Posted by: shannynmoore | July 1, 2010

BP’s New Cover-Up?

We’re getting reports from the gulf that BP is involved in another cover-up – in the literal meaning.

British Petroleum is apparently trucking in sand to cover up the oil. Let me repeat that – instead of cleaning up the oil they are reportedly just bringing in sand from other beaches and covering it up. In the photos and the video you can see the layering of Grand Isle, LA sand, oil and then a sand of a different type. Photo-journalists have four independent confirmations by local Sheriff’s in Grand Isle, Louisiana.

CS Muncy, a freelance photo-journalist from New York has gone down to report the story on his own dime. He’s a friend of The Mudflats and has sent us these photos to get the word out. We’re asking you to support his work, you can donate through PayPal to – Click the link here.

Video by  Save Our Shores‘s Judson Parker

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  1. […] Shannyn Moore has more on the cover-up (along with some photos from C.S.) here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Allegations emerge BP prevents fishermen from […]

    • Are you serious? If that’s oil, where’s the sheen? Also, are you aware that oil – even if this WAS oil – is often and easily buried via wave and tidal action? I can’t believe people even listen/read/watch this nonsense.

      • Do you work for BP? Sure sounds like you do.

        Is it so hard to believe that the company responsible for this disaster could be also trying to cover it up the mess without spending the time, money and man power to clean it?

        It is clearly stated that there was confirmation from the guys workign for the local Sherrifs that BP came and shoveled the sand on the beaches to cover the oil.

        Would the tide really bring in that much sand?

      • Is that A Jones or A Hole?

  2. our family has little $$ but we will donate what we can to help him carry on his reporting.
    wish it could be more, wish it wasn’t necessary,
    ‘ if wishes were fishes..’ doesn’t even apply anymore

  3. One effective way to breakdown oil is to let aerobic bacteria do it. The bacteria is very common and found in all fertile soils. If they had added nitrogen fertilizer, which helps feed the bacteria, and aeroated the soil at the begining, and then once a week for about a month, or longer, the bacteria would do the trick.

    Because the reporter described the oil layer as hard, it doesn’t sound like that is what they have in mind, unless they plan to come back in the very near future to treat and aerate the soil.

    • Some, very rare, bacteria can actually eat the oil, but as we learned from Alaska Valdez, they take many, many years to eat it, and if they are where the oil is and the oil is in a condition that they can survive the toxic exposure to the crude oil and all its toxic compounds such as the benzene, toluen, ethylbenzene, and zylene (BTEX) voc’s. So far BP is not using bioremediation and burying the oil is breaking the EPA laws.

      • Temperature has a lot to do with the activity of bacteria. I’ve done this several times in Florida and have known others who have done so as well in Florida, and it has taken only a little over a month to breakdown the oil. Concentration of the oil vs. soil also makes a big difference in the speed of breakdown. The major factor in it’s success relies on the C:N (carbon to nitrogen) ratio.

        Since were talking about this being done in the south and not Alaska, the success of breaking down the oil using nitrogen and bacteria is greatly enhanced.

  4. Oil? What oil???

  5. As much as I know we all love to trash BP, there’s absolutely nothing in these videos or photos to remotely suggest that BP is dumping sand on top of the oil. Sand on beaches moves around all by itself.

    • CS Muncy verified with FOUR different individuals-two different sheriffs, a marine biologist and a BP private contractor that BP had brought in truck loads of sand and dumped it on the beach in an apparent effort to cover up the oil. You can listen to his appearance on my radio show today, July 1, first hour at 15 after the hour:

      • I’m sorry to had miss your show. I was working. I’ll have to catch the podcast.

        But, perhaps you should include next time a coastal geologist and/or a coastal engineer who can explain the beach dynamics that would explain how a layer of oil can naturally be buried under a layer of sand. And, how completely unfeasible it is to attempt to cover this many miles of beach with sand to hide the oil. Were the dump trucks and front loaders to spread the sand brought in under cover of darkness… and NO ONE noticed?

        Consider this instead. Sand protects our coasts. We pay LOTS of money to dredge it up and put it there because it is a line of defense against storms. This coastline has been subjected to high wave energy because of Hurricane Alex, so a little erosion and sand movement is completely expected. And, IF BP brought sand in to some beaches (which I don’t yet believe they did), maybe it’s because they were replacing what they had to remove. But even so, the pictures you are showing DO NOT show a coast that has had sand from a different source brought in and placed. I’m not saying that BP has not brought in sand. I am saying that your explanation of the motive is very Fox News (i.e., ready to believe the absolute worst without considering the facts and doing your research).

        Trust me. If BP were dumping sand on these beaches, there would be pictures of trucks – like, dumping sand. And then there would be pictures of heavy equipment – like, spreading the sand around so it wasn’t sitting there in a great big pile.

