Posted by: shannynmoore | April 23, 2010

Palin Pinnacle Of Hypocrisy

Sarah Palin took the stand today in the trial of Former University of Tennessee student David Kernell.  Kernell is charged with hacking Palin’s Yahoo! e-mail account while Palin campaigned in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Kernell is facing 50 years in prison over this incident.  He would be 72 years old when he gets out of prison.  According to the Anchorage Daily News, Palin was asked if she thought the charges against Kernell were excessive:

Palin said, “I don’t know, but I do think there should be consequences for bad behavior.”

Hmmm…consequences for BAD BEHAVIOR???

This coming from the Quitter Governor of Alaska who:

  • used state resources to relentlessly pursue a family vendetta
  • took per diem as governor while sleeping in her own bed
  • took her kids at state expense on official State of Alaska business trips
  • lashed out at socialized “death panel” health care while her family was covered by socialized “death panel” health care
  • enjoyed socialized health care in Canada when she growing up and needed it
  • advocates abstinence when it never worked for her own family
  • family members ignored subpoenas and were found in contempt

and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on….

But…the PINNACLE of Palin’s hypocrisy might just be with this trial.  Palin says bad behavior has consequences (even though hers never did).  How about Sarah Palin’s hacking into another state employees’ computer back in 2004?

Sarah Palin hacked Randy Ruedrich’s computer to find some dirt on him.  Here is Richard Mauer’s Anchorage Daily News article originally from 2004 but modified in 2008:

Former oil and gas commissioner’s missteps went beyond his partisan work.


Sarah Palin never thought of herself as an investigator.

Yet there she was, hacking uncomfortably into Randy Ruedrich’s computer, looking for evidence that the state Republican Party boss had broken the state ethics law while a member of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Ruedrich had resigned on Nov. 8 — so suddenly that when Palin, the commission’s chairwoman, caught the news at the end of a television newscast, she didn’t know whether he had quit the commission or quit the party to resolve his conflicts of interest. When she learned it was the commission, Palin wasn’t surprised that she’d heard it first from the media, given her difficulty in getting any word from the governor’s office about Ruedrich, who played a major role in Gov. Frank Murkowski’s election.

The next week, when Palin went back to work at the AOGCC, she noticed that Ruedrich had removed his pictures from the walls and the personal effects from his desk. But as she and an AOGCC technician worked their way around his computer password at the behest of an assistant attorney general in Fairbanks, they found his cleanup had not extended to his electronic files.

The technician “said it looked like he tried to delete this, but she knew a way to go around and get some of the deleted stuff,” Palin said in an interview. “I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I was there.”

Palin found dozens of e-mail messages and documents stacked up in trash folders, many showing work Ruedrich had been doing for the Republican Party and others showing how closely he worked with at least one company he was supposed to be regulating.

For Palin, a fellow Republican who was appointed to the commission by Murkowski about the same time as Ruedrich, the evidence came as little surprise.

For months, she had been receiving complaints about Ruedrich from staff, from a fellow commissioner and from the public, and she had been making her own observations as well. But though she carried the title “ethics supervisor” over the AOGCC and chaired the commission, she said she had little authority over the other two commissioners, who serve six-year terms and can only be fired for cause. She had been unable to affect Ruedrich’s behavior, she said.

Much later, when Ruedrich settled state ethics charges June 22 by paying a record $12,000 civil fine and admitting wrongdoing, Palin said she finally felt some measure of vindication for bucking Ruedrich and members of her party. Over the months leading up to the settlement, Ruedrich had been saying the accusations were overblown, while other Republicans, including Murkowski, complained Ruedrich was unfairly targeted, primarily by the news media.

Originally muzzled by the confidentiality provisions of the state ethics law and unable to explain publicly what she had tried to do about Ruedrich, Palin found herself attacked from both sides: Ruedrich’s opponents accused her of complicity with him, and his allies said she was providing ammunition for Democrats. She quit the commission in frustration on Jan. 16, months before the state’s secret investigation and its formal charges became public.

Palin has been mayor of Wasilla, lost the 2002 primary for lieutenant governor by less than 2,000 votes, and has been described as a rising star in the Republican Party. Wanting to explain her actions, particularly to her Mat-Su neighbors, she agreed to an extensive series of interviews about the circumstances surrounding Ruedrich’s resignation.

