Posted by: shannynmoore | May 17, 2010

Palin Eats Bambi’s Mom, Beck Fingers God

Brilliant. As usual. Must see!



  1. Please subscribe me !

  2. I would have sworn that Palin was at Governor Hickel’s funeral today. If in fact she was, the woman absolutely takes the cake. She double crossed Governor Hickel and he basically wrote her off. She is truly something else!

    • She was. I’m channeling him now. Look for a new post soon. So mad I could spit.

  3. I’m back again regarding Palin being at Governor Hickel’s funeral today in Anchorage. I watched it on Channel 11 and when they showed her, she was not in the general crowd, but appeared to be behind some kind of a window. She smiled when the camera discovered her. Like I said, the woman is something else. Poor Mrs. Hickel and all the family…I hope she didn’t show up at the Captain Cook afterwards. The woman has absolutely no class!

  4. Wondering….don’t the Palins have any dogs or cats or birds and such??

  5. She wanted to rub it in Mr. Dunn”s face.

  6. Dear Lord!
    the gull of that gal!1! beyond bad & brazen!!!
    New lows knows no bounds..sad sigh..

    Eternal Peace GOVERNOR Hickel, Prayers of comfort for his kind, strong Family.
    Blessings for Bella and Family as well.

    scarah’s ambition, like rust, never sleeps.
    but in the end, Karma always sweeps

    • pardon my gall/gull gaffe…just sooo ticked at that twitch

      • Ermalee. Ermalee Hickel, Bella Hammond.

        • ?
          I ment no disrespect.
          over the years, I have had the great privledge to meet Gov.and Mrs. Hickel, and Gov. and Mrs. Hammond, though I certainly was not on first name bases, I am well aware that Wally’s beautiful Wife’s name is not ‘Eternal’…
          Both men, larger then life, their lovely, gracious wives shine with a inner light and peace that inspires many. Both strong Families are a fine reflection of their love of life and truth.

          peace be with you

  7. There were cameras there, of course Palin would show. She has no conscience, no limits and is totally unashamed of anything she has done or bodies she’s hidden to get where she is today. I can’t wait for Dunn’s book to come out.

    I’ve read enough of her past that I don’t think she’s ever taken responsibility in her life for anything she’s done wrong. Has she ever apologized for anything at all?

  8. Question Alaskans, what is the policy on school up there? Does Piper even go to school???? Or does Sarah just keep her so Piper doesn’t go talking at school? Is she properly home schooled? There is no way this kid is following the education rules that my kids have to.

  9. If someone asked me if I was a Marxist or revolutionary like that, I would probably punch them.
    Funny when he feels the need to justify not being a Nazi. Sarah; you taint the true nature of Alaskans. You are a dud.

  10. We had a local rep from our town go to New York to represent SE AK for some tourism. She said there were a lot of people who were surprised she lives in Alaska and they expressed concerns that Alaska was all hill billy gun nuts. It’s crazy how one persons quarky personality can come to represent a whole state.

  11. Jesus Sarah is an IDIOT!!!!!

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