Posted by: shannynmoore | April 28, 2010

Murkowski Votes To Expose Permanent Fund To Wall Street Fat Cats

Someone needs to ask Senator Lisa Murkowski what day it is and who is president.  There can only be a few reasons why she voted against hearing the Financial Reform bill three days in a row.

You’d have to have amnesia to forget the financial calamity of 2008. Shenanigans and potential crimes are being revealed every day.  The Goldman Sachs fraud investigation is exposing more than potty mouths.

Three days in a row. Lisa. No.

When the 2008 Alaska Permanent Fund financial reports came out, CEO Michael J. Burns said, “2008 was one of the five worst years in the 218 year history of the U.S. stock markets, and it certainly took its toll on the Fund. The spring rally was a welcome sight after well over a year of down markets.”  The Fund ended the fiscal year with a value of $30.0 billion after accounting for the Permanent Fund Dividend transfer, $6.5 billion less than the value on June 30, 2008.  Without the Recovery Act, the numbers could have been much lower. At one point, the fund had lost $9 Billion dollars.

The March31, 2010 Fund report showed a value of $35.8 Billion. The “health” of our investments depends on the regulation of Wall Street.

Three days in a row. Lisa. No.

Lisa Murkowski, according to , has taken campaign donations from the Financial/Insurance/Real Estate industries.(Not including health insurance.)
2004 cycle – $663,990      2008 cycle – $60,500     2010 cycle – $122,150
Her total – $846,640

Three days in a row. Lisa. No.

In comparison, the Alaska Permanent Fund checks over the same period of time total $7,900.56.  The family of four who live at Lisa’s house have received $31,602.24.

Well, math is hard, but it isn’t too difficult to see who Lisa Murkowski is protecting. Wall Street.

Call her office. Tell her to protect Alaskans. (202) 224-6665.



  1. I sent Lisa an email specifically citing the Permanent Fund losses as a reason for supporting floor debate of financial reform. I also pointed out that Tier 3 teachers are entirely dependent on 401(k)s for their retirement and those have had substantial losses as well.
    Remember when she said, “Alaska girls kick ass” after her election? I reminded her of this and asked her to stop being a follower and be a leader who acted in Alaska’s best interest. I guess this Murkowski gene just demands screwing Alaska.

    • Alaskan’s allowed Nepotism to happen when her Dad appointed her to his seat. We should have stood up against it then but NO. We can unelect her soon.

  2. Come on Shannyn.. you know better than most that Lisa doesn’t give a CRAP about anyone in Alaska, except maybe a few in her own family… THAT’S IT..

    Opening your state’s fund up to Blankfein and his group of cee-gar smokin’ – expensive brandy swillin – ego driven locusts is EXACTLY the same plan chimpy bush had for Social Security when he was tuna-salad-preparer-in-chief a few years back. His plan fell on deaf ears and so will Lisa’s EXCEPT it’s smaller than SS so it may be easier to keep under wrappers.. It’s only $30 BILLION…barely a weeks work for the Goldman hoard……. So Lisa may convince them to give it a try and then your screwed…

    But hey, she’s got hers !!

  3. I called Murkowski’s number and left a firm but nasty message cuz my time for civility is running out. I asked, no, dared her to return my call & actually speak with a lower middle class victim of her greed, arrogance and disassociation from the real people and state and country she is supposed to represent. I did not fight for women’s rights, civil rights and peace (Nam in 68/9) to let this country return to the serfdom and corporate rule of now. I didn’t think that the next revolution would take us back to 1776, removing the yoke of monarchy, tho corporate, nontheless cruel. I thought the real fight would be green. My bad. Enough said.

  4. Dear Alaska,
    Could you please come get your half-term governor and take out of the lower 48?

  5. A bit OT, but have you seen the “Colon Health” commercial? The actress looks like Lisa Murkowski. Is she moonlighting? Wouldn’t that just be too perfect?

  6. I dont understand why this woman hates people so much?

  7. You can tell from Lisa’s picture that she is not a compassionate person. Look how intense her eyes are. Scary.

  8. My God if she doesn’t look like a “Speed Freak” and Bi-Polar Schizophrinic, then I don’t know what does….

  9. I just called Senator Murkowski’s office at 202-224-6665 and gave her a piece of my mind.
    I told her answering machine that if the taxpayers get stuck with one dime for the cleanup and restoration of environment and businesses affected, she should take a mop and bucket and go down the the gulf to clean up the mess herself.

    She is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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