Posted by: shannynmoore | March 26, 2010


When Alaska Senator Johnny Ellis introduced a bill to subsidize film and television production in Alaska, no one thought then Sarah Palin could be a recipient. On June 4, 2008, she signed the film subsidy in to law.

The Anchorage Press reported this week:

Initial reports last week said Palin’s appearance fee for a soft-documentary TV show featuring Alaska stories could be between $1 million and $1.5 million, per episode. Zoinks!

It’s not quite as expensive as it sounds. The state of Alaska’s film subsidy program would allow Burnett, or anyone who hires an Alaska resident as a talking head, to get back 40 percent of those wages, or $400,000. Production companies that shoot between October and March qualify for an additional two percent, and there’s a two-percent rural shooting bonus. So if a company pays an Alaska politician—or an Alaska fifth grader—$1 million to travel to Barrow and chatter in front of cameras about the first sunrise of 2011 next January, the production can qualify for $442,000 in state tax credits.   Hedges the bet a just little, eh?

It boggles the mind when you think how Alaska has been used as Sarah Palin’s personal ATM.



  1. I can’t even START to tell you how much this pi$$es me off as an Alaskan!!!

  2. Bend over Alaskans, Mrs. Palin is going to swipe her card.

    • Ok that was a disturbing and yet hilarious picture!! Bwaaaahaaaaahaaaaa!!!

    • Ripley- you are effing hilarious!! I was afraid to see less of you when Bree closed her blog, but happily, that is not the case!

  3. unfortunately her followers don’t realize that her whole shtick is a huge ATM

  4. I grew up hearing the phrase “the gift that keeps on giving,” but Sarah is the curse that keeps on taking.

    Isn’t it enough that she tried to kill your wildlife, pollute your fresh water, destroy fishing areas, and ignore the plight of the Native Peoples? Is she intent upon draining your state coffers completely dry?

    My sympathies to Alaska.

    May ask to which Party Johnny Ellis belongs? My first instinct is to say Republican, but he could simply be a well-meaning Democrat or Independent who could not have possibly foreseen the nightmare about to swoop down on you. What matters is that this information is another piece of the puzzle.

    That new Discovery Channel CEO, being the former Fox guy is he, really works all the angles, doesn’t he? Their stockholders must be so proud to earn dividends at the expense of hard-working Alaskans.

    • Johnny Ellis is a Dem. I did and I DO support this law. It’s great to have another industry and jobs for Alaskans. NO ONE, including Sarah, knew in June of 2008 what was coming down the pike. If you click on the link it takes you to the bill. It’s full of provisions to get Alaskan jobs.

      Here’s the link to contact Discovery.

  5. Oops – meant to say ” . . .being the Fox guy he is . . . .” not “is he”

    My apologies. I just got steamed about Palin essentially getting paid in part by the very state she betrayed – and I don’t even live and pay taxes there!

  6. Jealous? Oh poor! Your one of those who just can’t take the other side? Poor you. Can’t imagine how much hatred is going through your head.

    • Nope, just don’t want Alaska to pay the bill…again.

  7. Ripley in CT, your comment made be laugh out loud, but the message conveyed is so true.

    I’m sorry to hear that $arah Palin is hosing (her word) the Alaskan taxpapers again. Just like all the women who slept with Tiger Woods and/or Jesse James, she has no shame and is no better. Anything that makes her money, and to hell with everyone else. I can’t believe so many people like her and her gosh awful voice, but I also can’t believe McDonalds is so popular.

    Thank you, Shannyn for this post.

  8. Looks like another Palin panty sniffer extraordinaire has chosen to comment.

  9. The Master Grifter just keeps on going!

  10. This is not a surprising development, but how many episodes will there be? Ms Palin is ambitious, opportunistic and smart (if not book smart), but there’s a certain volatility to her as well.

    My guess is, at some point, everything will bust wide open like the distended, rotting abdomen of an old, dead ungulate some airplane-shot wolves should have brought down and eaten long before. I mean that for the Discovery deal as well as her political popularity in general. I just hope the latter fall doesn’t involve the Presidency, nuclear weapons and a military coup.

    Shannyn, have you, or anyone else, considered a possible doomsday clock?

  11. Wow, I find that very interesting. Alaska is just a continuous cash cow for Palin. Also, too, readers here might be interested to know that Rupert Murdoch has his greedy hands in on and around The Discovery Channel. The post detailing this is linked in my name.

    One correction. Palin is not getting 1 million per episode. That is what the production company is getting to produce each episode. Her pay could not be equal to that. I have seen estimates that she might be getting near a million for the entire 8 episode gig – that is of course if she can resist quitting.

    • I’ve found it reported both ways. Hard to imagine the entire thing would be done for that… searching!

  12. She isn’t planning to extol the virtues of the Alaskan Turkey is she?

  13. Well, isn’t THAT special!!!!!!!! 😦

  14. So perhaps that explains the plethora of Alaska based shows last year. Everything from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives to Dirty Jobs with lots and lots of wilderness landscape and wildlife shows to fill up channel surfing time.

    Since Alaska receives $1.85 back for every $1.00 paid in Federal IncomeTax, we down in the Outside are helping to pay for Biker Barbie’s promotion of she who must be obeyed taming the wilds of the last frontier. Hell No!!!!! Not with my tax money. I have seen enough, more than enough….and heard enough more than enough, also, too.

