Posted by: shannynmoore | May 3, 2010

Mike Papantonio from Ring-of-Fire Guests during 1st Hour

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TODAY, special guest Mike Papantonio will  join Shannyn to talk about the growing oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.  Mike hosts Ring of Fire with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and is a resident of Pensacola, FL. 

Mike Papantonio

Mike Papantonio, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and David Bender currently host, Ring of Fire, a nationally syndicated radio show.

Mike is also a regular guest on both Fox News Channel and Fox Business. He also a senior editor of The American Trial Lawyer magazine.

Mike Papantonio is a senior partner of Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Echsner & Proctor, P.A., one of the largest claimants’ law firms in America, having handled thousands of cases throughout the nation including Asbestos, Breast Implants, Pharmaceutical Litigation, Factory Farming, Securities Fraud, the Florida Tobacco Litigation, etc., and has received numerous multi-million dollar verdicts.

Mike is listed in the publication Best Lawyers in America and Leading American Attorney

An author of four books, Mike regularly lectures at trial seminars throughout America. He is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, the American Trial Lawyers Association, the Southern Trial Lawyers Association, and the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, where he served on the Board of Directors for five years.

In 1998, Mike Papantonio teamed with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the Hudson Riverkeepers, and Water Keeper Alliance, to establish a Riverkeepers program in

Shannyn Moore

 Northwest Florida, known as the Pensacola Gulf Coastkeepers, Inc., a full-time organization that serves the community as a public advocate for the waterways of Northwest Florida. GulfCoastkeepers and Riverkeepers are reputable for their willingness to take polluters to court. In 2001, Mike filed two lawsuits against polluters, which lead to a 70 million dollar settlement.

You do not want to miss today’s show.  Mike has tremendous insight into this disaster; the scope and scale, whether it was preventable; and how this is a result of the dine and dash CEO mentality that has take over corporate America.

Tune in to KUDO 1080 Anchorage or KLXJ 1330 Juneau or stream the show here.

If you miss this show, be sure to PODCAST it.



  1. I listened to your show today (on the radio) and I was so impressed by your complete grasp of both the past and the latest oil disasters in your interview with your guest. It was fascinating and informative. I think you have to be one of the best radio hosts out there today, Shannyn. Your intelligence shines through. Thanks for all your great work to inform us!

  2. I live in LA and I used get Ring of Fire on KTalk. Ican not find it anywhere. Is it availabe in my area? Thanks

  3. Mr. Papantonio needs an adjustment about his views compared to the general populatioon.

  4. hey mike i heard you are filling in for ed schultz show today what is your opion on the news of nicole sandlers arrest at a townhall meeting of alan west. i hope now the repubulaticans will take fema funding off the table instead of cutting funding for fema

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