She and others at the commission said Ruedrich’s questionable activities involved more issues than the partisan matters cited in the ethics charges and made public. She said Ruedrich had conflicts of interest with oil companies, and she said he sought reimbursement from the state for travel that included political events, accusations that Ruedrich denies.


The period she described had been a confusing one for Palin, who had trouble getting calls returned from the governor’s office, and who said she was receiving mixed signals from other state officials, including Attorney General Gregg Renkes, Chief of Staff Jim Clark, and her own ethics supervisor in the Department of Administration, Kevin Jardell, now the governor’s communications director.

In early September 2003, Palin said, she called Clark for help after staffers complained that Ruedrich was conducting party business on the job and Mat-Su Borough residents were complaining that Ruedrich was siding with the company trying to develop coal bed methane. Three weeks later, on Sept. 27, Clark finally got back to her, Palin said, and told her: “That’s what a chief of staff is for — I’ll handle it.”

Back in the office a few days later, Palin stopped Ruedrich and said, “I think Jim Clark’s going to be calling you, Randy,” she said.

“Oh yeah, he called me, he calls me every Sunday,” Palin recalled him saying. “He asked me if I was doing anything wrong. I told him no.”

Clark didn’t return several calls seeking comment.

Even Ruedrich’s departure provided little clarity, Palin said. As she began the ethics inquiry, she was under orders from the Department of Law to keep it secret from the AOGCC staff, even as she went through his desk and computer and solicited information from others in the office.

“It felt like somebody else should be doing this, because they probably know what to look for,” Palin said. “I printed off things that were obvious Republican Party documents, because I figured that’s what they meant when they said, ‘Get on his computer and send us anything that you believe to be partisan.’ “

So…another “do as I say, not as I do” moment in the continuing nauseating saga that is Sarah Palin.



  1. Disgusting woman.

  2. She is a Queen. Laws and rules are for the little people.

  3. Shannyn, I took the liberty of reposting this in its entirety at Democratic Underground (with credit to you, of course, and your link) where some tender souls are feeling bad for Sarah for having her e-mail “hacked.” This should set them straight.

  4. This information needs to go viral. The news needs to present this when they do the story on how put out she and her family were when the student guessed her password. the News media needs to give both sides of this debacle. AND the judge needs to see it. I hope someone sends it to the defense attorney.

    • I posted this link in the Huffpo comment section about her trip to Oregon. No moderation there.

  5. Good for you posting this Shannyn. I heard you on the show saying someone got in contact with the Kernell’s lawyer, I only hope it’s not too late.

    Palin seemed pretty darn proud of her hacking skills, and Kernell didn’t hack, but he did do wrong and so did she.

    I would love to see her back on the stand answering questions about her hacking into Ruedrich’s computer.

    Are her pants on fire yet?

  6. Back in the office a few days later, Palin stopped Ruedrich and said, “I think Jim Clark’s going to be calling you, Randy,” she said.

    “Oh yeah, he called me, he calls me every Sunday,” Palin recalled him saying. “He asked me if I was doing anything wrong. I told him no.”
    It’s just that easy. I wonder if they get a plaque to hang in their office?

  7. I hope you and others are sharing all these nuggets with Kernell’s attornies.

    • A listener of my radio show called one of my producers and told him her husband was a fairly prominent attorney. After hearing about this, he called Kernell’s defense attorney and provided his aide with the information!

      • Oh good. I hope something comes of that; something has to be done about her.

      • Good on ya, Shannyn!! You’re awesome. No really, I mean it. You really are a good person.

      • Oh man. That’s gonna leave a mark! She’s going to turn three shades of purple if she gets asked about this on the stand. That’s a big IF. We can only hope.

  8. Though, I agree everyone should know about Palin’s hypocrisy, I doubt Kernell’s attorneys could get any or all incidents of Palin’s hypocrisy entered as admissible evidence.

    Because Palin searched someone’s attorney isn’t quite the same as ‘hacking’, and it isn’t really the same as the ‘hacking’ that Kernell is accused of.

    Palin may be guilty, …nay, she surely is guilty, but being able to get disparate evidence entered into a courtroom is constrained by a number of legal precedents that we probably don’t want to see abused.

    There’s likely little consequences for Palin in this trial, unfortunately, besides the risks Kernell faces, Palin is probably only going to gain more notoriety at the expense of any or all around her.

