Posted by: shannynmoore | February 28, 2010

Moore Up North February 27, 2010

This week on Moore Up North, we talked about subsistence.

First, I interviewed Ann Strongheart from .

Our panelists were:

  • Mike Williams, Vice-Chairman of the Akiak tribe, Vice-Chairman of the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council and an Iditarod musher.
  • Art Ivanoff, a commercial fisherman and subsistence user from Unalakleet. He also serves on the Southern Norton Sound Advisory committee.
  • Fred Phillip, a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay and the coordinator of the Berring Sea Elders Advisory Group.


  1. Excellent show thank you. The trawl fleet will move north, it is inevitable once the resources become depleted. They will present their science in a 1000 page manifesto with confusing terms and acronyms but the bottom line is…a friggin trawl net is just that, a trawl net, you drop it in the water and scoop up everything you can and their manifesto protects them. I welcome your visitors to my site

  2. The subsistence panel got awfully evasive when presented with the question from the audience about the CDQ contribution to salmon bycatch. I haven’t seen tap dancing like that since Fred Astaire died. One of the panel members even claimed CDQs don’t take many salmon as bycatch. What? Coastal Villages Resource Fund owns 45% of American Seafoods, Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation owns 38% of Glacier Fish Company.

    Sally Bibb of NMFS explained at the April NPFMC how it is that the reports reflect lower salmon bycatch numbers for the CDQ fisheries and it’s all a shell game. The CDQs are just as guilty as anybody else in the industrial trawl industry. They are the trawl industry and they kill and waste hundreds of thousands of fish as bycatch while they are trawling for pollock. More than anything else, the CDQs provide political support for continued unrestricted destruction of the salmon native people depend upon.

    Shannyn, smallpox blankets and beads are soooo 1760s. Today it takes five-star view offices in downtown A-town and six figure pseudo-executive paychecks to get native Americans to sell out their brethren but considering the small numbers that needed to be bought off through the CDQs and the immense profits the industry has derived from their collusion in raping the Bering Sea, it has been quite affordable.

    I don’t think anybody could have anticipated just how effective the CDQ program has been in silencing native opposition to trawling but your panel is a textbook example. Mike Williams comes from a community that isn’t even eligible to participate in the CDQ program but he can’t call the CDQ group leadership on the carpet for their failure to reduce the impact of salmon bycatch on rural Alaska villages.

    Another great show Shannyn on an issue the MSM has been afraid to touch. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Bering Sea Elders Advisory Group. Hummmmm. Hand picked and by whom? I’ve yet to see any elder advisory group influence politics especially Fish and Game Management in Alaska. It’s sad to see our elders used as part of a dog and pony show. They deserve more respect than that.

  4. I’ve been waiting for other Natives to come out of the woodwork to applaud or comment on this subsistence piece. The 3 dudes are leaders in their own minds. That’s the problem. The Native leaders are allowed to “speak their own minds” and the sad thing is that no other Native or even esteemed knowlegable scientists will call BS on them. Oh, I know, no one wants to contradict what the Native Leaders say otherwise they face the charge of being called “Racist”. They can’t label me that, instead I’m called “Not-Pro Native”, whatever that means. That’s contradictory isn’t it? A Native who is “Not-Pro Native”!

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