        This is a completely misdirected effort to demonize BP. And I am seriously pissed at having to actually defend BP.

        • wow, you must work for them. nice try though.

          Ever hear of a sand barge?

          And it is obvious that no one has tried to “plow” the beach. Why? Well, read up on sand barges.

  6. Check out photos from Pensacola. Same thing.

    Scroll down to 7th and 10th photos – they show a layer of oil under a layer of clean white sand.

    • the 1st photo sorta prepares you for the scroll. surely only the tip.

      • If you read further down…the Geologist from UF states very clearly that the time comes in and covers up oil that is there…BP is NOT dumping sand folks! Two things: This is just how devastating the spill is and how it’s affected the beaches. The sifters cleaning oil out dumps sand back onto beach…however, that sand is contaminated…which is what the other gentlemen prove w/ the ultraviolet light. Hello?! This is what happens & will happen for generations. The dispersents used by BP are more toxic than the oil!! (I’ll have to find that story) Those are now all throughout the Gulf waters!
        Thank you for letting me comment.

  7. Something is missing from this story. President Obama wanted to kick some a$$ earlier on. Now not a peep from this administration about the literal cover up ? More questions than answers regarding this story.

  8. […] Received this via a RT: We’re getting reports from the gulf that BP is involved in another cover-up – in the literal meaning. […]

  9. On the Gulf Coast the states often bring in sand after a storm has washed it away, but this is of course a situation where they are trying to cover up the oil. If they were trying to clean up the beach it would make no sense to cover it. They mainipulate where people can go and run off news media, what next?

  10. They of course are denying almost everything, sharing almost nothing and getting away with eco-homicide. Check this link about the cover up with sand…

  11. They just continue to dig themselves (and us) deeper and deeper and deeper.

  12. A local report came out today:

    Notice the FLIPPING TRUCK!

    • The truck in that picture is NOT a dump truck! It is a truck dropping some kind of container onto the beach. Zoom in. Some people above have made good points: those beaches are constantly renewing themselves with high tides and storms. Nature does it very quickly, in a matter of hours. Mankind would require MUCH more time and effort to do this. Also, oil will be washing ashore for years, probably. Just how often does BP plan on covering up every beach along the Gulf Coast? I’m sorry, this is jumping the gun and injecting more fear into an already horrible disaster.

    • The picture is of a roll-off dumpster truck and NOT a dump truck. It would take a fleet of dumptrucks working round the clock to replenish miles of beaches.

  13. OK, I’m on your side guys, but trucking in sand?? When sand is put on beaches, it is usually done by dredging and pumping it on. Sand in trucks??? Any idea how many trucks that would take? And what, semis running on soft beaches? Again, really? NO one would see all these trucks moving onto the beaches? NO tracks left? Not even one truck stuck in the sand? SOrry, but really, it doesn’t compute. Don’t make yourselves look stupid until we see a photo of dumptruck on the beach – ok?

    • Not taking sides here till I see everything about this, but I do need to comment on your statement that there is no such thing as trucks hauling sand on the beaches. In Wabasso, FL this past winter, we hauled too many to count..truckloads of sand to the beach to replace what has eroded. We do NOT have the dredging pipes out in the ocean to pump it in. It was hauled…truckload after truckload…..ALL winter! So, it is done.
      Just sayin’.

  14. What bothers me is the Supreme Court ruled no one owns beaches. They are in the public domain. How can a greedy corporation keep the public away from them? Call your local politicians. If they don’t respond to this injustice, recall them asap! Everyone needs to nitpick this to death.

  15. Gulf states do not bring in sand after a hurricane. The sand is dredged from the water and placed on the beach to build the beach back up. If sand was brought in from somewhere else it would be obvious. No…you cannot tell from the video but he stated the texture was different. I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast and I have no doubt BP would pull a stunt like that. Since this nightmare has begun I have seen things that I thought I would never have to see or experience.

  16. Come on guys. Use a little common sense here. The effects of Hurricane Alex kicked up the seas pretty good off the Louisiana coast. It is not unusual at all for large amounts of sand to be deposited on the beach. Couple that with the fact that Grand Isle is in a Spring Tide cycle (coincides with the full moon) the water level is already at its highest. The storm causes an additional 1-3 feet above that spring tide range.

    Large sand movement is not uncommon on barrier islands in the Gulf when storm passes.

    Also, do you have any idea how much sand it would take to cover a beach 6 miles long by 300 feet or so by 1-2 feet deep? There is only one road in and out of Grand Isle. Someone would have certainly seen the 100s of trucks bringing in sand to do this.

    And no, I don’t work for BP.

