Posted by: shannynmoore | May 18, 2010

Sarah Palin’s New Low: Funeral Crasher

“I don’t give a damn about her.” -Wally Hickel 1919-2010

Half-Governor Sarah Palin crashed twice-Governor Wally Hickel’s funeral today. Trust me, if Sarah Palin was paying her respects, the check would bounce.  The guest list was impressive with many Alaskan dignitaries. And then there was Palin with her daughter Piper, the 8 year old human shield, in tow.

I met Wally and Ermalee Hickel when I was 21 years old and living in Halibut Cove. I didn’t always love his politics, but I loved his spirit.  He made me a better Alaskan.  Sadly, he couldn’t do the same for Sarah.

When Palin was elected governor, I shrugged. Wally liked her.  We had proof he was bigger than his party.

Once protested by environmentalist after appointed as Nixon’s Secretary of the Interior,  Hickel imposed stringent cleanup regulations on oil companies and water polluters after an oil rig explosion off the coast of Santa Barbara, in 1969. He also fought to save the Everglades from being destroyed by developers and advocated for making Earth Day a national holiday. He was an unwitting war protester.

Progressives felt comfortable with his endorsement of the unknown candidate.

He was fired as the Secretary of the Interior by President Nixon when he went public about his opposition to military action in Cambodia and the Kent State Massacre.  When pressured to quit, he told 60 Minutes he would only go away “with an arrow in my heart, not a bullet in my back.”  All Palin needed to quit was a check.

Always an advocate for Alaskan sovereignty, Hickel never stopped pushing for an all-Alaska gasline.  He was convinced Palin had the guts to get it done. She didn’t. No one had buyer’s remorse more than Wally Hickel. He said so.

My friend, Geoffrey Dunn asked Hickel last year for a formal, on-the-record response to Palin’s stunted career as governor. Dunn wrote, “He took a deep pause.”She fell in love with the national spotlight and lost her ethical compass,” he said thoughtfully. “That was a sad day for Alaska and America.”

After the 2008 election, Hickel’s Anchorage Daily News article eviscerated Palin’s race baiting on the campaign trail.

“Palin became the spokesperson for the divisive voices in American politics. She dismissed the greatness of our immigrant heritage, indeed of today’s Alaska, where in Anchorage alone nearly 100 languages are spoken in the homes of the children in our public schools.”

A recent endorsement of Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer’s “Papers, Baby, Papers” policy shows Palin’s true leanings to people of any color darker than white.  Hickel would have never said “We’re all Arizonans”.  Wally Hickel was part of the human race. He spent the last few years trying to help the government of Sudan see their natural resource ownership potential to overcome poverty. His philosophy of “owner state” would be labeled “socialism” by those who Sarah pals around with. He was very proud of the work his son, Jack, and grandson, Justin, were doing to help the people there. He knew the real “death panels” were poverty-no matter the geography; no matter the ethnicity.

Alaska is mourning a true statesman with the death of Wally Hickel. Our loss isn’t bi-partisan, it’s non-partisan. It’s Alaskan. Just like he was. Not since the death of Governor Jay Hammond have we come together to bow our collective heads and be thankful for leadership. We didn’t have to agree with policy to agree we live in an amazing place.

Today, Sarah Palin darkened the door of a funeral. Wally didn’t give a damn about her and most Alaskans don’t either. She represents herself, and she does that badly.

The Anchorage Daily News reported Palin’s comments, “Our state has lost a great leader. What he has left behind will have changed all of our lives, and he spoke so often about  energy and security, and energy and prosperity and the nation, and we must not forget that.”

Really, Sarah?

You cherry-picked Hickel’s positions to support your own.  You shill for BP and beg legitimacy from a man you only considered a rung on your ladder to wealth.  He wasn’t afraid of oil companies-he forced them to pay $1.8 billion in back taxes.  Wally Hickel summoned execs and  leveraged Exxon for $1 billion in damages to buy land and fund SCIENCE in an effort to recover Prince William Sound.  You chant “Drill, Baby, Drill” and embarrass us with your lack of depth and understanding to the true loss Alaskans faced from the Exxon Valdez spill.

