Posted by: shannynmoore | March 10, 2010

Moore Up North: The Dream Team

This week on Moore Up North I had the pleasure of interviewing Will Peterson who has been a longtime Iditarod volunteer.

And we had on my Alaska political dream team panel:

-Senator Bill Wielechowski, also known as the best Bill in Juneau.

Harriett Drummond, Anchorage Assemblywoman, and the only person to vote against giving Mayor Sullivan $193,000 in city money.

Eric Croft, a former Alaska state legislator and the man who should be mayor right now.



  1. “… people have websites for about what their dogs wear. …”


  2. […] “Moore Up North: The Dream Team” by Shannyn Moore (Just a Girl from Homer). Video from the March 6, 2010 television broadcast of […]

  3. […] Video of the complete show is now available on Shannyn’s blog. There is further discussion of the Sullivan “insurance” at the tail end of Part 4 & during Part 5.  The rest of the show is worth watching too — parts 2 & 3 especially go into depth about the problem of dismal voter turnout in elections. […]

  4. Shannyn…

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy the interesting members on your Panels.

    Hopefully Eric Croft will continue his work to become a spokesperson and policy maker for the people. Much better man than Sullivan.

    Harriet Drummond and Senator Bill Wielechowski..I commend you. It is not easy to stand alone and oppose wrong legislation. People and History will see that you were right. Keep up the good work.

    Last but not the least Shannyn my heart and thoughts remain with the good and beautiful people of Alaska…espeially those in Wasilla. Yes, Sarah Palin continues her undignified and lying ways…but that is not a reflection on you. It just and the majority of the people have hed enough of this mentally ill woman.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Eileen C. Tallon…a Canadian.

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