  17. Shannyn, In response to the condisinding comment….”notice dumping truck”, I hate to tell you that that is a roll off dumpster..or container. When you don’t reaserch reporting you come off as a sensationalist, or uninformed. BP are scumbags, and I don’t doubt for a second they are covering oil with sand, but that photo just does’nt prove that. I like what your fighting for… BUT NOTICE….that losing credibility only makes us weaker. Let’s fight BP…but let’s use real ammo.

  18. You guys really should do some checking before running with a story like this–being wrong in the end will only undermine your credibility. What you have video-ed looks like normal beach stratrigraphy to me. It’s an older unoxidized carbon (anoxic) layer being exposed by erosion (hence the layered appearance). These can be hard and full of organic material. Check with a local geologist to be sure–or find an oceanographer (not of the biological sort) to discuss this with. Shoreward of the boom really does look like dumped sand, but it looks like it’s just being built-up for some other reason, possibly because of the known erosive effects that a boom in that position will create (it would act as a mini seawall).

  19. They are burying the oil in Gulf Shores Alabama also. They are killing our beaches taking the easy way out. There are plenty of people that care about our home that need to work and could make a difference but everyone I meet or from somewhere else working here and will never return and they do not care about what they are doing just here for money. We have to come together to stop BP but BP even has our local government in their pocket if u speak up you will get no money. Everyone speak up……our home will never be the same.

  20. I would like to point out, unless I missed them somehow, that there are no pictures of BP, or BP trucks dumping sand on these beaches, which I find a little suspect.

    You have all these media people reporting that BP is dumping sand, yet I see no pictures of them doing so. Now, I’m sure that most of these so-called news people have phones with camera’s, so where are the pictures???

    I would think that the question that should be investigated is whether or not it’s the towns, and cities along the cost that are doing this, if it’s being done at all.

    You see it is to their advantage to cover up the oil, especially for last weekend (the busiest of the summer) to get people to the motels and hotels and restaurants along the coast. It is these vacation spots that are losing millions of dollars this summer, and it is too their advantage to cover up the oil, so you can’t see it.

    So, before you blame BP, and I’m no fan of theirs, believe me, I would ask, “Who would benefit most from a cover up?” It’s probably a toss up, but for the immediate future it certainly is the businesses along the coast.

    So, news people do your damn job, take some pictures of this sand being dumped on the beaches. Let’s face it, these have to be very, very large trucks to do this. So, don’t tell me you can’t see them doing it. ss

  21. It is all one big cover-up in which these greedy bastards don’t even care not one bit. BP, British Petroleum is going to pay……One Way Or Another. Even if they file for Bankruptcy!!!

    They can try to buy up all of the websites for ALL I CARE but THEY CAN’T STOP THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

    Buy one website, another one will pop up. DON’T ANGRY BUT DON’T LET IT CLOUD YOUR THINKING.


  22. Thanks for getting the word out. I’m more than pissed about the situation in The Gulf & BP. I grew up in NC & have been surfing since I was a teenager. Nothing is more precious than our resources & to Destroy the Ocean & kill it’s living creatures is WRONG. Peoples livelihoods have been cut-off & ruined, all by greed.

    I’ve been trying to find & share exactly what’s been going on since the spill (we need to change that- a “spill” is something you can clean up with a sponge or mop).

    I’ve started up my own blog to get the word out about BP. One of my biggest fears is that the money being used to clean up is going to run out. Why waste it, make it count. What they say they’re doing it’s exactly the truth, so let’s hold them accountable.

    My blog is right here on, come check it out.

  23. First of all covering up the Oil will do nothing becouse when the heat warms the oil, it will just come up to the top of the sand. I know this becouse I work in the Oil patch. the only way to get rid of this oil is to pick it up and process it.

  24. BP is own by the elite of the world the international bankers. They did not want this oil spill to happen. Now that it has happen they will use for another part of there plan. These people don’t care about nothing or no body they only care about them and there family. They are about controlling world and cutting down the population of peoples. So the government is ran by the elite so they let BP use chemicals to break up the oil knowing full well those chemical is killing wild life and peoples they control the news media there fore you do not see everything that is going on. These peoples use all kinds of things to keep people in darkness. Things like the oil spill and other disasters in the world will continue to happen until peoples come out of the darkness that they are in. That the elite try to keep us in. You must turn back to the one and only creator YHWH THE MOST HIGH GOD YHWH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS YHWH . The elite know who he is they know what is going to happen to them. YHWH is uncovering everything that they do and he is bringing it to the light. YHWH aloud this oil spill to happen because he getting the elite attention now and trying to get every one else attention. The elite are descendants Esau. You can find all this in the Book Of Remembrance the so called Old Testament. YHWH Bless.

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