Wally Hickel put more restrictions on oil exploration then Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will ever consider. Hickel was an environmentalist. He helped launch Earth Day in 1970. He put seven whales on the Endangered Species List. He ceased aerial wolf hunting because HE LISTENED TO ALASKANS! He believed in workers’ rights-his Hotel Captain Cook is a UNION HOTEL! His children were not props. He loved people of all colors, and believed humans were exceptional.

Today, the legacy of Wally Hickel was felt across the state.  His funeral was broadcast live into cabins still waiting for spring. This is a familiar homage for generations of Alaskans who loved true leaders like Bill Egan and Jay Hammond. The “servant’s heart” truly beat in the chests of those men.  The Last Frontier was honored by true First Ladies Bella Hammond and Ermalee Hickel.  Their class, heart, and honor are a country mile from the hyperbole-filled bumpit of Sarah Palin.

Palin’s legacy is that of a sell-out and quitter. Today is as close as she will ever be to such a celebration of life.

Sarah loves Sarah.

Wally loved people.

The People loved Wally.

Rest In Peace.



  1. how much was sister sarah paid to attend the funeral? did she waive her $100k appearance fee?

  2. RIP Governor Hickel.

    Rot in hell Sarah “Balin'” Palin.

  3. I meant to text “Bailin'”…

  4. Lord knows I am no Palinista, she makes my eye twitch, but I am wondering what she could have done..

    If she hadnt shown up to a funeral that seemed to be attended by many former govenors she would have been seen as being disrespectful, and coming has her seen as insensitive and a camera whore…. She really couldnt win.. Although I think the way she brings her kid to everything is just flat weird…

    heck, we rarely went to funerals of family members at Pipers age, why the heck would she be coming to a funeral of someone she didnt know?

  5. hmm, did my response go into the ether?

  6. must have… my response was basically that Sarah was in a no win situation..(not a member of the Paliban)..

    If she didnt show at a funeral attended by so many past govenors she would have been seen as being disrespectful, attending meant she is seen as insensitive…

    although I am sickened by how she takes a young kid to a funeral of someone the kid probably never knew… At Pipers age we rarely if ever attended funerals even of family members…

  7. Nice post Shannyn-

    In regards to Sarah-

    She truly is a viscous coward. I am surprised she “allowed” press coverage, photographs and tape recorders- oh yeah that’s right- this event wasn’t about her.

    She just HAS TO BE SEEN- so I guess looking in the mirror isn’t enough for her anymore?

    A quote from Dorian Gray:

    With acknowledgments to

    “How sad it is! I shall grow old, and horrible, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June. . . . If it were only the other way! If it were I who was to be always young, and the picture that was to grow old! For that-for that-I would give everything! Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give! I would give my soul for that!” Chapter 2, pg. 29

  8. $arah will show up at any event to make the news, how low can one go, and piper the poor sister that will never know herself and never getting to be a young person. her mom even calls her sister!! whats with that. ?
    wally hickel sounded like a true alaskan and really did work for the state. esp. policing the oil creeps and nailing the groups that needed to be taken down.
    too bad he thought $arah was on his side. NOT..
    shes out for $arah and her AIP, don*t forget she still wears her polar bear pin.. remember that pin next time you see her wearing it. thats goin rogue!! shes laughing at us folks and keeping her AIP pals laughing with her and her dude.
    thanks shannon for your piece on a fine man who was a true alaskan. as you are too.

  9. Sarah Palin is the Al Sharpton of the Conservative movement….she is only out for herself, power and money, and her followers will do anything she says….just like Al’s.

    She’s a grifter.

    • I have to disagree…at least Al Sharpton can form a sentence.

      • Al Sharpton is a class act compared to Pathetic Palin. He’s not a back-stabbing hypocrite either.

        • oh and there’s that other small detail…Al Sharpton appears on panel talk shows…he doesn’t hide behind FB. 🙂

  10. The post and comments are chilling.
    I am thankful for your insite all, esp. Teutonic13.

    RIP Gov. Hickel.

  11. Shannyn, we’re so lucky to have you on deck here in Alaska to keep the rest of us informed. “Thanks!” seems inadequate!

  12. I propose that instead of getting angry and upset about Palin, that we laugh our heads off. She is ridiculous and stupid. She is dangerous, because we let her be. “Thoughts become things.”

