Posted by: shannynmoore | June 5, 2010

Hey, BP, Here’s Your Sign

OK, You Go First.


  1. I am at a complete loss for words. I hope this goes viral. Can you put it on Youtube?

    • It’s already gone viral. I’ve seen it on at least a dozen websites already.

    • This is a great picture !!

      Please check out our website We are a grass roots effort in the search for answers about how to recover from this oil spill. Please check us out @

  2. great sign, did not see BP on the pump at 1st.

  3. It’s making the rounds on FB. Classic!

  4. Shannyn,
    I hope you don’t mind that I captured that photo off of your site and posted it on FB…I’m guilty, I did it! I can tell because the one going around is the one that I cropped the Mobile Home or whatever it is out of the picture….
    It’s amazing how it’s going viral though….I did give you and your blog site credit for the picture when I originally posted it…..

  5. Sarah Palin IS the stimulus package for Alaska.

    The way I look at it is she’s just a side show. Less cred than the Limbaugh’s and the Beck’s. Hell, even Orly is smarter and more respected intellectually than SP. NONE of these aforementioned a$$-wipes demand an ounce of worry.

    She is a cunning freak, and will inspire weak-minded people to blindly follow. It’s America- we have our share of crazies. But she is a special type of crazy. She games very very well.

    So eventually, after the luster is gone- she will spiral to her toilet.

    What spirals with her? A LOT of pro and con SP entrepreneurs that cash in on her polarity and notoriety.

    When she’s gone, there will be plenty of mundane sites and pundits, with barely a hose for their trumpet.

    She actually does stimulate the economy.

    Look at what she has spawned? The Mudflats ( ) wouldn’t be as heavily populated by outsiders like myself, if it weren’t for her. Immoral majority ( )would be a rant, and Palingates ( ) would need a new namesake for it’s hinges. Shannyn Moore ( )wouldn’t be on HP as much, and would lose a lot of out of state traffic.

    She literally is the paprika for local politics (you like it or hate it- but you can’t miss it).

    I applaud these sites (don’t get me wrong- I love the flats- and devour the other sites) but you gotta think that without her, the blogosphere in Alaska would be a little thinner.

    I have to say, I like dissing on her- because it is so much fun, and too easy almost.

    I’m going to post this diatribe of the DailyKos now to test that theory. Well heck- on top of that- click on my link just to see if the theory holds out. I figure this topic is worth 100 or so additional peeps.

    Curently my count is 5251 visits. Between here and Daily Kos I figure to bump it up.

    The sad thing is, my real story for the day was taking a 20 day old baby girl off cardiopulmonary ECMO support for a process that lasted three hours. Three hours of a painful and and sad end to newborn’s life and the dreams of her parents. Now THAT was a hard dose of reality. But not noteworthy to anyone but the family and tremendous nursing staff we had involved in the effort.

    I’m gonna go count some beans now…

    Click Here 🙂

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