Posted by: shannynmoore | March 1, 2010

Sarah’s 17% Don’t All Love Her

My friend Mudflats put up a post boiling down the latest Palin poll in Alaska:

It would appear that it’s 17%. That would leave 83% of Alaskans who think that’s a bad bad idea. BUT, I would submit to you that I know many progressive Alaskans who would love Palin to run for president.  Their little eyes get all twinkly, and they look like someone has just asked them if they want a piece of cake.  A Palin candidacy, they tell me,  assures another four years of a Democratic White House.

So, take that 17% with a grain of salt.

Well, Jeanne is a clever girl and know how these things go.  Here is a part of an email in my box today:

I was one of the Ditman poll calls.  I am one of the 17% because I want her to run. Forgive me, or stop laughing. Nothing would make me happier than that awful woman losing again.

I’ll spare you the rest. Just know part of the 17% were clever enough to want Sarah to run.



  1. A enlightening poll question would have been, “If SP does run again, would you vote for her?”

  2. Nothing lately from Mrs. Palin. She must be “re-loading.”

    • gosh i was thinking the same thing….its too quiet….

      she is supposed to be on leno…but that is all i have heard out of her.

  3. If she ever ran again, I’ll cancel my teevee, computer and newspaper services and unplug the radio. Thirty seconds of the voice of that woman makes my hair hurt!

  4. I said no, mainly because I do believe in the 2 party system… Not the one party and the nut over there system..

    I don’t know what can bridge this standstill that our political system has become, but I am pretty sure that Sarah Palin isnt it…

  5. I don’t want Palin to run simply because of the embarrassment that she brings upon the country. Internationally, she is a laughing stock…if she runs and garners any support at all, the rest of the world will be watching and it will not bode well for the fragile improvement in international respect the country has enjoyed under the Obama presidency. In other words, those people who say that Americans are stupid will have more fuel for that fire.

  6. Dear god, save us from this idiot and her kooky kristians…she’s nothing but an oil lobbyist, anyway. Palin needs to tend to her pack o’ young’uns and leave us alone!! I’m sorry you guys had to suffer through her at all!

  7. I think the most just outcome would be to become obscure, get older, and lose her money.

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  9. I’m one of those who voted on AKM’s site FOR Palin to run for POTUS. I want to see her have a major meltdown during a campaign, preferably live on national TV.

    She is nouveau riche trailer trash chic, a narcissistic moron grifter who has visions of grandeur. OF COURSE I want her to run! If there ever was someone who truly deserved being humiliated and ground into the dirt on a national stage it is Sarah Palin.

    It would be grand to see her be forced to answer questions FAR more difficult than “what do you read?”

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