Posted by: shannynmoore | June 26, 2010

How Many Alaskans Did Exxon Kill?

No really.

Watch this.

Then tell me to “Get Over It”.


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  2. Wow. Just, wow.

    After 4 years undergrad in the Pet.E Dept at UAF I had learned that everyone in the oil industry is a lying bastard. But this just really takes the cake!

  3. In-freaking-credible!!!!!

    Why am I soooooooooo not surprised?

    I once was a management trainee for them and they were absolutely the cheapest batch of nitpickers I’ve ever seen. And they wondered why they couldn’t keep managers.

  4. Did that woman say she thinks Shannyn & everyone else who did PWS cleanup is now dead?
    Oh .. .not quite .. . she said “almost everyone”.
    I saw a Shannyn tweet a minute ago so I know SHE’s not dead. (“#otherdayofkneeling” )

    I think we all agree that the health repercussions can be vast, but it doesn’t really help to exaggerate to this extent, does it?

  5. I’ve had someone on Facebook insist that this woman is “lying” because his liberal, anti-BP wife has traveled to the area to clean birds.

    She claims everyone is being taken care of, being treated well, not feeling ill, and that the Corexit isn’t toxic. Hubby insists that the EPA gave the go-ahead, so it must be fine.

    I told him that perhaps his wife is correct about how her team is being treated, but that this multi-state disaster likely has a lot of stories to tell and not all of them are like hers.

    Sickens me to see so many people berate Obama and give BP endless passes.

  6. Shannyn, when I was on the beach for Hands Across the Sand at Florida/Alabama border, we saw plenty of tarballs, but no noticeable sheen on the water or noxious smell in the air. A woman said she could see massive streams and plumes of oil from her 12th floor balcony, and southerly winds were pushing the whole mess towards shore.

    Someone else there said that because of the dispersant, there was no odor to the fumes…like carbon monoxide. Is that true? My lungs are hypersensitive to petrochemical fumes, so I had my emergency inhaler with me, but didn’t have any trouble breathing yesterday…

  7. Also, too, yellow flags were flying over that beach = swim at your own risk. Double red flags for STAY OUT of the WATER fly over Pensacola Beach now. I stayed out of the water and kept my beach shoes on. So many folks letting their children play in the water. I just don’t get it. Goo-Gone ain’t the answer they seem to think it is. Oy vey!

  8. Gee whiz, if Goo Gone is the “answer”, why aren’t they using vast quantities of that instead of Corexit? LOL This is a human obscenity upon the earth. I can’t even watch the pictures of the suffering wildlife at all. Stuff of nightmares. I’m glad you posted this, I just wish it were getting mroe coverage.

  9. Corexit is in the Drift River Response Plan for Cook Inlet.

  10. Not to in anyway belittle the very real danger of petrochemical exposure, BUT…This gross exaggeration of deaths following the Exxon Valdez cleanup should be addressed in public. Alaskans would all know if there had been any deaths even approaching those numbers…My cousin in Cordova would tell my brother in Valdez, who’d tell my sister in Kodiak, who’d tell me in Juneau…yada, yada, yada…


    Is Halcro denying the Moore Up North BP story?

  12. Ms. Palin, You are a Carnivore of Opportunity

    Palin, former Virginia Sen. George Allen and Iran-Contra figure Oliver North, all have one thing in common. They lost.

    Oh how egregious they must think that the nation has become, to cast them aside like barely polished old shoes.

    Bummer for you, boys and grandma.


    So Sarah keeps bumping up her garbage to new levels of slanderous contempt for our president.

    I think she will keep it up until he responds, she is screaming for attention from him, is manic in her chase to replace and deface the American presidency.

    The latest and greatest of her ramblings borders on Hanoi Jane’s and Tokyo Rose’s insane yet incessant barking, and seeks to undermine the fabric of the United States.

    I try to reconcile the pathos of the narcissist and conceptualize the entire “I ran, I lost, I must run again” mantra that underlies her current message.

    But it makes no sense. Whatever drives her to take such an offensive position touting everything that is wrong in America is Obama’s fault, seems to be driven more by need for attention than a need to serve and make America a stronger, and more respected nation.

    Does she not get the fact that her constant twittering to undermine the position of our president, gives comfort to out enemies?

    Do the Chinese and the Russians really look at us as if we are a weak and terrified nation?

    It seems they have spent the last 5 decades patterning themselves after us as opposed to America emulating them.

    Is it wrong to strive for equanimity on the world stage? To seek a common bond as opposed to an iron fist?

    America stands on its own. We are by far the strongest nation on earth, with a resolve of the people that we shall never surrender to tyranny.

    It is the strength derived from kindness, that lends the might to a yet to be unsheathed sword.

