Posted by: shannynmoore | February 28, 2010

Thank You!

On Friday evening, many of you joined me in a kick-off event for The Shannyn Moore Radio Show.  Many of you who didn’t join us hit the donate button on this site.

Thank you.

Your support will help us with bumper stickers, podcasts, an ad campaign and the equipment it will take to bring you a better show.

Painting a red state blue…with your help.

If you weren’t in a position to donate, thanks for listening.  Tell a friend!  Our goal is to build an audience.   Progressive radio has never been more urgent and important.  In Anchorage, there are five conservative voices spouting GOP talking points and rallying their base to action.  Left unchecked, Anchorage would become Pottersville from Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

My thanks also to Thom Hartmann.  He was great to call in and talk to the Alaskan crowd.

Special thanks to Perry Merkel and the staff at Cafe del Mundo.

As always, thanks to Giorgio Chrimat and his magical team of Chefs at Villa Nova-my favorite restaurant!  For those of you who were there on Friday and sampled his spinach ravioli alla rosso…you know what I mean!!!

And to Melinda Taylor for her years of constant encouragement, organizational skills and commitment to progressive Alaska.

Thanks also to co-hosts Elvi-Gray Jackson, Patti and Pat Higgins, Kay Brown, Jeanne Devon, Harriet Drummond and Elstun Lauesen, Kevin Harun, Mike Gutierrez, Deborah Williams, Frank Gwartney, Joelle Hall, Vince Beltrami, Jackie Endsley, Megan Collie and Rod McCoy.

I’m humbled by your confidence and honored by your support.

Radio. Active. Truth.


  1. I love that photo. Simple but imaginative. Love your radio show, but I need to rely on podcasts. I’m at work during the 11-2 slot. Will tell everyone I know to listen in. Hmm. How to build an audience?? … Has the Press done an interview on you yet? Someone call Scott over there and ask him to write an article on Shannyn.

    • There will be a link to the podcasts up on the new Radio. Active. Truth. tab at the top of this page in just a bit.
      Thanks for all your support!

  2. Keep up the good work…. Alaska needs you!

  3. Hello

    Please post this on your blog and spread it around also.

    Send the following email to GOP contributor Rite Aid Pharmacies at

    Send me a bcc copy to when you send this email. SPREAD the word.

    To the Rite Aid CEO:

    I join with many other people who demand that you get congress and the President to enact a public option that will work like HR676 but will not ban private insurance. Your company PAC has given money to conservatives over the years.

    This public option will get fully funded by US government general federal taxes.

    People will have no monthly premiums, no copays, no yearly deductibles, no coverage gaps, no means tests and no yearly or lifetime caps for coverage.

    This public option will cover 100 percent of the cost of: all doctor’s visits including dental visits, all generic and patented medications, surgery and all hospital visits, hospice and nursing home residence and abortion, contraception and other family planning costs.

    People can choose this single payer public option health care plan at will even if they had or have private plans presently.

    People will have the option to choose private plans or keep the private plans that they have now.

    This legislation should appear implemented as amendments to HR676

    Until this legislation gets enacted into law, I REFUSE to do business with Rite Aid Pharmacies

    Do as I demand, or you will lose my business and the business and income from many other people as myself.

    Good day.

    Help stop the filibuster. Brown Forman, GOP contributor who distributes Jack Daniels whiskey and Southern Comfort operates out of Kentucky, Senate Minority leader Senator Mitch McConnell’s state. SPREAD the word.

    Send me a bcc copy to when you send this email.

    Email Brown Forman at

    To the Brown Forman CEO:

    Your company PAC has given money to Sen. Mitch McConnell in the past. I will not buy Jack Daniels Whiskey and Southern Comfort until you convince Mitch McConnell to stop all filibusters on legislation and holds on appointments for the duration of the Obama administration.

    Good Day.

    You can see further efforts at

  4. thats great about the podcasts. My kids dont understand me not wanting to pick them up after school because I am on hour 3 and its Thursdays in the mud… lol…

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