarah Palin’s “Truth Squads“, she lied for money. It was sad to watch, and infuriating because she knew better.

While subbing on a radio show, Jonathan White, a former news colleague, took her to the “truth shed”.  Meg’s lies hurt Alaska. She called in. She had no answers.

Les Gara’s response? “It’s not every day you find a job that pays you gobs of money to say nasty things about good people – but I’m sure she’ll find something.  Maybe she can be Glen Beck’s PR person next.”

Meg’s not-so-Oscar moment:

BOOK DEAL in 3-2-1…



  1. What I can not figure out is why she sold her sole to the devil in the first place.

  2. Oh, I do hope she writes a tell-all book.

    • $$arah had to have thrown her under the bus too. I wonder what perceived slight it may have been? Maybe Meg told her she wouldn’t lie anymore about Trig and ear-gate! LOL
      I know your on the case Shannyn with many thanks.
      Good luck dealing with $$arah’s pack of wolves!

      • I’m with you on this…something had to have happened and knowing Sayrah it was probably something as trivial as Meghan trying to talk some since into her on a basic issue. But whatever the deal is, I’m sure Meghan felt like she was gonna be on the chopping block next. Sadly though, anyone that knows Palin knows that she will go after you even after you walk away from her…yeah, she’s catty like that. I sure hope Meghan has enough dirt on Sayrah to keep any retaliation at bay ’cause if not, the wicked witch of the North is gonna roast her!

  3. Hope after all the years of lies, Meg will start to tell the truth about the Dipsh*t Diva.

  4. When Fred Malek feels compelled to weigh in on this, you know who’s pulling the strings behind this “operation.”

    My favorite quote from The StapledTongue:

    “I have done my best to scale back, but Isabella is now resorting to hiding my BlackBerry, and she shouldn’t grow up begging for a mother to start acting like a mother.”

    That’s right, Meg, because you’ve seen first hand what happens when that is the case. $arah Palin’s parenting skills aren’t exactly exemplary.

    • This. THIS THIS THIS.

  5. Meg, I hope you took good notes. Please write a book.

  6. “I have done my best to scale back, but Isabella is now resorting to hiding my BlackBerry, and she shouldn’t grow up begging for a mother to start acting like a mother.”

    Anyone else read that as a public dig against Palin?

    • I sure did. If her ONE child is begging for a mother…and her ONE child doesn’t have special needs…well…what are Sarah’s kids needing?

      • Excellent point.

      • I have a Blackberry and I’m a mother. I’m pretty sure having a Blackberry doesn’t diminish my motherhood. There are plenty of things to dislike about Sarah Palin without leaning heavily on mommy guilt. There’s an involved daddy, too, ya know?

    • Oh, yeah, I took it as a dig. I’m sensing this is not an amicable parting.

    • Oh, yeah! Starting with Andrea Friedman and now this comment from Meg, you’d think Smacking Down Palin had become an Olympic event!

      • Who’s going to win GOLD?

    • It’s definitely a dig. People can’t live lies, that’s why they QUIT.

  7. “I’ve done my best to scale back…..”

    but Sarah’s unending mental instabilities and total imcompetence finally sucked all the life out of me, and for my own mental health, I had to quit.

    Plus I was tired of carrying her luggage. Also.


  8. Just remember, Meg, check your brakes before leaving the driveway.
    Who knows, you could live to a ripe old age!

    • Wasn’t it Track Palin that jimmied the brake on the School buses and had to choose the military or reform School?? It runs in the family!!~P

  9. Did Stapleton jump or was she pushed?

    Did Stapleton acquire secrets of the inner circle that are marketable?

    Is there re-hab for the under the bus crowd?

    Is there a bigger, badder, Stapleton about to be un-veiled?

  10. “All things Palin” is the dead giveaway to a slam.

    I also bet that Meg was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. And probably paid good money to be silent.

    That is, until the Feds come. Then she’ll either sing or go to jail. I bet the first one. We’ll know what’s next up if we see her get a lawyer.

  11. Wow Shannyn I never have seen this and man she is a megaBitch!!!!
    Arguing with Les that way??? No effing respect!

  12. Wow Shannyn I never have seen this and man she is a megaBitch!!!!
    Arguing with Les that way??? No effing respect!

    • sorry about the double post 😦

  13. Interesting videos. I have to say, when one asks a question one should then shut up and allow the person to answer, which is not happening in these videos. Les Gara conducts himself in a contentious manner which makes it difficult for someone like me, who is not familiar with the specifics both people are referring to, to make heads or tails of the discussion.

  14. Guess what MEGHAN? You will NEVER get your time back. You will NEVER again be able to go back and reconstruct all the time you lost out while being $arah’s henchwoman. I know it sucks. It has to suck when you finally wake up and realize you were just fodder for an NPD. You were her Supply. Look it up under NPD. Now you need to save your soul and make amends to your daughter and your state by correcting all the mistakes you made. Correct all the hurts you caused. Correct all the lies you told. Its the right thing to do.

  15. With the recent release of e-mails to MSNBC, as well as the release of the PAC report showing various sums of $$ going to Meg personally, as well as to her firm, and her husband’s clinic – maybe there are just too many questionable dealings there.

    Is anyone still looking into those mails and reports?

  16. Betchya Meg has been offered a mega job in the media or as an assistant to a Repub politician.
    If she wrote a book of her life and times with $arah she would have to continue the lies just to cover her own tracks.