  13. Wonderful article! My grandfather loved this man. He is the reason all the white haired people in my family are republicans. Against all attempts to get them to smell the roses, at least they still talk the Alaska talk.

    Mrs. Palin;

    You are a sadistic person. Alaska is not a playing field for your type. The fact that you make puppets out of your children makes you the worst type. The example you set to the masses of parents living in a hypnotized state is purely evil.

    The ladies at the DMV even hate you. That was the highlight of renewing my DL.

    Much Remorse(for voting for you once),

    3rd generation Alaskan (who knows you are a poser and treat your children like something like a Fundamentalist/Pavlov’s Dog/Clockwork Orange hybrid would do.)

    P.S My Grandmother loves what you are telling good hard working Americans…..does she have you confused with Susie Orman?

  14. Shannon, thanks for this wonderful reflection. I suggest it be sent to Huffington Post. When I saw her last night on Channel 11 (they covered the entire funeral) I was absolutely shocked. It did not appear to me that she was sitting in the midst of the crowd as were the other past and present governor. She appeared to be behind glass. Where was she in the church, does anyone know? Did she have her security w/her? Poor Piper!

    You writing should be sent to Huffington Post.

    This woman has more balls – sorry – cannot think of a better way to say it!

    • Prob hiding behind the glass (is it bullet proof)? Doubt she was in church- the cameras wouldn’t be on her.

      • She was in church (perhaps she was in the little kids area used by parents when disruptive) and the camera WAS on her! Channel 11 in Anchorage if you need to verify!

  15. Great writing Shannyn. Thanks for keeping it real about Palin’s self-promoting antics. What a media SLUT! Keep up the excellent work.

  16. She had to have a fricking PROP at a funeral for a dignitary! Sarah’s not even adult enough to go to a funeral by herself!

  17. Really good line Shannyn- cuts to the core…

    “Trust me, if Sarah Palin was paying her respects, the check would bounce.”

  18. If and when Todd leaves Sarah I hope she changes her last name back to Heath. She has given the Palin name a black mark forever. Too bad they are a good Alaskan family, not perfect, but who is?

    • Todd has no worry abt having to work 9 to 5. Palin feeds him for free, her sis babysits his kids for free, what more can he ask for!

  19. I met Governor Hickel one time and it was just last year. I had a meal at the Captain Cook and as I was leaving the back entrance of the hotel I noticed someone in a 3 piece suit, coat and hat walking behind me. I kept the door open. It was Gov. Hickel leaving his office for the day.

    I often say one’s true colors can be seen when a door is open (or not open) for someone. Whether it is you or the other person holding the door. In the 5 seconds we met and I held the door I knew what a genuinely good person he was. “Why thank you young sir!” He looked directly at me with a big smile on his face.

    As I was leaving the hotel I looked back and he was chatting and laughing with the doorman who had just returned to his post.

    Gov. Hickel leaves a legacy we Alaskans can and should embrace. He genuinely loved Alaska and all Alaskans. We should spend our energy emulating people like Gov’s Hickel and Hammond and end our dumbfounded fascination with our ‘spectacle’d former part-time governor.

  20. Shannyn,
    Your a moron!!!!

    • And “you’re” not so bright yourself. I consider the speller.

      • lol… 3 words and still screwed it up It would have been better if it had been “your I moran”, but you have to take what you can get.

        nice to see the teabaggers have learned something from their sign making… Moran… my new favorite insult..

      • why is this particular problem so common? 😉

    • Must be a teabagger, who cannot spell 😉

  21. Ms. Palin continues to have no class ,zero. We know she has nothing of sustance to offer yet she has followers?

    Shannyn ,

    I am very thankful for you continued vigilance on this fraud and her disgusting and evil behavior.

    Please keep up the good work . your efforts are valued and appreciated. and it gives me hope that someday the world will see her for what she really is ,a genuine troublemaker .

  22. This woman has all the class and sense of propriety as a whiplash lawyer.

    And maybe that was Mrs. Palin’s true calling.

  23. Frankly, I blame the ADN for giving any press at all to Sarah at the funeral. They could have quoted any number of other attendees, but gave Sarah 2 paragraphs in their funeral article. I think it showed tremendous disrespect on their part to Gov. Hickel and to his family and close friends. (Gov. Hickel probably would have shrugged it off and moved on to important matters!)

