Posted by: shannynmoore | March 22, 2010

Moore Up North

This week on Moore Up North I had the honor of interviewing Katie Hurley. Katie was the chief clerk to the Alaska Constitutional Convention, secretary of the Senate in the Territorial Legislature as well as the first Alaska State legislature, and later served in the legislature. She has remained active in Alaska politics and is an amazing force fighting for equality for all Alaskans.

We decided to do something a little different this week with the panel. We have talked about a lot issues over the last 16 shows, and we thought it might be fun to hear what some regular folks thought. So, our panelists this week are: Scott, Dean, and Kent.



  1. Thanks to the panel members!!
    This show was good. To hear conversation on issues from ‘real patriotic Alaskans”!!
    Covered a good mix of topics. Would work if it was done every so often.
    Best of all — everyone brought their manners!
    There is hope!!

    Thanks Shannyn and everyone involved in putting this show on!

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