Posted by: shannynmoore | March 17, 2010

Who Would Jesus Mock?

OK, tell me these guys weren’t the bullies stealing lunch money in grade school.

Thanks, Laffy!



  1. The guy throwing the cash a the person with Parkinson’s is a clue to what it’s all about – he gets off on the power of charity – make someone beg first. What a scumbag jerk – hate to say it, but I hope he gets to see firsthand what it’s like on the other side. My guess is he won’t have the courage and dignity of the Parkinson’s sufferer.

    BTW, what is it with the reTHhug side in the white shirts and ties – did they miss out on being college reTHUglicans or what?

  2. When I saw how this man with Parkinsons was being treated I had tears in my eyes.

    I am so ashamed of the far right wing people in this country…Have these so called “Christians” no compassion for their fellow human beings?

    The question: “What Would Jesus Do?”…

    The answer: He would be trying to help people and make sure everyone is taken care of…

    Health care is a “right” for everyone in this country……

    I hope and PRAY that one day these LUNATICS will see how much harm they are doing to our country…..!!!!!

  3. I have to admit….after seeing the part where the idiot threw money at the man with Parkinson’s, I just stopped the video; I really didn’t care to see anymore.

    When you have a family member who has Parkinson’s…and suffers from what he calls “The Horrors”…it made it even more upsetting.

    Not all Tea Baggers are pond scum, but I’m beginning to think a disproportionate amount of pond scum can be found at Tea Party rallies.

  4. my father has this disease. i just dont know what to say. i’m stunned….. its just, i dont know…. crazy ???? something….. ?????

  5. I bet 90% or more of the opponents of the Health care bill have no clue what is in it.
    I have asked people, what are you so opposed to? Exactly? What has you all in a fit?
    And they give the same canned tuna answers…
    “death panels” and “gov. mandated health care”
    They don’t know what is in it.
    They just know they are told not to support it.
    Kind of like Sarah Palin supporters…

  6. Forcing change brings the ugly out of people. I was ashamed for the way those rude mouthy people were behaving especially toward the poor man with Parkinson’s. I know a few people who have it and have had it and it’s a sad way to go. My heart went out to that brave man standing up to those self-centered Americans. Geez.

  7. Speaking of idiotic teabaggers, has anyone seen Ray Stevens’s new song about the Quitter?

    He thinks she’s a champion AGAINST corruption.

  8. Honestly, most of these people have no idea what the health care reform bill entails. They said, “Keep your hands off my health care”. If you have health insurance to begin with, it won’t have any affect on you.
    Most of them watch Fox News and they are against the health care reform bill. Why? Because this health care reform bill will affect big corporations, as the gvt won’t give them tax breaks, they will be paying out more $$$ and they don’t like that.

    If you have health insurance, you are on Medicare, Tri-care, you still keep the insurance.

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