Posted by: shannynmoore | April 10, 2010

Moore Up North – Chuitna Coal

This week on Moore Up North I interviewed Chris Rose, the Executive Director of REAP: the Renewable Energy Alaska Project, a coalition of large and small companies, utilities and user groups with an interest in developing renewable energy resources in Alaska

Our panelists this week were:

Ron Burnett, member of the Chuitna Citizens Coalition

Dennis Gann, an Anchorage based member of Cook Inletkeeper

Larry Heilman, member of the Chuitna Citizens Coalition

Sign the petition at to support a law banning the destruction of a salmon stream.



  1. I haven’t finished watching this but am wondering where CIRI’s proposed Underground Coal Gasification project is in relation to to this proposed mine…?

    • CIRI’s UCG proposal is about 10 miles north of the proposed Chuitna coal strip mine, it is just on the north side of the Beluga River.

      • Thank you Mr Gann

  2. Thanks for having us on the show, we all had a great time.

    keep up the great work,


  3. As usual I enjoyed this show & learned much!

    Shannyn, I found another article tonight where Dr. Steiner gives input that I think you might wish to read just to see what’s happening elsewhere:
    World’s deepest undersea vents discovered in Caribbean

    “Conservation biologist Professor Rick Steiner, formerly of the University of Alaska, was called in to examine the company’s original environmental impact assessment study.

    He is concerned about the dumping of thousands of tonnes of rock on the seabed and about the danger of spillages of toxic residue, but his real objection is more fundamental.

    He explained: “The site that they mine, they’re going to destroy all these vent chimneys where the sulphide fluids come out.” ..snipped..

  4. That was a great show. My friend who i had not seen in four years. Was blown away that we had a progressive voice. Thirty years we have trod this place and built that which none would care to know. When i made him watch the show he said that this state may just live. Shannyn that is a big compliment. You can smile.

  5. Nice job Larryand Ron. I could really feel your passion about your chosen way of life and I understand why you want it to remain that way. Keep talking, your voices are being heard.

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