Posted by: shannynmoore | June 25, 2010

SHANNYN MOORE…Best of Alaska GOLD in the Anchorage Daily News

Extra Extra!  Read all about it!

The Anchorage Daily News put out their annual reader survey in today’s paper for The Best of Alaska section.  And guess what?  Just a Girl From Homer won BEST BROADCAST PERSONALITY GOLD!  Shannyn Moore was the ONLY Radio Personality to win.  Congratulations to television superstars Megan Baldino and Jackie Purcell who were also voted Best Broadcast Personality!

Thanks to all who voted for Shannyn Moore!

Last year, Shannyn won the Anchorage Press Picks for 2009 as Best Radio Personality/Show category.  She was the ONLY AM TALK SHOW HOST TO WIN that award as well.  AND, it is worth mentioning, at the time of the Press Picks last year, Shannyn was only on the radio Saturday afternoons from 5pm-7pm!  Despite being tucked away on a FOX affiliate at the time, Just a Girl from Homer managed to pull out an award!

Here is what the Anchorage Press had to say last August:

Two years ago you might have said “Shannyn Who?” but this year, Shannyn “Girl from Homer” Moore is in the No. 2 spot for favorite radio personality. (FM Shockjock Palinbots were the number 1 spot-JAGFH Editor). Maybe it shows that raw talent (talking for hours without stopping is a talent, right?) can make up for lack of radio experience, at least if you’ve got something to say. Moore’s popularity is remarkable not just because she’s a relative newbie on the radio dial. She also pushes listeners to the left in a state where the push to the right can sometime feel overwhelming. The votes might also surprise radio listeners because at the moment Moore is a little hard to find (She’s Saturday only, 5 to 7 p.m. on AM 000 XXXX).

Thanks to all of the Anchorage Daily News readers for listening and voting!



  1. congratiolations

  2. this is suppose to be congratulations , well deserved

  3. Congrats! First Alaska, then the world!

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  5. Congratulations — well deserved!

  6. Of course, I’ve known you were the best for a long, long time Shannyn! Congratulations for a well deserved honor.

  7. Congrats Shannon!!! Well deserved.

  8. Now let’s get “Moore Up North” in syndication so we can get it down here in the lower 48….especially California BABY!

  9. Wonderful news! You deserve that ray of sunshine while dealing with the difficult days ahead with your mom. As Molly Ivins would say, “Good on ya!”

  10. Yeah Shannyn!!!!!

  11. I won’t be surprised when you get your first TV award, either.

    You’re a gifted host, and if that’s what you want to do with your life then may you do it until the day you run out of words.

    Congratulations, Shannyn.

  12. Congratulations! Thanks for keeping us up on the “facts.”

  13. YEAH !!………..congrats Shannyn.:)

  14. Congratulations. Keep on painting, blue is a lovely color!

  15. Congratulations Shannyn ! Well deserved.
    Would love to see you run for political office someday


  16. WooHoo!! You go girl!!! i am just playing podcast catchup and heard!!! It is GREAT you won and you damned well derserve this and much, much Moore!!! Congrats & what’s next?!

  17. Congratulations Shannyn.

  18. Hooray! This award is so deserved. Thank you for teaching all of us.

  19. Good on Ya Shannyn… keep doing the great work you’ve started.. Clearly one of the best we’ve got..

  20. Congratulations Shannyn !! You SO Deserved this AWARD!!! :o)

  21. You ROCK Shannyn! Keep up the great work.

  22. Yea, Shannyn….you are a Godsend here in Alaska when compared to the ‘other’ side w/all of their talk radio shows. You are a standout there is no doubt.

    Congratulations and keep it coming.

  23. Congrats!!! YOU deserve it! It is a WONDERFUL thing to be able to listen to you even here in ND!

  24. Congrats girl…very proud that a girl from a small town did so great

  25. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about list political issues 2008.

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