Posted by: shannynmoore | April 2, 2010

Let Them Eat Fake

Amazing. True. Maddow.



  1. Ask any Sailor or Marine where a prisoner is held and they’ll tell you the BRIG .I love Rachel but it’s the first time She’s been off center. (As far as I know)

    • LOL! This is so funny!

  2. The disinformation is is becoming prodominant. What are people to count on Well they cant count on anything. They have to figuer it out for themselves. And how many will spend the time to do that?
    We have crap for reporting in Alaska but we have crap on the national stage. I would fire them all and put highschoolers in there place. They may have a third grade education at sixteen but they aint paid shills. I know im bad.

    • Also all the wonderful alaska bloggers and media stars!! help us understand. And many thanks.

  3. i thought is was beautiful, but unfortunately she is preaching to the choir.

  4. This should be played on every news broadcast on every station. Unfortunately it won’t reach even an infinistesmial number of people that it should. I wish every person who cares the least bit about this country would post this on their blogs, their facebook pages, myspace pages, twitter…anywhere that will get it out there. America needs to hear and see this….God this is so frustrating that enough people won’t see this….

  5. I wonder, perhaps Maddow could do a piece about the full length of video done by Katie Couric in the Palin interview – do you think Rick Maddow would have the balls to call that zealot editing?

    By the way, I missed the part where Maddow discusses the dozens of indictments against ACORN for election fraud across the U.S. and she didn’t put up a single picture of ACORN officials that plead guilty to tampering and are now in prison. Not a one. Good job, Rick – your typcial stellar journalism

    • Could you please post those links to the “dozens of indictments” and where I can find those “pictures of ACORN officials that plead guilty to tampering and are now in prison”?

    • So 2 days Holger, where’s your facts? And if your going to post an anti gay slight at Rachel by calling her Rick, you could at least address her as Doctor!

  6. lol fun story bro.

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