Posted by: shannynmoore | March 2, 2010

Knock Yourselves Out

Sarah took time to boost ratings for Jay Leno.  Yes, the same guy who said John Edwards knocked up Bristol. Satire police need not rush it…it’s working for her this time.

Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin is funny.  Sarah Palin doing Sarah Palin is not.  Don’t believe me? Suffer.



  1. I made it to 2:20. It is still too early in the morning to manage all the 13 minutes of it ….. Mmmhhh, actually I think I´ve got something else to do. A lot of other things!

  2. Only made it to 1:25. I’m posting a Calabasita recipe on Facebook though. I have chile-amped up squash on the brain. If she suddenly gets interesting someone wake me.

  3. AGREED!!!!!! She is a media Wh……… well dad always said if ya have nothing good to say say nothing at all, but darn that is so hard where Palin is concerned!

  4. Does she look like she should live in a run down Trailer park or is it just me……no offence to you manufactured home owners intended!

  5. I have only just started my day and I am NOT going to ruin it this early by listening to this vapid idiot trying to be funny, or whatever it is Bailin’ Palin is doing. She is an attention wh**e and has nothing of value to say at any time. If I had but one wish it would be that Bailin’ Palin goes away. Quicly, and quietly.

  6. Sorry folks but I missed the “k” in quickly. Not enough coffee and the spector of Palin trying to be funny must have thrown me off of my keyboarding skills…

  7. I didn’t last 2 minutes, it’s all talking points and annoying tidbits. Weirdo sentence structure responses to everything. And what is the constant fists in a spinning ball thing? She’s either stuck in disco time or, more likely, just insane. I hope Lenos show fails miserably.

  8. Celebrity Apprentice – Sarah v Bristol – Trump’s probably orgasmic over the ratings potential!

  9. Notice her top – its a Chanel. My bet is the RNC paid for it annd she hid it when the truck came to pick up the $25,000 cache.

  10. Can’t do it! Only made 6 seconds. The sound of her voice makes me die a little inside.

  11. I just can’t do it…Calgon, take me away!

  12. Her voice gives me a migraine!
    Her hair looks stupid!
    Her outfit looks like she is trying too hard to be ‘hip’.
    And she is like the not funny person who thinks they are funny, like the not smart person who uses big words incorrectly.
    Big pharma needs to come up with a drug.
    Palinadrin or Palinobismol….
    Take when you feel the headache and nausea associated with listening to Sarah Palin.
    Or Palinodin to just knock your ass out so you don’t have to listen to her at all.

  13. My curiosity didn’t get the best of me. I can read about her, but I just can’t watch her anymore. To me, she’s just like trying to watch Hannity–no matter what the controversy, I just can’t get through more than 10 seconds of watching him–just can’t do it.

  14. […] you did not see Palin’s interview and juvenile comedy act, it’s here on Shannyn Moore’s blog. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Tuesday Newsday an Urbandaddy exclusive!Clowning […]

  15. The tea party is an upward movement… she’s obviously failed anatomy cuz everyone knows shi’ite is a downward movement. Unless she does hers upside down (eewww, the visual) or a farmer (things plant growth is an upward movement from steaming piles of road apples).

    Anyways, I am sorry I lost sleep I will never recover by staying up to watch her stupidity.

  16. The eyes in her crap standup attempt, eyes shifting quickly back and forth to the teleprompter as she has no retention to remember that much. “I don’t use cue cards”.

    She didn’t knock Obama about his teleprompter use as she was going to use one!

    Forget the Legends Show doing Tina Fey – let’s send her to the wax museum. Cover her in wax – smothering her!! No air holes!

    • Wait… she used cue cards?? Why for??? Is she too stupid to know how to use a teleprompter?

      • Teleprompter? Cue Cards? Just give her itty bitty words written on her (grasping) right hand……..

  17. You can’t make me watch. You can’t.

    I caught the one clip last night that seemed to have made the blog rounds… the Family Guy one. And only because I seem to be a glutton for punishment… you know, rubbernecking and all. Thank goodness I have enough self-preservation that I changed the channel to prevent my ears from exploding.

    • I hear a country tune coming, r’ipley…

      yer a rub-ber necker. …

  18. I could not and would not watch the videos. Only came for Shannyn’s notes and the commenters, I am getting too old for BS Palin.

  19. Thank God I did not watch the show. I think this woman has been pimped up too much for ratings at the expense of this country. I just pray come 2012, Many Americans come to know well who this person is, think wisely, not to let this lier close to the white house.

    It is terrifying just to have that thought of a Palin presidency. She will be lining up all us in chains to clean her shoes. Over my dead body. LOL

    I have no problem with her making money, or writing books, I just have a problem with her pushing the presidential bid using all these platforms. It sickens me. She can be right or left, I would care less. All I can say is Sarah Palin is very unbalanced to be president of United States,

    It is ok with me if she can be a Hollywood junk. That is fine with me, that is what America is about for the cut short money chasers. She can be there and make all the money she wants. But I have a problem with her lies, and deceiveness of trying to fool most uninformed Americans that she is capable to run this country when she failed to run a small place like Alaska and quit because of ethics complaints filed against her, with so many cover ups that media have completely ignored for the sake of ratings, they keep pimping her up even if she continues to throw media under the bus, they continue to kiss her behind for ratings. It is their fault. It is working to Sarah’s advantage and she is realizing that is a best tactic, complain, steer up, lie, everybody pays attention to her.

    Money and leadership are too distinctive theories. You can make money with no leadership skills, like SP. All she needs is to show her wink, her kids, whine, lie, play victim, Pretend you ran a marathon even when you did not finish, you are on magazines, get ghost writer, that is it.
    It is very unfair to people who work their way to leadership by pounding their manuals to get their PHDs and Doctorates, just to be told a person who got F in college is better than them.

    You can have brains for leadership without wealth.

    people who are pimping Sarah Palin are scaring me, its not Sarah Palin’s faught, but her promoters, or should I say people behind Sarah Palin. How many issues can you know about this person, to come to the realization that it will not be for the best interest of this nation to push this woman ahead to run for President?

    The next thing we will know is Sarah Palin is being sown in as President. What has happened to this country???????????????

    The only solution is for all of us to stop watching any channels she goes on, do not read her crap books, ignore her like she does not exist. Even if she says something, just read in private keep the points aside. I think that will be the best treatment, for her media darlings think we women bloggers are just mean and jelousy of her. I think that is why they are pimping her in this way. On that note, I quit watching anything about Sarah Palin. I think The Alaskans are doing great bringing out the truth about her. I will read this blog, Mudflat, BreePalin, ImmoraL Minority,PalinGates, and some other progressive blogs to get any news about Sarah Palin. I am not going to glue myself on TV show that is hosting this woman. Never. Thanks to Youtube. Sorry for typos. I am using my cell phone.

  20. They removed the videos.

  21. The only solution is for all of us to stop watching any channels she goes on, do not read her crap books, ignore her like she does not exist

    Some of us already do that. I’m highly entertained however, by the assinine ramblings and rantings of the lunatice left, especially when they start hearing things in their heads that the rest of us don’t.

    Take for instance laugh tracks……..

    Shannyn was so cute the other day interviewing somebody purporting to be a sound engineer.

    Blah, blah, blah, woof, woof, woof, long story short is that Mr. Engineer is letting his bias get the best of him.

  22. You should put up a clip of Jay Leno doing the “John-Edwards-knocked-up-Bristol” joke just to emphasize her raging hypocrisy, if you can find it. Would be perfect here.

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