Posted by: shannynmoore | February 27, 2010

Keith Olbermann; Our Cry For Help


  1. I don’t often email commentators or celebrities, but after seeing his SPECIAL COMMENT I felt compelled to write to Keith, and salute him for the wisdom and dignity he’s carried himself during the course of his father’s illness.

    Both of my parents are in their 80’s and have had health issues. Luckily and happily they are still with me. But when the inevitable sad time comes I think I’ve found a strong model in which to draw inspiration from.

  2. This Special Comment gave me the insight to see how inhuman Sarah Palin’s comment about “death panels” really truly is.

  3. OMG! This just tears me to pieces to see this. How long does this injustice have to go on until someone steps up and becomes a HERO?

    Why do I see only pictures in my head of all the obstructionist Republicans at the Health Summit and hear the song from “HAIR” – “Easy to be Hard”?
    (I wish I had the equipment to make a video of stills from the summit and play this in the background)


    How can people be so heartless?
    How can people be so cruel?
    Easy to be hard.
    Easy to be cold.

    How can people have no feelings?
    How can they ignore their friends?
    Easy to be proud.
    Easy to say NO.

    Especially people who care about strangers.
    Who say they care about social injustice.
    Do you only care about the bleeding crowd?
    How about a needing friend.
    I need a friend.

    Easy to be hard.
    Easy to say NO.

    • Right on the money

    • Wow, that’s probably one of the more moving songs from Hair, especially as LaFayette’s wife/girlfriend stands and sings it to him in Washington Square, his bewildered child in tow.

      You’re right, healthcare supporters need to make a commercial/youtube, not just about death panels, but about all aspects of healthcare. And then we need to make it go viral.

      • Oh my God, that’s exactly what my dream was. To see that would give me such elation. Show the bickering of the Republicans back and forth, Boehner, Ryan and all of them with their shooting down all the ideas and their same talking points, and in the background you hear the song. That is the vision I have but I just don’t have the tools, the equipment to put it together. Thank you for seeing my dream that I had.

  4. I am very empathetic regarding Keith’s Father . I am extremely proud of the courage and integrity that Keith exhibits . He gives me hope .

    palin continues to be the antithesis of everything pure and goodhearted . She is filled with such hatred that I fear that she will continue to spew that hateful behavior as long as someone will listen and of course pay her money. She will go to extremes to be the center of attention . She is clearly not a scholar .However, she is a seasoned manipulator . Beware

  5. Thanks for the Youtube. I watched this the other night and was so moved that I’ve been wanting to watch it again.

    I hope that some of the Dems watched it before heading into Blair House & it gave them more passion and impetus. Obviously, the Repubs didn’t – those cold hearts could never be thawed.

    I just wish I could thank Keith and his Father for sharing this painful, emotional time in hopes of making a difference to America!

  6. These two videos moved me to tears as I had to help decide the care my mom could or should receive.Sometimes when their is no chance you just have to let go.People can say anything they want about this man but the way he has handled himself in this situation is just something all should see.
    Anyone who thinks that the republicans, at least most of them. would care about Keith’s father and what he and Keith are facing are burying their head in the sand. I wish I could give the man a hug.

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