    If our enemies had an ounce of the technological might we have, then yes, the world would be afraid. But the world is not afraid. Because we have temperance. No nation fears us, because we have the resolve to restrain our weapons, and seek a path that is right in terms of human decency. We are imperfect, but we try to be better.

    Americans are proud, because we are kind. Americans are proud because we are strong. Americans are proud because we do what we feel is the right thing to do. We don’t need a sword, because we are the sword.

    So Ms Palin. In your relentless path to suckle your ego, and mend your hurt feelings, do not allow your vainglorious aspirations to tarnish us. You do not speak for me, nor do you speak for most of our people. You assemble words in rows, and then deliver tired sentences of rhetoric that serves no one but you. You flourish instead of flounder because you are the end product of the American Dream. You are allowed to speak freely, and condemn those that ensure that freedom. The same countries you portray as being stronger than us, deny those freedoms to their own people.

    It is your right, and obviously you exploit that freedom. There are many with far less, that are kinder to our leaders. There are many that have sacrificed so much more, and argue so much less. There are many less privileged, that make it through the day without having to launch a traitorous tirade about the inadequacies of our commander in chief.

    You have that right as is granted to us all in this free nation of ours, to voice your opinion. But you haven’t fought for it. You are the welfare recipient of blood shed for your freedom, by the sons of this nation. You may on some other day lean to your son’s contribution to service, but where is yours? Please don’t call the Governorship of Alaska a personal sacrifice Ms Palin, because that would be in poor taste.

    You rail on and on. But where your criticism of the state of the union are severe, your contributions for relief lack merit.

    You are a carnivoe of opportunity. You feast on the weakened and lay in wait for misfortune. A Predator. No lipstick can cover that facade.

    It will be fun to watch you slowly disassmble and fail.

    Your time is up.

    BTW- you great American you- you can thank me for my service, I am an honorably discharged Navy Corpsman (E5). I did my time attached to the grunts over seas.

  13. I was on the clean up crew of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and almost everyone I know who worked on the clean up is still alive. Of the people I know who have died, one was a suicide, two were from cancer, one from a heart attack and another from a car wreck. The suicide was more because of personal relationship troubles. The cancer patients were both smokers. The heart attack victim was seriously overweight. The car wreck victim was drinking and driving. It would be a stretch to attribute any of their deaths as being caused by the oil spill.

    While this report may not be a lie, it sure isn’t supported by any documentation. In my experience it is purely manipulative hyperbole.

  14. I have been involved in the environmental and employee safety for pesticide manufacturers for about 20 years. Consequently, I have studied the toxicity of many chemicals singularly and in combination, and have judiciously looked out for the welfare of all the employees who trusted my judgement on the toxicity of the chemicals they worked with. I stating this only to let you know that I don’t just take the word of someone, especially someone I don’t know or know their background, without looking into the toxicity of the chemical myself from various sources.

    After reviewing the chemical makup of the dispersent being used in the Gulf, Coexit 9500, I don’t find anything that really catches my attention. So, I don’t see that being a hazard to the people doing the clean-up on the beaches, or else where, especially when you consider the very low concentration of the chemicals they might be exposed to. However, from the environmental stand point, I’m vary concerned on the effect the dispersed oil has on the aquadic life, including the corals. I also don’t see the immediate benefit of the dispersed oil, except to say the public might not know the true extent of the spill because so much of it is in small globules are below the surface. My fear is those small oil globules are being filtered through the gills of fish and maybe coating their gills, sufficating them slowly. Likewise, I’m also concerned with the globules coating the corals and killing them.

    From the human standpoint, what concerns me the most is the crude oil, and the various solvents that are natually in oil, such as benzine and other various polycylic aromic hydrocarbons. These chemicals are known to be carcinogenic. Being solvents, they are very prone to volitalization and breathed in by the workers. The workers, in my opinion, should be wearing disposable charcoal masks that are also relatively inexpensive. To me, it seems highly unusal that BP is not requiring the workers to wear the mask, even if it’s done just for being on the side of caution. With the temperatures in the gulf region, they’re not the most comfortable piece of protective equipment to use, but BP is already allowing the workers to only work for brief periods between breaks to prevent heat stroke, so masks could be use with only minimal additional risk of heat stroke. Is their reason because of the percieved appearence of the masks on the public and the associated belief that all is well?

    I haven’t proof read this because of its length, so please excuse me for any grammar or spelling mistakes. If anyone has any questions that I may be able to answer, feel free to ask and I’ll get back to you if I know the answer or not.

  15. One additional and last comment, considering the risk of not working without a simple and inexpensive mask, I personally would not take the risk of working for BP in the clean-up. I’m predicting, however, that OSHA or the EPA will soon start requiring BP clean-up workers to wear the simple disposable masks I spoke of in my last comment.

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