Posted by: shannynmoore | March 28, 2010

Take a Free Market Vacation!



  1. Ha!

    I love it.

  2. This is hysterical! Just when I needed a good laugh. Thanx…

  3. Baaaahahahaha! I am so digging this…can’t wait to share it! 😀

  4. That made my day, thanks.

  5. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. funny thanx, did share

  7. Sure cheered me up this morning.

    Another thing that cheered me up was reading what some posters said in the comments section of mudflats: one has turned Sarah into the FBI, and another has turned her into Facebook as a “domestic terrrorist” due to her most recent rant about basketball wherein she uses obvious codewords for violence.

    Ooo-wee.What a Monday.

  8. Thanks!

  9. I hear Democratic Office was vandelized in Alaska? Do you know where the Palin children were at that time???

  10. Willow Palin Accused Of Vandalism Of Alaska Home

    I’m telling you, the Democratic Headquarters in Alaska was vandalized, the first persons I would question would be the Palin’s kids….

  11. Thank you. I needed that!

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