Posted by: shannynmoore | May 20, 2010

All Hat, No Cows, Kiss, Kiss

As if drilling in the Arctic THIS SUMMER isn’t enough, Salazar kisses “Drill, Baby, Drill”.

And then there is Lisa “Leave BP Alone!” Murkowski:

Thanks ADN for documenting the moment!



  1. Oh boy, is that an unflattering photo of the plastic-surgeried one!

  2. What the hell is that ugly growth on the left side of her mouth?

    • That is the mark of the devil don’tcha know. Throw her in Lake Lucille and see if she floats.

  3. What is he doing to her ear? Ewwww.

  4. That gave me the willies. We need to get rid of Ken Salazar.

  5. $carah looks like she is enjoying the moment. Then again the cameras are nearby.

    Salazar should get checked for rabies.

  6. O/T
    I probably should not share this here, wtf, here goes..
    It occurred to me this morning, while sitting upon the throne, that sista $arah’s screech tone, is to me, a bit like a cross between Betty Rubble from The Flintstones, the first Darren from Bewitched ….a daffy cave women & a anxious, whiny ad- man,
    maybe a dash of ‘Blaire’ from The Facts of Life, for the snooty element,..and a generous dollop of ‘The Wicked Witch of the West’ of The Wizard of Oz…for intent
    Still, it doesn’t quite covers her temple piercing tone, or address her delivery of incoherent rousing rambles of hokey- hate.
    Silly analogy aside, it is the jim jones freak-streak of hers that gives me shivers & want to do what I can to help ‘folks’ in the lower 48 catch up with what Alaskans have already learned.

  7. I thought only elitists did plastic surgery…

  8. She had her Quato removed yet?

  9. wonder if his lips burned when he touched her. yuck

  10. Double dippin i guess.

  11. Fraternizing with the Enemy/enemies , I guess. Quite frankly, there are more honest ways to deal with deceitful, greedy fear mongers than bonhomie. I’m thinking of something more substantial than a “bendy straw” inserted and exiting thru body orifices. If I seem angry at the greed and failure of these two women who had a chance to benefit Alaska and serve as role models for girls growing up here , I am.

  12. Exactly!! The bendy straw might just be the distraction we need. Don’t underestimate the fact that they still do serve as role models and the hypnotized sector of Alaskans are still ramrodding these woman down their child’s throat as an example of being a good christian woman and the “success”, evident.

    Our children have the responsibility to ensure our survival. This lady is teaching them the world will end soon so why not get yours??

  13. A couple of excellent reasons why a woman wouldn’t want to go into politics. ew!

  14. Why is the physical affection even necessary? Do we hug and kiss people at work? I don’t. Furthermore, these people are political opponents! (I think?) To me it’s really inappropiate. This is politics, not a social at the country club.

  15. Typical Sun Tzu antics.

  16. Nice.,17287/

  17. Those pictures are worth a thousand words – Salazar looks like a DOM with Sarah and Lisa doesn’t want him slobbering all over her!

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