  15. IM is reporting, via the Daily Beast, that Palin will get $250K per episode (8 of them–so far). So, that’s $2M for her coffers, and 8x$400K = $3.2 million from the State (filming supposedly starting late spring into summer, maybe into early fall, but avoiding the worst winter weather.

    So, basically, Palin is stiffing the state, and the Feds to some extent–our tax dollars, for another $2M–and Levi was absolutely correct–The Quitter did it all for the coin. She and Toad will never have to work again with just what she’s grifted so far.

    I hope her and Toad’s final status is that of personas non grata in the State of AK. When are people going to start talking?

  16. Whoopi Goldberg on “The View” this past Thursday (even Elisabeth Hasselbeck agreed – so He// has officially frozen over)….This is Whoopi’s response to Sarah’s “RELOAD” Tweet and her crosshairs post on Facebook:

    (Thank God for TIVO – I was able to get it verbatim)

    “I want to put something out there to those talking heads who are still busy inciting this. Whatever comes down from this it’s on your hands. When you say; “wipe ‘em out”, and when you sort of gently suggest that people do stuff, let me tell you about people who tell you do stuff. You notice, THEY’RE not doing it. The people who tell you to go do stuff, they’re at home, they’re not going to jail. If you get caught throwing a brick, shooting somebody, your behind is going to jail, and your family’s going to suffer. And by the way, you know we’ve seen what happens when people listen to other people. Here we saw planes go into the buildings because they listened to someone who said; “Go and do this”. This is the same thing, watch yourselves talking heads, because this is dangerous.” – Whoopi Goldberg

    This should be copied & pasted and posted everywhere!

  17. Did you guys see this? This guy booed Palin at a rally- was forcibly removed by the crowd, Beat up on camera- check Huff PO for the actual article- I got this link from the comments section…

  18. Saw that!

  19. Egads! I forgot all about Senator Ellis’ legislation to encourage Alaskan film making and jobs!
    PLEASE keep an eye on this Ms Moore.
    The idea of a TV show of SP’s AK is hard enough to cope with, without having to think about a national company possibly passing on $$ intended to help Alaska to the pig trough queen. She has managed to fill her belly at the public trough way too many ways and way too times already…

  20. I dont want to stifle film industry in AK but this just get’s my goat. Not that i have a goat but something smells that way. I wrote to Dicovery and TLC what ever. Can the state of Alaska sue her for libel if she is not truthful about the FACTS?
    It makes me sick to think some will equate this state with the thought process of one so deficient as Sarah Palin. When i say facts i mean biological facts not bibliological gobbldygook.

  21. Doesn ‘t the state have to approve what they are filming and how much it will cost? It can’t be that open-ended.

    What am I thinking, the administration would give it to her…I think they are still scared of the wrath of Palin!

    This needs to be stopped somehow. The thought that she let our seniors die, she quit on Alaska, she let rural people suffer, her policy is still murdering our wildlife, and now we are going to pay her is just plain wrong!

  22. The article says that the law provides for a credit to offset business taxes incurred in Alaska. Since there aren’t very many business taxes levied in Alaska the total amount that the production will receive from State funds is minimal…

    I think the State does need to monitor these movie production companies better though. When Sean Penn filmed for Into the Wild he had his crew chase caribou in front of the cameras with a snow machine… This was done in the Spring when the females in the herd were near to giving birth. You can see the caribou run in front of Emile Hircsh in the movie for a few seconds…the camera truck was on Stampede Road looking south toward Mt. Healy. The caribou were calmly feeding just off the road. To make the shot more dramatic Penn had a locally hire snow machiner chase the caribou with his snow machine…

  23. face it, she’s a master of working the angles for as much “free money/benefiys” as she and Todd can get.. unless it is specfically against the law, she is going to push the envelope. She knows exactly what she’s doing… as little info as possible to public records, perform the required at the last possible moment, and distract as much as possible.. she’s very good. Unless someone in Fraud or Tax enforcement can find something – a la Capone, she’ll just keep running with it to the bank

  24. An off topic quiestion about the Grifter… I see she is still squawkin’ about Obamacare. Was it ever determined and reported whether or not she receives or qualifies for federally subsidized health care as a benefit of being married to an Alaska native gentleman? Shannon reported that the Grifter’s grandson receives that benefit so wouldn’t it also apply to Sarah? or only to Todd’s kids?

  25. s’error palin has always been about s’error palin… but do not expect her to pay the same taxes as the rest of the citizenry.

  26. I received a response from the Discovery Channel. I also wrote to the Canadian channel and they said “they were NOT airing her program”. Small steps can make big things happen.

    Dear Viewer:

    Thank you for contacting Discovery Communications.

    We appreciate your correspondence and for taking the time to share your
    thoughts and concerns with us regarding Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC.

    In an effort to ensure the highest quality programming, comments such as these are taken very seriously. Each and every comment is forwarded on to our programming executives for review and consideration. Maintaining the
    integrity of all of our networks is our primary goal. It is these types of comments that contribute to creating change and improving our programming.

    Again, thank you for contacting Discovery Communications.


    Viewer Relations
    Discovery Communications

    A reply to this message will not be answered. If you have additional
    questions or comments, please go to our webform at

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