Posted by: shannynmoore | May 31, 2010

BP, The Slick Operators

On January 20, 1990 a Channel 4 documentary series called Scottish Eye aired Slick Operators.  The documentary tells the story of BP’s role in the Exxon Valdez oil spill and their lies in the aftermath of the spill.  Sadly it is still very relevant today.  BP is the largest owner of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and was responsible for many of the failures that led to the catastrophe in Prince William Sound.  They claimed that many of the safety measures they were supposed to have in place would have been impossible, yet they were using them at an oil terminal in Scotland.

Greg Palast and I have talked about BP’s responsibility dodged during the Exxon Valdez Spill.  Sadly, the BP Gulf catastrophe was was too predictable.

Please take the time to watch this film. It’s not just a history, it’s our present and our future.

Hat tip to Atom Spiegel–who is brilliant!



  1. I knew BP was involved but not as much as i understand now. This whole consortium Is to blame for the greatest downfall of my life. Not to forget my son who is still struggling and fishing out of Cordova. And at twenty five years old he only understands so much. I will educate but we should educate our legislators. The drilling of the chukchi sea and Beaufort sea should not be undertaken as there is no chance of a cleanup if a spill should happen. We owe this to the people there. Their lives are not measured in barrels. What has happened in the gulf of mexico is a crime against humanity. Bob.

  2. Like AKjah I knew a lot but no where near this much. I have a friend in Scotland that predicted BP would screw it up more. Good job Shannyn, and congrats on the halibut! Send cheeks.

  3. Shannyn
    I hope you’re going to be blogging about Sarah’s latest snub of Murkowski to back the Teabagger…

  4. Hey Shannyn are you going to comment on your ex governors comments on FB?

    What a sociopath…and so sad for our planet

  5. I cross posted this at the Mudflats:

    Anybody watching over the Gulf oil spill, I HIGHLY recommend watching Rachel Maddow’s entire show tonight, reporting from down in the gulf!!

    link Maddow Thurs. 6/03/10

    The whole show was educational and clearly Rachel was outraged while she showed more details of the impacts and some of the ineffective response efforts during her travels.

    But, what was especially interesting, was when Rachel directly confronted one of the ‘Obama Spill Commission Co-chairs’ about his potential conflicts of interest w/Boards he sits on.

    You know Rachel, she comes armed with the facts and doesn’t back down (even while being polite). At the very least, I think she made it VERY clear that this Commission will be extremely well watched and reported on!

  6. This is so sad to see these innocent animals covered in oil…

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