Posted by: shannynmoore | April 29, 2010

Anthropologists discover Glenn Beck’s Origins…COMEDY!!!

h/t Keith Olbermann


  1. That’s uncanny. Wow.

    We missed you tonight, Shannyn. Somebody got an hour’s worth of free parking across from Bernie’s. 🙂

    • I am so sorry if you drove down. We announced it on the radio show and sent emails out to our email list yesterday…

      If you did not get an email, please send an email to

      I should have put up a note on this blog however. My sincere apologies…

      We will be back next week…

      Hopefully see you then!


      • Don’t worry about it, Shannyn. It wasn’t that big a deal since we just live in Turnagain anyway. We were kind of in and out of your radio show yesterday with other things going on, so just missed your announcement. I will send the e-mail though. Loved your rants today, by the way. This is a horrible tragedy down in the Gulf, and these poor people don’t even have a clue how lasting their suffering will be.

  2. nothing here. Is there supposed to be a video?

  3. Beck totally ripped his act off! I wonder if he realizes it or if in his drug haze it entered his subconsciousness and is unaware of his show’s source.

  4. That is so funny!!!

    Does that mean that Beck is life imitating art imitating idiot?

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