  17. Is anyone still looking into those mails and reports?

    Hopefully the IRS and the FBI. And then, of course, the medical board, on that ruffled ear problem. Did Megas daughter have a ruffled ear?

    The Palin implode… explode… drama mama!

    I really do think Sarah would look great in orange. Or black and white stipes. Either would suit her well.

  18. Palin is pathologically predisposed to tossing former BFFs under the bus. Will she do so with Stapleton?

    Does Stapleton’s two year old have ruffled ears? Is this why she bailed so suddenly?

  19. Shannyn, congrats on the million views! You deserve it. 🙂

  20. what a sad pathetic radio show this is. moore just got done ranting about palin being called governor. what do you call that scumbag clinton? surely not president….right? no wonder this station is subsidized and is a money losing operation.! nobody will advertise here! LOL

    • Ah…wordpress doesn’t have ads…Clinton didn’t quit…and I wish he had before NAFTA and GATT

      • ‘the truth’ needs to change his blog name to something else, like ‘don’t know jacksquat’ or ‘will follow the quiters to the end’ or a million other loser/quiter type names.

    • To the truth…Shannyn’s show is the best in Alaska! Now you want pathetic that is Eddie burke.
      You are FOS not the truth! Wish you idiots would stay in urine land.

  21. When will we start to see Karl Rove issuing the edicts for Palin? Either Meghan has figured out there is no way Sarah is going to run and she might as well as enjoy her child so they turn out like the Diva’s wild ones or she has been pushed aside for more expensive and higher quality PR work because the Quitter is going to run for 2012.

  22. of course moore removes all comments she disagrees with, just like all liberals who can’t stand the truth

    • Oh you mean like the peezoo? They delete comments that don’t agree with them.

    • This is probably blogger ‘the truth’ with another handle. Not much imagination those pea brains have. No wonder they slam the truth every time. Sweep them under the rug before they ruin our country.

  23. Oh my. I don’t want to watch those videos again; I think those are the ones in which I first heard (ugh) Megamouth.

  24. We may never know the real reason Meg quit, but I sure do like it anyway. 😉

  25. Speaking of good vs. bad mothers, did anyone else catch $arah’s reference to Piper when speaking in Texas last night? She’s got her 8-year-old along with her on the road again. Does that girl ever spend any time in the classroom? No wonder $arah’s kids can barely get out of high school.

  26. What do Payloon’s children need?
    A mother transplant.
    Sorry, not one of those libs you always bring into any conversation about anything.

    • Is that covered under their FREE government health care at ANSCA/IHS?

  27. My lib remark was to truth squid by the way. Make sure I offend the right person.
    I am an American human being. I figured out long ago that I don’t need or want a letter behind my name.
    I have a mind of my own & I know how to use it.

  28. WHOA!!! She quit?!?!?! Wonder there was a cat fight or if Meg realized that in short order that Sayrah will throw her under the bus when she’s done with her. Surely Meghan has seen the down & dirty of how her boss treats others and she just figured her number will be up soon. Boy what a mess it’ll be for Sayrah if Meg and Levi get together and swap stories??? Yep, I’m sitting on the edge of my chair for when da “split” hits the fan because I believe it will soon.

  29. Meg…You are a miserable liar along with Palin. What happened, did she throw you under the big yellow bus with all of the other people? You deserve whatever is coming your way for what you did to the Mat Maid management (you know that staged ambush was right out of “West Wing”) and also Walt Monegan. You know you set those folks up and lied repeatedly just to make your Queen Paylin look good. You sicken me.

  30. Sarah Palin is a idiot, her family is a mess, she is
    a bad parent, she lies, the list goes on and on. Meg probably can use alot against her if Sarah goes after her. For example, she quit to make money, Trig is really Bristol’s, Track was going to jail before he was forced into the military, housegate, Bristol has been pregnant twice, Sarah had a affair, Willow was arressted last week, none of her kids have a HS diplma-just a correspondence course, the list is endless, Sarah Palin is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. sorry for the hijack, but what happened to the last few days of podcasts? Of course these are the two days I wasnt able to be near my internet…

  32. By the way, who schedules their resignation announcement to occur on their BIRTHDAY? UNLESS they view it as something to celebrate. Which is most likely the case here: MS declares independence from the pathologically unstable and chronic liar $arah Palin and throws herself a big ole birthday party on the same day.

  33. Possible book title:

    Pay No Attention to the Meg Behind the Curtain

  34. Meg has been paid and laid. As long as she keeps quiet. If not, dont go fishing Meg, a la Fredo in the GFII.

  35. Given her appalling inability to recognize the truth, much less speak it, I’m not sure a book authored by Meg Stapleton would have much value. Besides, she well and truly sold her soul and short of a 500 page mea culpa, any other literary effort would probably just end up being an effort at whitewashing what she must surely know was inexcusable behavior. I hope she doesn’t write a book. She’s profited enough off the backs of those whose reputations she unjustifiably ruined. She doesn’t deserve one more penny for her perfidy.

  36. I can’t figure out why Meg keeps calling herself an Alaskan. She’s not. She’s a New Yorker. You know, one of those people that’s not from the “real” America.

  37. Why does he keep referring to this guy as a former marine? Who fucking cares? Does that make him special?

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