Posted by: shannynmoore | May 22, 2010

Moore Up North: Hickel & Pilots

This past week, Alaska buried Statesman Wally Hickel. His son, Dr. Jack Hickel delivered his fathers eulogy with the same flair Wally lived his life with.  On Tuesday I wrote a piece lauding the accomplishments of Wally and criticisms of Sarah Palin for crashing the funeral.  When Jack walked in to the taping I talked to him about what I’d written.  He had read it, appreciated it and wanted to talk about his dad. I’m grateful to both he and his family for sharing such a remarkable man.

Parts 1-3 Dr. Jack Hickel

Parts 4-6 UPS Pilots

Most commercial pilots live where they want, and commute to their job. They chose to move to Alaska when UPS opened its Anchorage Domicile in 2006. They moved here based on promises from UPS about its investment in Anchorage, Pacific Rim flying, and their secure careers.

Now that UPS has reneged on it pledge to them it will fundamentally change UPS’s relationship with Anchorage and Alaska by devolving from a resident pilot base into a commuter domicile. They moved here,they relocated their families here, and want to stay here. Please do everything that you can to help UPS change its mind about this furlough and keep the Anchorage Domicile a resident pilot base.

Email Senator Mark Begich in support of the UPS pilots and financial health of Anchorage.



  1. I would like to thank Ms. Moore for her dedication and the hour she spent with my union’s president, Robert Thrush and Senator Begich. I know unions have lost their presence among the labor force of our country. The balance has swung from the hourly union worker to the CEO’s and Board of Directors of most American companies. The greed they have demonstrated over this transition to a minimum wage salary, reduced benefits and disappearing pensions illustrate how much they care about the average worker. If it weren’t for people like Ms. Moore these union jobs would be disappearing at an even more alarming rate.

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