    And that’s the signature feature of Palin.

  9. Does cross examination happen after the Palin’s present their pack of lies, oh … I mean testimony?

  10. Is Palin the unsinkable Milly Brown?

    Richard Mauer was a relentless investigative reporter dogging all things Stevens (Ted and Ben) but he let Sarah slide in this series for her admitted partisan activity with municipal equipment and offices while she was Mayor running for Lt. Gov?

    How on earth does she still give herself and continue to get credit for running the CBC out of the State. She is a CB.

  11. And the citizens of Alaska are letting her get away with this you-know-what? Or did she quit one step ahead of a recall/referendum?

    That she got elected anything astounds me!

  12. “she went through his desk and computer”
    Palin is just allowed to do whatever she wants.

  13. Shannyn,
    Palin said she was in constant contact with babysitters and her family and used email to coordinate with them.
    My question is this…
    The guy said after he guessed the pswrd, the pswrd changed. So how could Sarah access her email?
    She said under oath she didn’t know that her email had been breeched until she was in the hotel and saw it on the news.
    So between the time that the guy changed the password and the news reporting, there is no way Palin could have checked her email. I wonder what the time lapse was between the ‘hacking’ (or ‘guessing’) was and the time she first saw the news report of the invasion??
    I am sure it wasn’t instantanious. So, apparently she didn’t use that email account as often as she is saying.
    I am just saying the time between the breech and the time she saw it on the news, she didn’t bother checking her email at all, or she would have known something was wrong.

    • good points.

  14. Narcissism, plain and simple. Me, me me mememe, etc.

  15. I see the Knoxville News is covering the story and they love Sarah in Knoxville. So I responded with a link to SHANNYN MOORE: JUST A GIRL FROM HOMER. And included a link to the Anchorage Daily Richard Mauer’s article.
    There’s a very nice picture of the poor victim going into court house. This is probably one of the only places this year Sarah will speak and not get paid for it and not have pre-screened questions.
    If you want read comments at the Knoxville News here is a link. Take in a little fresh air first.
    Ex-governor Palin testifies in federal trial: Breach a ‘huge disruption’

    Great Job Shannyn

  16. If you want to see it I guess you will have to cut and paste.

    Ex-governor Palin testifies in federal trial: Breach a ‘huge disruption’

  17. who or what sustains this vile woman?!!?

    • Extreme bitterness, pettiness, a hatred for anyone who is better looking, educated, displays culture and sophistication. In short anyone who is a better human being than her, and her kind!

      Wonder why she does not praise Kernell mother is a Lt. Col in the Army (yes the US Army) for protecting our First Amendment and other rights?

  18. Poor poor pitiful Sarah. Has no problem denegrating young adults for their misadventures i.e.” invading her privacy” as she so self-righteously did in 04 to her colleague. That goes to the nature of her beast. Could you please do an expose on Palin’s work experience outside of being on the government dole. I can’t find any valid work history out of government with the excepetion of the annual fish run and her short stint after college with the sports reporting. Please report in detail. I believe it to be very important. Thanks.

  19. It seems the 22 yr old is the Maverick who exposed the village idiot who wanted to be a heart beat away from being the President.

    While the self proclaimed Pitbull, Hockey Mom, Maverick, is just a whining, quitting, cry baby, who plays the victim all the time and it just your typical sore loser.

  20. Thanks Shannyn, you rock!

    Palin attempted to publicly humiliate and control Levi Johnston, an 18-year-old unlucky enough to knock up her daughter, and by the time the boy is 19 she is also trying to prevent him from seeing his child and going after very large child support payments (not that he shouldn’t pay if he has the money, but she’s now wealthy so really it should be between only Levi and Bristol). Now she is willing to participate in screwing up the life of a 22-year-old. Does this woman who is old enough to be both boys’ mother have no shame or compassion for youths At All?

  21. She just doesn’t get it does she? Somebody send her to a Clue Store P L E A S E!

  22. What is up? So sad.

  23. Hmm. Is this grave offense similar to my company searching my computer after im fired or quit? We do this to every employee. Its our property, anything on it is fair game.
    Look forward to visiting future posts.

  24. […] gain is off limits.  That’s a given.  However, Palin did exactly the same thing :   Shannyn Moore : But…the PINNACLE of Palin’s hypocrisy might just be with this trial.  Palin says bad […]

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