Posted by: shannynmoore | March 17, 2010

For TeaBaggers Against Health Care. Just Sayin’.

Think about it.

Thanks to my friend JL for sending this out.



  1. That one goes in my collection.

  2. So much here I don’t know where to start. Very nice!

  3. A picture worth a thousand words, indeed. JL must be a very good friend. I know some folks I will share this with next time we “discuss” health care.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is a powerful resource for everyone, also, too, even our brothers and sisters in Alaska, not just for “southerners” …as hate knows no boundaries, eh?

  4. How fast can you say, karma?

    This is definitely one that needs to be shared.

  5. if that man lived, do you think he changed his mind? That is the real question.

    • No, my neighbor was hospitalized in our local hospital and complained to us (we support, you know, that Negro in the White House) and complained that it was full of those people. We asked if she got better. She admitted she did, but those people should be “separate”.

      Just the other day, this lovely, Medicare receivin’ Southern Lady complained about Obama and Health Care Reform. My DH finally, in a nice way, called her a bigot (literally) to her face. She disagreed. All very civilized, we still have to be neighbors, and I would still help her out if she needed it. She also didn’t like my Japanese car because of what they did to us in WWII. I pointed out that her car (Chrysler) was owned by a German company at the time she made that comment. Sigh! Luckily, the south really has come a long way, though. And folks like her are gettin’ older, if you know what I mean…

  6. Does anyone know the story behind this picture?

  7. That is exactly my question, where, who, how etc..
    Just asking…….

  8. While I am a fan of the site, I have tried to post 2x that fact that this is a known staged photo (see snopes). We have to be willing to stand-up for accuracy! It’s the ultimate slippery slope…

    What gives?

    • Paul, would you post the link to the discussion of this photo on I don’t even know what to search for.

  9. Sure. if you search for “kkk photo” at you get this link:

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