    • I think they did SP a non-favor, GMA. Her comment wasn’t that articulate.

  24. This is a beautiful piece, Ms. Moore.

    People follow Palin because of how she makes them feel. She isn’t a hater, she is hateful. She is a vehicle for their blame and inner sadness and lack of resourcefulness. She gets the cameras on her and– what can I say that hasn’t been said? ou know what she does. She worked them up and over, drops her final consonants and then takes their money for her homespunnery.

    People don’t think any more, nor do they ask questions. They know if the computer works, not why it works or how to fix it. They know that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, but they don’t understand the economic impact of it on the spice trade in Europe or the effect that it would have on the food availability 100 years later. They know they like Palin, but they don’t undersand why, nor do they need to. Getting aroused and screaming is like high school with a Josten’s Class Ring. There is a sense of belonging, tribalism.

  25. Finally a post that expresses our true hatred for her callousness by crashing a funeral she should not have gone to. Why does she continue to go out in public? Does she not read your posts about how out of touch she really is and how much you hate her for us?

  26. Thanks so much, Shannyn! I’ve been so busy with the end-of-school activities I missed Gov Hickel’s passing.

    Oh, what a great piece you wrote about his legacy of leadership in our state. Showing that you can be a conservative and still be a brilliant conservationist.

    It was good to see the recent poll showing that, indeed, a majority of Alaskans are ashamed of Sarah, especially how divisive she is. Seriously, can anyone be more divisive? How on Earth does anyone find that appealing?

    Your article about Gov. Hickel is giving me hope – I think a true Alaskan leadership has to re-emerge in our state again soon.

  27. I think Palin was posting on the Huffington version of this great article by Shannyn.

    I’ll submit the back and forth so you can decide for yourself, but the twisted logic, odd use of words, misspellings, expressions and even the moniker sure seem like Palin to me.

    As you can tell I was pretty frustrated and fed up.

    Please let me know what you think.

    You REALLY got under her skin with this, as the twisted defense of her quitting as governor, by claiming that Hickle quit too and Shannyn never mentions THAT ….Shannyn is so “unfair”… soooo Palin, it makes it more likely to BE her.

    If the length of this offends anyone I apologize.
    I am absolutely amazed by the nymber of people, including you Shannyn, who can show such self-righteous indignation over Palin attending Hickel’s funeral. Is there one of you who have walked a mile in her shoes? Is there one who can see what’s in her heart or read her mind? Is there one with nail marks in your hands, who has lead such a perfect life as to qualify you to judge? I believe the answer to each and every question is a resounding NO!
    If you disagree with her politics, why not call her on her position with facts? What is to be gained by all of this senseless mudslinging?
    My response:

    Shanynn has covered Palin fairly and extensively over the years.

    Ms.Moore has covered ALL Alaskan politicians… IS her JOB.

    BTW Shannyn IS a born and bred Alaskan, hence her blog….”Just a Girl from Homer”

    Homer is in Alaska…….

    Since Palin hit the political scene in Wassilla and left that small berg 13 MILLION dollars in debt, Shannyn has been covering $arah.

    She doesn’t have to “walk a mile’ in $arah’s shoes……………since she has been witness to $arah walking all over everyone ELSE with those shoes…not limited to but INCLUDING Wally Hickel.

    WHO by the way Shannyn knew personally.

    So why don’y YOU post about something YOU know

    Where who I think is $arah comes in as “ron2win”

    as in run2win, they had just signed up to HP and with 4 “fans” is usually the sign of a tr0ll



    Martha — you think she has treated Palin fairly over the years ? What if i told you she was not the first Alaskan to quit in mid term ? What if Ms. Moore knew this and did not mention it inspite of all the attacks Palin has received for quiting.Would you think that aformentioned information would be germane .Woulden’t you think that while discussing Mr. Hickle and Ms. Palin that she would at least mention the fact Mr. Hickle quit in the third year of a four year term . ? I’m thinking you would .Check out the link below and see for your self .
    Oh yes you are referring to this:

    . His first term as governor was from 1966 to 1969, and ended with Hickel’s resignation upon his confirmation in the position of United States Secretary of the Interior in the Cabinet of President Richard Nixon. He later served a complete term from 1990 to 1994.

