Posted by: shannynmoore | March 11, 2010

Don Young – Old Tricks

Looks like Don Young has some friends in “Monkey Town“.  His Republican pals seem to be protecting him while going after ethically challenged Democrats.  Hypocrisy watch!!!

This just in:

Don Young’s Ethics Issues Absent from GOP Resolution

Will Rep. Boehner Also Demand that Don Young Be Fully Investigated by House Ethics Committee?

Washington, DC – As Democrats establish the strictest ethical guidelines, institute historic levels of transparency and ban lobbyist and PAC donations from the DNC, they supported a resolution offered by Republican leaders calling for an ethics investigation into the circumstances surrounding the allegations against a former Democratic representative.  Boehner spoke to the higher standard established by Democrats and the need for accountability stating: “The clear standards established after 2006 — with the Speaker’s strong support — demand this investigation. The American people deserve to know the truth.”

Notably absent from Boehner’s resolution however is any demand for an investigation into Don Young who has the FBI is looking into his role in a corruption scandal.

“If the American people ‘deserve to know the truth’ as John Boehner demands, don’t they deserve to know the truth about Don Young. Will John Boehner also demand that the Ethics Committee investigate Don Young who has the FBI looking into his role in a corruption scandal?” said DNC spokesperson Frank J. Benenati.   “Boehner is nothing but a hypocrite by offering this resolution today when he hasn’t lifted a finger to note or deal with the ethics shortcomings of his own Party – like Rep. Young. We look forward to Boehner’s return to the floor to call for further investigation into Young’s actions and the other members of his caucus who have had troubling ethics and/or legal questions raised against them.

“Of course that wouldn’t be surprising given that Boehner helped to lead one of the most corrupt Congresses in history.  They created this mess, and Democrats are still working to clean it up by passing historic ethics regulations, breaking the link between lobbyists and legislators, banning gifts from lobbyists and creating more transparency and disclosure than ever before in Congress.  If Republicans really want to see Congress crack down on ethics violations, they should start by looking in their own backyard.”


  1. I think it’s really telling that Don Young has made public appearances and statements (in the past 6 months) stating that both Parnell and SULLIVAN in addition to himself are of…

    “one mind”

    Oh yeah?

  2. Oh boy, two of my least-favorite people! Boehner, whose job appears to be to badmouth EVERYTHING… & Don Young, who responds to my concerns with emails full of transparent lies & word tricks… Once, in response to a letter, Young (actually his staff, of course) responded by telling me that the Endangered Species Act has never “on its own” saved any species. Well duh, it’s just a piece of paper with words on it. I didn’t take the time to explain that it’s the ACTIONS caused by the act that have successfully restored many species… I don’t even write to him anymore, there’s no point.

  3. @All I Saw
    I think they are of “one mind” and that IS NOT a good thing.

  4. Boehner is a bonehead. I’d think Ohioans would have more self-respect than to return that reject to Washington.

  5. What ever happened to investigating Don for that bit of magic he used to get that earmark for the land developer in florida placed into the transportation bill? The one that no one can figure how it got in to the final bill, and that our congressman got a $24K donation to his re-election fund.

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