Posted by: shannynmoore | June 11, 2010

My Birthday, My Mom

My dreams of a 40th birthday in Rome or Maui have been replaced with something far more meaningful. June 12th I will be walking in the Homer Cancer Walk with my mother who was diagnosed with an untreatable cancer in January.

She is a retired teacher and has always given back. I’m really proud her working hard to keep others from having to go through what faces her now.

If you’d like to contribute you can mail a check to:

American Cancer Society

C/O Fran Moore

PO Box 4192 Homer, Alaska 99603

Or hit the donate button on this page and memo it with Fran Cancer Walk


  1. She’s beautiful, Shannyn. I will keep her in my prayers. I’m a cancer survivor who had no risk factors. Or so I thought until I finally went to a naturopathic doctor and discovered I had low vitamin D3 levels, putting me at risk for cancer. It also was the reason for me developing S.A.D. That doctor said that traditional doctors will tell you that 30-60 is normal, but she said 80 is optimal. This is just now hitting mainstream medicine. Low D3 can also cause heart problems and many other things as well. Please, Shannyn, google it and consider getting your D3 level checked.

    I know what a frightening time this is for both of you. I love the picture.

    • I am a two time cancer survivor; to stop any further cancer I use pure maple syrup and baking soda heated and mixed. Google, Maple Syrup Baking Soda Trojan Horse.

      Good luck.

  2. BTW, I live in the desert, so lots of sunshine isn’t always a solution to low D3 levels.

  3. Happy birthday! May your weekend be wonderful, and may a river open close to you so you can fish!

  4. Shannyn, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother, and I will add her to my prayers. She appears to be a beautiful person, both inside and out. You’ll never reqret postponing Rome or Maui to spend your birthday with your mom. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. How ’bout a picture of your mother instead of your sister?

  6. Look into the work of Johanna Budwig.

  7. How bittersweet……..

    What a remarkable woman to think of others, as she stands up to this damn disease.

    No wonder you are such a sensible, stalwart voice for the truth in Alaska.

    You must be so proud of each other!

    My grandmother, my mother and my aunts are reflected in the way I live my life , though the are long passed.

    I appreciate them even more as I age and feel that they are never really that far away.

    There will be many more celebrations in store for you and this wee “milestone” birthday will seem like a blip.

    You will both be in my thoughts………..

  8. Happy Birthday Mom!!

    HeadsUp to readers!
    You might want to weigh in here:

  9. Happy Birthday, Shannyn!

    I’m having PayPal problems so I can’t donate anything at the moment, but they should be solved by late next week and I’ll be happy to donate something to help. I am *so* sorry to think of your mom in pain 😦

    She’s very lucky to have you there with her and I firmly believe that the human spirit can overcome even problems like cancer, so who knows, perhaps you and your mom and dad will be celebrating your 41st birthday in Rome a year from now.

    I truly appreciate your being such a clear, strong, progressive voice for Alaska and for the rest of in other states us struggling to bring the US populace back to using basic common sense about our problems – where they came from and what we have to do to solve them.

  10. Hi Shannyn~ Oh, the forties, here we go!
    Just wanted to say I’ll be thinking of your mother while we do the Run for Women in Anchortown tomorrow with other cancer-surviving friends and loved-ones. I am still totally bummed that the Alaska Run for Women sent out an email THANKING BP for offering free parking (in midtown with the walk downtown?!!!) tomorrow morning. WTF!!?? Petroleum leads to cancer (pesticides to start the long list). So, I’m going to rant this, then open my heart to all the women who are surviving thru this health crisis. I send sweet smiles to you and your mom, all moms, sisters, daughters and aunts with cancers. May All Be Well.

    • Sorry about your mom Shannyn, I feel for you. Love sure does make it an easier road to travel and so I am glad you have each other… My mother passed away Monday and at least she had 85 years of a long life and was never stricken with cancer.

      I am replying here because of Michelle’s post, finally someone is crying out the TRUTH ~

      Now that’s a worthy journalistic endeavor and I hope someone as smart as you will finally bring this fact to light (how many people in Homer, in Alaska, get cancer.. many friends here have died from it).

  11. Bless your mom Shannyn! May you both enjoy this special weekend together.

  12. Perhaps allopathic medicine has diagnosed it as non-treatable, but you’d be amazed at what is out there once you begin the journey. Keeping you both in thoughts and prayers of healing!

  13. Happy birthday, Shannyn. You and your beautiful mother are in my thoughts… love, joy and peace to you both.

  14. As the sun shines on the top of the fluffy whites. It looks to be a blessed day. Smiles for you both.

  15. I love that picture. I’m donating. Love, e

  16. Hope you and your mom had a wonderful day! You both richly deserve it! Remember, there is always hope; what you hope for may change with time and circumstances.

    May healing, peace and understanding be the gifts that you both receive!

  17. Shannyn, Please check out the video, “Run from the Cure,” and look at the website There is possible help for cancer that has been deemed incurable. I am not associated in any way with this website, other than having used it for research. My brother-in-law has started using the Phoenix Tears Oil for mesothelioma, and he is feeling better already, just a week into the treatment. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I am encouraged that there is alternative care out there in case I should need it in the future. My best to you and your beautiful mother.

  18. thoughts are with you–just had a modified radical mastectomy; know the mental panic that occurs…I am praying for peace for you and your Mother…

  19. Happy Birthday Shannyn and best wishes to you and your family as you deal with the horror of cancer. Thank you for all that you do for Alaska.

  20. Happy Birthday

  21. May God bless both your mom and you. There’s lots of love out here for you all.

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