    HIckle went on to serve his country when asked by the POTUS.

    $arah lost her bid for VP and quit to cash in her chips….QUITE a big difference.

    Shannyn HAS covered this.

    You $arah supporters are just like a bunch of $hit flinging monkeys, screeching from your cages all day, desperate to make something stick no matter HOW much it stinks.

    Now THIS is where it is either $arah or her clone
    4 Fans

    My point Martha was she did not mention this when she was complaining about Sarah . She , if nothing else should be fair to her readers by giveing them all the facts not just the ones she likes.

    The statement at the bottom of your reply speaks volumes about you. Civilty and reason go out the window when truth walks in .I can see why you have so many fans due to you vitrolic rhetoric .You must be a real pleasure to be around .I do owe you a thanks though . You have taught me a valuable lesson . Next time i care to reply to some one i will check out their postings first, then reply in kind. Keep that in mind if you care to comment further. Bucko
    4 Fans

    Oh by the by ,your stament about the monkeys in the cage is getting pungently old .I’v read your posts , must have gottan you alot of fans huh ?hardly original after the third time ,but who’s counting

    Bucko?……….is that you $arah???

    Is that you Mansour??


    The “truth” didn’t walk in in your twisted posting.

    Even from your reference it states that:

    His first term as governor was from 1966 to 1969, and ended with Hickel’s resignation:

    upon his confirmation in the position of United States Secretary of the Interior in the Cabinet of President Richard Nixon.

    He later served a complete term from 1990 to 1994.

    Hickle’s history is well known. He was respected by all and sincerely worked hard for his state and his country.

    NO journalist ever compared $arah to HIckle in that regard because there IS no comparison.

    Hickle was everything $arah should have been and could have been.

    If you insist on comparing the two:

    $arah is an abomination compared to Hickle.

    HIckle was CHOSEN to serve at the behest of POTUS and did not resign until that position was confirmed.

    After he served his country he came back to Alaska and was so beloved he was voted in governor AGAIN and served out his term.

    $arah is anything BUT “beloved” by Alaskans and I’m sure she was wondering, who from Alaska( beside her immediate family) would ever turn out for HER funeral.

    BTW…it’s “vitriolic” not “vitrolic”, “Civility” not “Civilty” you should have looked THOSE up while you were at it and no one here gets many fans unless they DO speak the truth …….so keep THAT in mind and you won’t look like a $hit flinging monkey

  28. I sent a letter to the editor of the ADN admonishing them for printing quitter Sarah’s statement while attending the funeral. She was very much disliked by Hickel and no longer had his respect. (Something she has lost w/a majority here in Alaska throughout the past few years!). There were other ‘past’ governors in attendance (none of which had ‘quit’) that we would have been much more interested in hearing their thoughts and reflections of Governor Hickel. Of course, ADN didn’t print my letter!
    RIP Governor Hickel and thank you!

  29. I just listened to yesterdays show on podcast and now understand your position more fully.. I understand with the kind of Person that Mr Hickel was and what he meant to you and the state of Alaska that Palins hypocrisy and using his funeral as a chance to “drill baby drill” would have stuck in your craw…

    Thanks for clarifying..

  30. Shows up – completely unwelcome…like a turd in the punchbowl.

  31. Was Todd at the funeral with Sarah?

  32. Now this is an essay in total convolution of the alphabet staring back at you from the cereal bowl… As only Palin can 🙂


    “One thing that we can learn in this lesson, that I have learned and Rand Paul has learned now, is don’t assume that you can assume in a hypothetical discussion about constitutional impacts with a reporter or media personality who has an agenda, who may be prejudiced before they even get in the interview in regards to what your answer may be or the opportunity that they seize to getch ya,” she said. “They’re looking for that ‘gotcha moment.’ That’s what it evidently appears to be what they did with Rand Paul.”

    Who’se your daddy Sarah… GOTCHYA !!!

    • Anybody remember that early 80’s song by Blondie ?

      One way

      Or another

      I’m gonna find ya

      I’m gonna getchya getchya getchya getchya

      one way

      or another-

      I’m gonna find ya

      I’m gonna getchya getchya getchya getchya .. add nauseum…

  33. I wonder if Sarah Palin can see North Korea from her front porch?

    Southern smiles,
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

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