Posted by: shannynmoore | April 16, 2010

Palin’s Happy Healthcare Decisions Day!

Two years ago Sarah Palin made a proclamation. “Healthcare Decisions Day.”  It was amazing to see what a few million dollars, a new wardrobe and fresh bumpit changed. A conversation with family member and doctors became the dreaded “Death Panels”.  Two years ago I thought Palin responsible for urging Alaskans to talk with their families and doctors about their end of life wishes. Having spent the last several months having this conversation with my mother after her diagnosis of bone cancer, I urge you to read her words, it was the last time she made a lick of sense.

“WHEREAS, Healthcare Decisions Day is designed to raise public awareness of the need to plan ahead for healthcare decisions, related to end of life care and medical decision-making whenever patients are unable to speak for themselves and to encourage the specific use of advance directives to communicate these important healthcare decisions. WHEREAS, in Alaska, Alaska Statute 13.52 provides the specifics of the advance directives law and offers a model form for patient use.

WHEREAS, it is estimated that only about 20 percent of people in Alaska have executed an advance directive. Moreover, it is estimated that less than 50 percent of severely or terminally ill patients have an advance directive.

WHEREAS, it is likely that a significant reason for these low percentages is that there is both a lack of knowledge and considerable confusion in the public about Advance Directives.

WHEREAS, one of the principal goals of Healthcare Decisions Day is to encourage hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and hospices to participate in a statewide effort to provide clear and consistent information to the public about advance directives, as well as to encourage medical professionals and lawyers to volunteer their time and efforts to improve public knowledge and increase the number of Alaska’s citizens with advance directives.

WHEREAS, the Foundation for End of Life Care in Juneau, Alaska, and other organizations throughout the United States have endorsed this event and are committed to educating the public about the importance of discussing healthcare choices and executing advance directives.

WHEREAS, as a result of April 16, 2008, being recognized as Healthcare Decisions Day in Alaska, more citizens will have conversations about their healthcare decisions; more citizens will execute advance directives to make their wishes known; and fewer families and healthcare providers will have to struggle with making difficult healthcare decisions in the absence of guidance from the patient.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sarah Palin, Governor of the state of Alaska, do hereby proclaim April 16, 2008, as: Healthcare Decisions Day in Alaska, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.”

Dated: April 16, 2008



  1. I heard that Sarah wants to be cryopreserved and brought back when a cure for assholeism is discovered. It’s just what I heard, I don’t know.

  2. This is from Sarah Palin? Wow. What a shocker.

    Either she didn’t mean it or she can’t remember it.

    I say it again: what a shock.

    This needs to be circulated amongst her followers – maybe some of them will be bright enough to recognize the irony between then and now, and her hypocrisy. We can only hope.

    Sorry to hear about your mother’s diagnosis, Shannyn. You are both blessed to be able talk it through even though it is a conversation none of us want. Blessings be with you both.

  3. Shannyn, seriously?

    Do you really think SHE wrote THAT? You know someone else wrote it and told her to sign it!

  4. I agree with nswfm.

  5. There’s no $$ in it for her by agreeing with Obama… only in creating fear and discord can she further her own enrichmnet…and face it , she’s very, very good at stirring the pot over nothing…

  6. Agree with Benlomond2. She is very good at stirring the pot over nothing. Mencing words, creating issues and insighting violence.

    What I don’t get about her is this act she puts on where she makes a stab at her own ridiculousness and turns it folksy. Like writing on her hands. Or her contract for bendy straws. She does these things, then says its the media twisting up her words or actions. Its almost ingenious. ALMOST. She makes fun of herself to make herself more likable? I am just confused.

    I am too smart to be one of her lemmings anyway.

    And why these baggers want her for President, is beyond me. Yes, ANYONE in American CAN be President. But not just ANYONE should.
    She is a tool.

    I blame McCain for this.

  7. Sarah is such a hypicrate. Since she quit office to work for Alaskan’s let me ask you Alaskans how is she working out for you? Her money machine Sarah Pac is raking in all this money yet the only ones that sem to get any are consultants of which I am sure Bristol Palin gets the lions share! Shannon please dig into the consultants who are recieving the money as consultants. I am positive this organization is just a front for Sarah to keep the funds.

  8. Shannyn, why has this tid bit of juicy info not been made public long ago? Now that the steam is gone from Palin’s Death Panel scare it seems to me that this is moot. Or is it? Can you get this on Huffington Post ?
    Also, if this has taken so long to surface we may find more and more stuffed into the back of public file cabnets

  9. Um, keep your laws off my body, bitches! Hey Shannyn, you should offer spellcheck for your posters. Just an idea.

  10. […] Link: Palin’s Happy Healthcare Decisions Day! […]

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